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Lucy and Ella are starting their own band thanks to their mum.

Evra Luciano Pascal Deluca, born in Sicily to a wealthy Italian family, spent most of his childhood without a mother. She existed and her name was Carmela--who made the sparse visits whenever guilt got the better of her--but for the most part Evra only had one parent. His father, Sergio.

Evra was a complicated child due to his mother's flighty negligence and father's complacency. You see, when Evra was born, his mom Carmela was not happy. In fact she almost had him aborted, but her boyfriend Sergio (and father of the child) begged her to keep him. She agreed, but as soon as he was born she bolted, leaving Sergio a single father fresh out of college. Not hearing from Carmela for the first four years of Evra's life, both were surprised when she came crawling back. Sergio didn't hesitate to welcome her home, and it seemed they would be a happy family once they got married. However, two years down the line and she left, again, for three years.

It confused Evra that his mom wasn't around, but having barely remembered her it didn't matter much. At least, it wouldn't have if his dad didn't take it so hard. He hated seeing his dad upset, so by the time his mom came back into their lives, he hated her. Though Carmela tried developing a relationship with her son, she was only met with resentment and bitterness. Maybe that's why she decided to leave again. And then come back. And then leave. And then come back again. It was the same old song and dance. Carmela would blow into town full of promises of being a happy family, and then as soon as things got tough, she bolted. For months, sometimes years. Yet Sergio kept welcoming her back with open arms. And Evra hated it.

Perhaps this is why he clung so tightly to the idea of proof rather than promises. Words meant nothing when he knew perfectly well the lengths someone will go to break them. He didn't trust well and could easily be called a cynic. At Hogwarts he got along with a lot of peers, but only one he began to call a 'friend' after a full year of proof. His name was Ronan and they were both Gryffindors who loved Quidditch. The first summer break from Hogwarts he was invited to his house, where he also went camping. Over the years he grew to love Ronan and his family like his own and developed a better relationship with Ivy (Ronan's mom) than he had with his own mom. The Thornes became his second family and it became tradition that they'd spend the holidays and attend their favorite Quidditch games together. Him and Ronan even joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team in their 4th year, where Evra took to the Beater position. Another person he got close to was a Hufflepuff named June, during his third year. It also took a while to get close, but once he did he latched onto her like he did with Ronan. Only she became his Junebug.

His schooling was good and something he took seriously. It was often joked between his peers that he should've been sorted in Ravenclaw with how much he studied and 'read for fun', but he didn't mind. It was actually funny since his family assumed he'd be a Slytherin like it was his legacy. He could be smart, cunning, and brave at the same time, which came in handy whenever him and Ronan would stir up trouble. And yes, he got really good grades. But what stood out most was his desire to do good. The right thing. The willingness to go above and beyond the norm and take risks at the drop of a hat. And the stubbornness to cling to what he felt was right and view things in black and white.

Once graduation came around he started focusing on his future, and after long consideration he decided he wanted to be a healer. Because of his new-found goal he sort of began losing touch with his best friends. As well as interning for a clinic, working part-time at the pub his dad owned, he also became involved with his first ever serious girlfriend, and so his time was split apart, leaving little room for Ronan and June. Which he didn't like, since he was their family, but he convinced himself things would settle down soon enough to make time for them. After his first year at school he got his own place far from home to have more space. Namely space from his mom, who had 'insisted' that she was staying for good after disappearing again the year before. Right, like he'd believe her. And then him and his girlfriend broke up, which left him with more time, but he was too down to rebuild his relationships.

In fact, in his distraught mind, he sought trouble. Big trouble. With the Italian mafia. It wasn't smart and he knew it before going into it, but just once he itched to be reckless with abandon. So he made some bets, ruffled a few feathers, and got the beating of a lifetime that almost gave him a one-way ticket to the morgue. He scarecly remembered the details of the encounter but it became a scar, both literally and figuratively, on the rest of his life. You see, one of the members was a werewolf. A temperamental one that lost control, transforming into his wolfish form and attacking Evra. If it weren't for the other members he surely would have died, but the damage had already been done. Passing out and being left to bleed out Evra didn't have time to get to the hospital, to seek possible prevention from the 'curse' taking hold.

The only reason he didn't die was because of his best friend, June. Despite having lost touch in the last couple years she looked for him. His father had told June that Evra had gone off to Italy, distraught and not himself. She managed to save his life but not his humanity. By the time she found him the damage had already been done. He was a werewolf now.

He went home and for the next several months, attempted to adapt to his newfound curse. His lawful nature had him register himself in the ministry, and in that time he got a rude awakening to his mistakes and vowed to turn himself around. He'd lost his internship and any future prospects at becoming a healer turned bleak.

That's when he got the next biggest shock of his life.

One day he got home from his long attempt at getting caught up in his work, and his mom was holding a baby. At first he joked, bitterly, that it must be another child she'll abandon, but even he knew it wasn't true. He'd know if his mom was having another baby, he'd think. So whose baby was it? There she handed him a long letter, not saying a word, and told him to go up to his room and read it. Not liking being ordered to do something by her of all people, he sort of snickered, but went to do it anyway. He wasn't going to hang around a crying baby when he had homework to do. Up in his room he reluctantly began to read the letter, and when the truth hit him, his whole world changed.

The baby was his.

Evra was in disbelief. Surely his ex girlfriend would have told him that she was pregnant, even after they'd broken up, right? Surely it wasn't really his. But even as he questioned these things he knew deep down that this was the truth. He tried calling her, to ask why she had dumped their child (that he didn't even know he was going to have) off at his doorstep. But her number was disconnected. Outraged, scared, and completely out of his depth, Evra sought his dad's help downstairs. All night they talked it out. They went through all the possibilities of what to do next, the pros and cons, the legal matters, etc. He could give up his baby for adoption and have it be that. He could seek to sue his ex girlfriend for child abandonment, or make her have joint custody. Or... he could keep her. The newborn girl who still had no name on her birth certificate. She was only three days old and yet abandoned by her mother with only a letter of explanation.

It was the hardest decision he ever had to make. Raising a child would mean taking up a responsibility for the rest of his life. It would mean sacrifices. He was only twenty one... living at home with his parents, and struggling with being a newly bitten werewolf. It wasn't exactly the best time to make this life-altering decision. And it wasn't as if he could go back on whatever he decided when it happened; when he committed to something, he was in it for the long-haul.

And yet the decision had already been made the second he was made to hold her for the first time. She hadn't been able to stop crying for hours no matter what his parents did, but the moment she was in her father's arms she calmed down. Looking down into the squishy, tiny baby in his arms, Evra knew that this was his future. He wasn't going to abandon her like both their moms did.

After dealing with the legalities for the next few weeks he was able to take little Luciana Ivy De Luca home, Lucy for short. His ex forfeited her rights as guardian and disappeared off the face of the planet, or so it seemed. And so from then on he'd been learning to be a father (with the immense help of his father) and adjust to being a werewolf.

Being a werewolf took its toll on Evra, physically, mentally, emotionally... there were multiple times he considered locking himself up and giving Lucy up to be raised exclusively by his dad. He feared more than anything that he'd lose control and hurt her. At times his body felt too wary, too weathered to do anything but lay around. Caring for Lucy was his top priority, but when he couldn't do it he felt like dying and giving his daughter a better chance.

And then Ronan came back into his life. Ronan, a potions expert, crafted better remedies for him at no cost. And with the added support of his two best friends, Evra began getting a good hold of things. Eventually he reapplied for the internship as a healer, got accepted, and kept pursuing his career despite the stigma of his wolfishness. A lot of strings were pulled due to his family's notoriety.

Within this time he also realised his true feelings for June. June, who'd become a mother to Lucy even though he didn't ask for it. She'd saved his life and stuck around through his most difficult moments. And then she loved his daughter more than anything else in the world. His repressed feelings came through and he was unable to hide it anymore. Evra was deeply in love with his best friend, and luckily the feeling was mutual. They immediately became a couple and have been together ever since.

Evra and June married at age 23, their engagement a very short one . At age 25 they had their first child together, giving Lucy a little sister. Ella was her name.

Now, at age 27, Evra's a father of two, a loving husband, and a better adjusted werewolf omega. Packs here and there have tried recruiting him but he's turned them all down, not finding appeal in that mentality.
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