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sunday vibes ~

I hate talking about myself. Makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I guess I can start by... saying my name? My name's Laylah Chance. My middle name is Rose, but that doesn't really matter, I guess. I am twenty-seven years old now and have to say I hate how old I'm getting. I'll never forget my days at Hogwarts where I could spend literally every minute of every day partying my little heart out. Speaking of Hogwarts, I was a Hufflepuff, just like my dad. It's something I take a lot of pride in. I'm also a metamorphmagus, that might be important to know. I showed signs when I was born. I remember my dad telling me that he and my mum got a right good scare when my hair turned pink the day after I was born.

I don't really like to show off my ability... it makes me a little uncomfortable at times. The only times I ever use it is when I'm joking with friends or to change my hair color. I change my hair color almost every month, but most of the time it's the aqua blue it is now. However, for work I always make it short and brown. Plain and simple, really. I also like to have different tattoos appear on my skin, but usually I keep the same ones every day. I'm too much of a chicken to get an actual tattoo, plus it costs money anyway and I can just do it for free.

Some things you like:

Where do I start? I like language, hence why I went on to study magical languages after Hogwarts. Unlike a lot of people I know, I actually really love my job. I work as a translator for the Ministry of Magic. Most of the time I'm just reading through old documents and translating everything they say into English but every now and then I actually get to translate what someone is saying to one of our employees.

I like music. Singing is one of my favorite pastimes, even though I may not be the best at it. My friends tell me I have a beautiful voice but it's hard to believe. But yeah, music is important to me. I'm basically always listening to something if I'm not working. My favorites are pop, classic rock, and classical. A weird mixture, I know. I have a broad music taste, though.

One funny thing about myself and what I like is that I have a major sweet tooth. I am actually pretty thin and can eat whatever the hell I want, which is nice. And even if I got fat somehow, I could just change my appearance with my ability, ha ha. But no, I really have a sweet tooth. The way to my heart is strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. That, or any kind of chocolate. I've got what seems to be a life time supply of chocolate in my house that I'm totally not ashamed of.

I really like scary things, anything to do with horror. The old muggle horror movies from a while back are always a favorite thing to watch for me. If anything, it just makes me laugh rather than actually scared.

Some things you don't like:

I fucking hate stuck up people. Well, who doesn't? I don't know, when I see someone who thinks they're better than everyone else it honestly makes me so angry. There's nothing worse than that to me. In my eyes, everyone has the same amount of worth and purpose. If you think you've got more than anyone else, then buzz off.

Sorry about that. Anyways... Dislikes. It's hard to think of these, there's not much that I don't like. I guess I don't like being bored. I've always got to have my attention on something, I've always got to be doing something. I just can't sit still and stare at a wall. I start thinking about things and you know how it goes from there. That's why I think I like my job so much is because it keeps me pretty busy.

I don't like to eat meat. I'm a vegetarian, so eating meat is naturally disliked by me. Not only do I want to save the animals, but I just hate the taste anyway. Just the thought of eating something's meat really grosses me out.

Information About Your Past:

My past is something that I really hate talking about. It's embarrassing and quite frankly takes too much emotional effort for me to think about all of it. But as I said before, I partied my heart out when I was at Hogwarts. I slept around a lot, thinking that would add to my self worth since I always had guys lusting after me. I was introduced to drugs (pixie dust in particular) in my sixth year and was hooked almost immediately.

For a while, I didn't see the problem with doing pixie dust every day to get by. I thought it was pretty normal, all of my friends were doing it too. But then my best friend was admitted to St. Mungo's for her addiction and that kind of took me for a loop. It didn't affect me right away, but there was a small voice in my mind at the time saying that I should probably do the same thing and admit myself into some sort of center.

The addiction went on until two years ago. I was truly at my lowest when I decided to get help. My parents weren't talking to me (we had grown apart over the past few years), my friends were going in all sorts of directions I wished I was going, I wasn't involved romantically with anyone. Drugs were the only thing stopping me from killing myself. I am so thankful that I finally came to the realization that what was going on with me was not normal.

The withdrawals were the hardest part. I remember having immense pain in my head and all over my body and not even being able to open my eyes for a time because it hurt too much. Today, I've been two years clean and I am happier than ever. I can truly say that I am back to my old, bubbly self that I was before I truly became addicted.

Hopes for the future:

As of now, I'm in a pretty happy place. I make a decent amount of money (something I NEVER would have imagined for myself), I've got a couple of close friends I can rely on, and I've got a job that I really love. The only thing I'm hoping for in the future is to meet someone special. I've had my fair share of relationships, most of which were abusive or just awful. I am bisexual but I am thinking that I really would like to spend the rest of my life with someone of the opposite sex. Whenever I dated girls, we never really got along. In fact, those were most of the abusive relationships I was in.

Anyway, meeting someone and just being happy is what I'm hoping for in the future. Maybe even getting a dog or two, I don't know.
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