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The time of my life, a record of myself
An accurate sketch of perfect health
Kaori was born during the Summer Solstice, the elder daughter of Justin Finch-Fletchley and Romilda Vane. Her parents had just gotten married and lived in what could only be considered a ratty flat in the Sunderland city centre. Romilda commuted to London on a daily basis for her Unspeakable internship in the Ministry, and Justin was still recovering from the War and unemployed. Her paternal grandparents were under the impression that their son was not fit to take care of his daughter, so they took her until he pulled himself together.

They enrolled Kaori in a Muggle kindergarten in Guildford, Surrey, where she thrived amongst her peers. She began showing signs of accidental magic around the age of four, but most teachers dismissed these as freak accidents.

When Kaori was six, Justin started Healer training while bartending on the side, allowing her to move back to Sunderland with her parents. She began Muggle primary school, where she found that the students were not as understanding as the ones she went with in kindergarten. Her bursts of magic slowly became uncontrollable until she was sent home one day.

It was Romilda, still busy nursing her baby sister, who told her that the best way to stop uncontrolled bursts of magic from happening was to focus her attentions on something else. With whatever she had in the bank, Romilda signed her daughter up for violin classes; she'd had a Guerneri that had been passed down in Justin's family that had not seen much use since the eighteenth century that itched to be used. Kaori had seen it at first sight and had fallen in love with it, and asked if she could play it someday. She'd only received a nod and a smaller violin.

True to her mother's words, Kaori's bursts of magic became more subdued the more time she spent learning her craft. By the time of her eleventh birthday, she was touted as a prodigy and was on her way to playing in major orchestras.

A roof on my head, shoes on my feet
Plenty of room, plenty to eat
Hogwarts had always held a place of wonder for Kaori, so much so that she had little issue giving up her possible music career to attend it. She still dragged her instrument along, trying to play in abandoned classrooms, but it didn't feel the same.

She didn't like many of the classes - especially History of Magic - but Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms piqued her interest. There were also many she considered her friends, though she had a close-knit inner circle that she had always felt more comfortable with.

Now a full-fledged Unspeakable with a higher pay grade, Romilda spent summers visiting her parents, who had retired in Hiroshima, with her two daughters. Kaori was very fond of them, even meeting her namesake: her great-aunt Kaori Miyazono. Over the years, Kaori's Japanese greatly improved as she kept in correspondence with her grandparents, and now speaks it as fluently as she does English.

During her third year, she took Arithmancy and Ancient Runes as her electives. She took both subjects very seriously and came out on top several times. That drew her closer to her friend Jason, who she'd always had bitter arguments with, but liked nonetheless since he always provided good points. Since they were the only two in their group that chose to take those set of electives, they grew very close.

Far, far too close.

Kaori realised she liked him when they stared up at the stars in the Astronomy Tower last night, just the two of them. It sprouted from an argument the two had about the stars, and he'd held her hand and acted as if it was nothing. To her, however, she swore that she felt warmth flood her veins and her face strained from smiling so much.

When it was obvious that Jason didn't reciprocate her affections, Kaori started playing the violin - the Guerneri, this time - in order to have something to emotionally express herself with. He accidentally bumped into her playing the violin in their fourth year with his girlfriend. During that time, she also entered a short, sweet relationship with a girl that made her heart sing but nothing more.

Her longtime crush asked her out in the middle of their fifth year, with which she responded by kissing him rather publicly in the middle of the Great Hall. Other than a short break-up in their sixth year, the duo remained together for the remainder of their time in Hogwarts.

Been very far, made lots of friends
And I love my mother, hope to see her again
After her graduation from Hogwarts, Kaori immediately enrolled in the Auror program along with her boyfriend. She was described as being good at her job, but nothing special except in one thing: she was so good at compartmentalising her desires and emotions - a leftover from her suppression of magic as a child - that she actually made a half-decent Occlumens. She and Jason were assigned to separate teams, often making bets to see who would do the best in each portion.

They'd moved in together to a one-bedroom flat near Brixton, and they'd had takeout almost every night and cheap wine, but it was theirs and it had been beautiful. They collected bits and bobs from various travels across the country: a special edition mustard from Colman's in Norwich, a bath salt from the Roman Baths, a framed picture of the blacksmith's in Gretna Green.

One summer night, Jason took her to The Fat Duck. They had one year left of Auror training left exactly, and they had been on high spirits when he'd proposed to her over dessert. It was a bit silly, since she'd almost choked on the ring, but thank Merlin they both knew how to do the Heimlich Maneuver.

They had been engaged for three months when Jason was attached to his first real assignment which needed him out on the field for a month. Kaori's heart pounded with every night that he did not return home. She was not assuaged by the owls that he sometimes sent that detailed that he was okay, but nothing more. Only the ring on her finger reminded her that he was real and that she would touch him again.

Then the Ministry had the audacity to send his body back home with a letter of condolence. She burned it.

I'm a wanderer now, sorrow befalls me
I laugh often so I suppose I'm gonna be fine
His death had torn her heart out of her chest.

She finished the Auror program but chose to take a year out to attain a Mastery in Cryptology. She moved out of their flat in London and fled to Japan to be with her grandparents. She cut ties with all of her friends and spent her days drinking coffee and wine.

It was Justin, after years of pulling himself together, who came to his daughter's aid. They had never been close, but his willingness and patience as a Mind Healer and a man who lived through a war where his existence painted a target on his back slowly helped her draw forward in a way her mother or sister never could. She slowly reconnected with friends. She returned to England and tried to set up roots without him.

She began playing the violin again.

(Lyrics from the song Here, Here, and Here by Meg & Dia)
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