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I feel like I lost myself...

As much as I try not to be like my mother...I am. Blinded by love...but not anymore. I hope.

My Mother Jade Anderson, fell in love with a man named Alexander Prince III. Hes a very wealthy man, who came from a very wealthy home. My mother was a very poor women, who came from a very poor and broken home. My mother is very beautiful; also young and foolish. They say she has a few drops of Veela blood; I didn't inherit a single drop. My father is very well known and wealthy, not rich, WEALTHY; but very mean spirited.

As much as I try not to be like my father...I am. Blinded by rage...but not anymore. I hope.

To my father, money makes you powerful, strong, invincible! For him to feel that way he also had to verbally and physically abuse me and my mother.

I see the way my mother looks at my father...on good days. When my father feels the need to spoil rather then abuse. My Mother loves him unconditionally. I NEVER want to be like that! I NEVER want to love someone so cruel.


My mother is pureblood, with a dash of veela, who somehow ended up in the muggle world, and never turned back. My father is a muggleborn with a silver spoon up his ass. Raised to believe money rules all, and to look down on the weak. Me and my mother were the weak. Not anymore!

When I got my letter to Ilvermorny, I couldn't wait to leave. FREEDOM! A sanctuary! Far away from New Orleans. Far away from the abuse, the sadness! Ive made life long friends...or so I thought. One of my best friends lived in New Orleans with me.

I had my life planned out. I would go to school, live with my best friend in her loving home, (they came to love me like their own daughter), graduate, become a famous duelist, travel the world, and never see my father again! If only things go as planned, but they never do.

When I was 15 when I was bit by a werewolf. Right before my 5th year at Ilverymorny (Wampus house) started. Foolishly playing where bad things are known to happen. People end up missing or dead; but I found it intriguing (wasnt called the Haunted Bayou for no reason). I got my friend to join me, since I was spending the night at her house; shes only a bike ride away. We where telling each other ghost stories; we didn't plan on staying long, but we got lost.

We are lost, its dark, and now we are scared.

I heard growls, howls, and a screaming Fanchon (friends name). I tried to save her, but there was too many of them! I jumped in front of Fanchon (who was scared stiff) and took the bite; but when I turned around...........

No screaming, no crying, nothing. Only the Howls and gun shots. Gun shots from kind people trying to save them. I should have never went there.

That summer, at the age of 15, I became a werewolf, and lost my best friend Fanchon, and her family. Her family hating me hurt the most. I've always dealt with depression, but with everything that happened, I became a shut in for my safety and others. My parents feared me.

Before my first transformation...I went back. The haunted Bayou cant hurt me now, I'm a werewolf. That's when I meet him; the pack leader. He explained to me how difficult it is to be a werewolf; how hard it is to get wolfsbane, and how savage and wild you are without it. They scared people out of the Bayou for their own safety. Fanchon and I just so happened to be at the worst place, and an even worse time. That man took me under his wing, and taught me everything I needed to know about being a werewolf; and I decided to join his pack. Worse decision of my life. I didn't know how hard it would be to get out. They didn't understand how important school was for me.

Around the same time, my mother wanted to leave my father. After 17 years in a abusive marriage, my mother finally found the courage to get a divorce. I'm so proud of her! We moved to South Hams England. After being home schooled for a year, I went to Hogwarts for my 6th year. I got sorted into Ravenclaw. I made friends with a Professor that gave my wolfsbane if I stayed behind to help him out after class. How can I refuse! So I helped him clean up, label ingredients and potions, sorted paper work, things like that.

I haven't heard from the Pack. Sooner or later they will find me.

I graduated Hogwarts, and to further my education went to Eastwick. Things were finally going as planned, that was, until I met him, the love of my life!

I've been suffering from depression for as long as I can remember. I guess you can blame my father for that...or a chemical imbalance in my brain...or both. I never thought that anyone could understand what I went through; but he did. This man made me not feel like a freak for having these feelings. He was the only person I have told about my childhood, my depression, me being a werewolf, all that.

My mother once told me, "When you love someone, tell them. Let it be known." I followed her advice. This man told me he hand feelings before; so when I was ready, I told him.

He had a girlfriend. That's what he told me, but that's not what broke my heart, bruised it, but not broke it. What confused me was that he asked me out a month ago, but I declined. I wanted to get to know him more. I guess he didn't want to wait for me. He was still there for me, and I him. He told me many times the trouble he has with his girlfriend, and I've always been their for him. A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen. I was always there. He always made it seem like one day they'll be together. I even lost my virginity to him. My love for him never wavered.

This confusing relationship started my second year at Eastwick (19) and ended my last.

My last year at Eastwick was a tough one. I was severely depressed, and shut myself in my dorm for months. I pretty much only left to eat and shower, at times where no one would see me. A friend came to cheer me up, to get me out of my funk; but the one person I wanted to see never showed up. He never even contacted me. That's when I found out who my true friends are. (Had to redo her last semester due to poor grades)

He got married. That's what shattered my heart. That, and not being their when I needed him. Ill get over him though.

At least my mom found love. Shes now happily married, in a very good relationship, with a loving husband, and twin baby boys. I'm a big sister now!

I'm trying my best to deal with my depression; I speak to a psychologist now, its working! I also started working out, and eating healthier. I'm more flexible and stronger now; mentally and physically. I will no longer be taken advantage of by people I love!

I now work as a bartender at Mischief Managed with my friend James Potter. Never a dull moment there!

My goal was to work at Eastwick as a Dueling and DADA Professor, but the man I love works there. Im trying my best to stay away from him. Working at Mischief Managed is more fun anyways! Besides bartending, Ive been stripping (secretly) when I don't have work. Never thought it would be so much FUN!

Thought I could rid myself of all the negative that has happened in my life...but it all seems to come back at once. My father came to visit, My Alpha is here in the UK, and my lover just got divorced and wants to talk. Merlins Beard! .... But I will stay strong! I will not let them sink me back into my depression! I will not let them take advantage of me! I Hope.
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