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 Bad Girls Club, Nari's Best Friends!
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Jan 25 2018, 02:59 PM

*This has nothing to do with the show Bad Girls Club*
This is just a group of best friends from school, that do really bad things. They came from broken, non loving homes, and found family with each other.

If you have any ideas, questions, or would like to change something, please let me know via PM or discord (kiwikon#4719)

Name Open / 30 - 28 (but older then Nari) / MEMBER GROUP / CL
Besides being intelligent, and hard working; this character is the complete opposite from Nari. Where Nari came from a rich household, this character came from a poor one. Nari is pureblood, this girl is muggle born. Nari is introverted, this girl is extroverted.

Both characters are very intelligent women, who have expertise in different areas. This character just so happens to be good with math, and money. This is why she is the leader of this motley crew. She is a professional con artiest. She has quiet the silver tongue, and can get pretty much anything she wants. She knows just what to say!

After the groups big con job, they all decided to lay low. This character has become a Mathematician.

Shes is the leader of this group, and Nari's first friend at school. She is intelligent, extroverted, bi-sexual, confident, and very sexually expressive.

Name Open / 28 -26 / MEMBER GROUP / Jang Hae Byeol
Younger then Nari. She is the wild one of the group; the party monster, the drug dealer, the fashionista, and a wiz tube personality. She is a very colorful character!

She is the more wild on of the group. Always changing up her look. Did something bad of course. Whatever she did is up to you. My idea was this: She has a thing with vampires. Maybe it has to do with the fact that she feel in love with a vampire, and she also has family members that are vampires. (She herself might be a vampire...up to you) Party monster. Throw's the best parties. She really grew to love fashion, and now has her own brand of colorful wizard clothes. She also makes clothes for muggles as well. Her family has a dark history with vampires. On one side of her family - vampire hunters, the other - vampires.

Her expertise happens to be in science. She loves experimenting, and one thing she loves experimenting on is narcotics!

She is the distractor. She is excellent at grabbing peoples attention. Whether it be the drugs she sells / makes, her awesome personalities (yes personalities), or her parties; she knows how to grab peoples attention.

After the groups big con, she decided to become a fashion designer. (Extra: She is a secret sadist, and Nari is a secret masochist. They both have a sexual relationship with each other.)

Name Open / 27 - 25 / MEMBER GROUP ?? / Amber Liu
The baby of the group, and for a while, she was the nicest one; but nice can only get you so far. At school, she was bullied for looking more masculine then feminine. Shes flat chested, has boyish looks, and she LOVES of purses! She is a lesbian, and may have a crush on someone in the group (or all of them, why not).

You can say that her expertise would be in anything athletic, such as flying, quidditch, martial arts, and sports. In school she excelled in dueling, and charms. In this group, her and Nari are the muscle! They are both physically strong. Besides that, she is the one who has gotten in the least trouble, compared to the others. She is also the nicest in the group; but don't let that fool you. You do NOT want to get this girl angry!

After their big con, I can see her has either a professional Dueler, Duel instructor, or Famous Quidditch player.

About the "Bad Girls Club"
These girls are a motely group, they all have very colorful and distinctive personalities that some how mesh together nicely. They all attend Mahoutokoro to get away from the influences of their families. They all were made fun of or bullied because of who they are: Pranksters, loners, slightly insane, gay, bi, etc. Their differences, and the fact that they accepted each others differences, is what brought them together.

Nari and girl #1 meet their first year at school. At first they didn't get along. Girl #1 can be pretty bossy, and Nari does not like getting bossed around. Once girl #1 stopped trying to boss Nari around, they became the best of friends. Girl #2 came their second year at school. Nari and girl #1 didn't like the way the other students were treating her, so the came to her defense. After this girl #2 stuck to them like glue. Same with girl #3. This group of girls didn't like the way people where treating her, so they became her shield.

The older they got, the badder they got. At school, they caused some mild mayhem such as pranking others. Nari and girl #1 last two years became more difficult. They were dealing with changes of the body, family drama, and changes with themselves. Girl #1 became an con artiest, and Nari got more obsessed with the Dark arts. Girl #2 started getting into drugs, and experimenting with making them. Girl #3's anger became more of a problem as they got older. She is a nice girl, but grew to not know how to manage her anger.

When they graduated. Girl #1 came up with a con so she can get her own place, away from her family. Nari got engaged, and that quickly ended because he was murdered; putting Nari in a downward spiral. She killed her fiance's murderer, and left the country (More on this in Naris app). Girl #2 (if you decided to go with the vampire idea) is having problems with her family, and has to pick a side. She becomes a vampire. After girl #1 big con to help Nari get Borgin and Burkes from her father, the group laid low, and then came to Europe to be closer to Nari.

They don't have to be Korean, they can be Japanese as well since they did attend a Japanese school. They don't all have to be Kpop stars, they can be jpop stars, models, etc. Their personalities, etc, can be changed; and if you have any ideas please let me know. I just want to have a fun, awesome, colorful, group of girls that compliment each other in different ways. They are more then just friends, they are sisters! Besides just being friends, I do want them to cause some mayhem on the site!

All these characters have done something bad / illegal. For example: Nari is a murderer. What ever bad / illegal thing they did is completely up to you. Lets create some cute bad ass girls!

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Feb 11 2018, 07:42 PM

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