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August 28, 2005
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Considering murdering someone who suggested fairy princess costumes for me and Tas who saw the text

It's funny how much the world and people can change when given enough time and a chance. Take my parents for example. Dad's from an old-ish Pureblood family back up in the highlands of Scotland. Near Inverness, if I remember correctly. As in, my grandparents were Death Eaters Pureblood. Dad, poor guy was pushed into it even though he didn't have the same thoughts as they did on the matter. He actually had some sense, even if at first he was too afraid of the big bad to say anything about it.

After the dust settled from the war though? He took the first chance he got to get out of Dodge, and that's when he crossed the pond for a new start and met Momma. She was a Halfblood witch from Shreveport visiting some of her Muggle family in New York where he landed. A year and a few days later, they were settling down in New Orleans with my older twin brothers. And if our family wasn't an odd mix with my father sporting that rather infamous tattoo on his forearm, and my maternal grandparents being Muggles, my brothers had to make it even more interesting. One twin turned out to be a Squib, while the other is one talented wizard off in Cairo last I heard from him. My other brother, that has no magic? Didn't stop him from finding his own path to fame in the Muggle world, and is touring the world as a drummer for a killer rock band.

The twins were six when I came along, of all times, during one of the worst hurricanes to hit my beloved hometown of N'Awlins. Mom, being the quirky (translation: kind of crazy) woman she is, wanted to name me after the damn thing. Dad would have none of it, not with how badly the city got hit. Everyone in the family held their breath though with me since one Squib had already been born into the family. While it didn't make much of a difference if I had magic or not, my parents wanted me to be a witch something fierce. And I didn't disappoint!

Growing up in a house that was equal parts magical and non-magical gave me a nice broad look at the world. I learned both sets of history, gained an appreciation for sports that both my brothers were into; American football and Quidditch being the main two. And of course music. I was three when Momma had my little brother, who would follow his older sister and brother to Ilvermorny at some point. We'd thought that my older brother would be the only Squib in the family, but life proved us all wrong when my baby sister Tasmin came around my first year at Ilvermorny. It was harder for her growing up than our brother. She wanted to be like me so much, to play Quidditch with me and was fascinated with everything magical. I hated it for her, but I did my best to do Muggle things with her to show she could have just as much fun as I could. She was my biggest fan though when I was playing Quidditch.

Which next to art and music became my next biggest love. And I was good at it too. Good enough that after school I had the opportunity to play professionally. Momma wanted me to go on to college because there might be a day when I couldn't play for one reason or another. For a bit I weighed my options, deciding I could always fall back on music if I couldn't play anymore. And off to the big leagues I went! I got to travel, see things I might not have been able to, and of course, my family made it to every game they could. Last year though, my world came crashing down around me. Around all of us really.

Mom and Dad were in Romania on a combination holiday and work trip for Dad. He was writing a new book on dragons when the unthinkable happened and all five of the Buchannon kids became orphans. The twins and I? We were going to be okay, as far as being old enough to look after ourselves. It was our younger siblings that were going to be needing some looking after. The twins were tied up with work, and I wasn't about to let them quit what they were doing to come look after Tasmin and make sure our brother had a home to come to in between Ilvermorny and college. Because he wasn't going to be like me and make that mistake. I gave up Quidditch, and thankfully between what I made through it and what Mom and Dad left us, we were well taken care of financially for a while. At least until I could get my bearings and figure out what to do for work.

Bartending and the occasional singing gig has kept me from overthinking the whole I'm juggling the role of big sister and mother figure to my little sister, with one of my friends talking me into the modeling scene to add a little "spice" back into my life recently. Trying to find a happy medium between the two hasn't been easy, and while I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing half the time... I know I made the right choice.
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