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You know what's great about being part of a huge family? You are never, ever alone. You know what really, really sucks about being part of a huge family? You are. Never. Alone.

Everybody knows of the Weasleys, unless you've been living under a rock. Thankfully, my father wasn't the "Boy Who Lived" and my mother wasn't the previous Minister of Magic. No, my little branch of the family tree consists of Percy and Audrey Weasley (and Molly, but more on her later - I'm sure she would be very disappointed if I didn't delve into her).

I came into this world on February 1st, of the year 2008. As most things with my mother and father, I was meticulously planned and managed, and I was barely an hour overdue. Naturally, the following day, almost the majority of the Weasley clan decided to show up and welcome me to the family. I assume there was a lot of kissing and such, but I also figure that there was a lot of foot tapping, because I was the twelfth child born of this generation. Honestly, I counted.

This is where my dearest, loving, kind... compassionate? sister comes in. Molly is four years my elder, and honestly? Probably the best sister any girl could ask for. Naturally, I don't like to throw about that phrase all willy-nilly, because I imagine it would DEFINITELY inflate her ego and that's the last thing I need to deal with. But truly, from the bottom of my heart, Molly has always been my pseudo-guardian angel.

The earliest memory I have is of messing around with some of Dad's magical artifacts he has locked up in his office. Naturally, most magical artifacts should not be fiddled with by some two-year-old toddler who can barely form a coherent sentence, and I ended up hurting myself. How, exactly, I don't really remember; what I do remember is Molly sweeping in and removing me from the situation, but also using some of Mom's magical band-aids to patch me up.

I imagine Dad was furious when he saw how I broke his artifact, though. Mom was probably beaming with pride when she saw how Molly took care of me.

I got along with everyone in my "little" clan. I figure that's one of my strengths - I get along with most people. Some, naturally, I got on with better, but overall, I never felt a particular attachment to anyone. No best friend or no other half.

Asia changed that. Her dad and mine both worked in the Ministry - and you know what they say, "those that work in the Ministry, end up having their daughters be best friends." Having a non-Weasley friend really paid off, especially considering how difficult that was to do for a little girl who really actually didn't have any control of who she met and where she went.

As I grew, it became increasingly obvious that I wasn't really following in my sister's footsteps, at least in regards to personality. I was a fair bit more outspoken, not afraid to speak my mind. I didn't bother with sugar coating things, which perhaps got me into a fair bit of trouble whenever I dared to question Dad's authority. Dad labeled me as a rebel; however, I never really was a rule breaker. Sometimes I operated in that gray-line, but nothing much further. But nobody really know what I was thinking, and what my next move would be.

This unpredictability became worse as magic decided to rear it's ugly head. Naturally, a child with newfound magic can hardly control magic, and instead has to rely on others to do so. My magic was volatile, wild, and hungry. Yes, hungry - a majority of my early magic revolved around gathering sweets from Merlin-know's-where. I was quite the imp, and I'm sure I found it all wildly exciting and humorous watching my family try to keep magical cookies from me.

Thankfully, my Hogwarts letter arrived on my eleventh birthday. I was ditty with excitement, ready to finally have some semblance of independence. I practically dragged Mom to Diagon Alley, right into the wand shop. It was a long process finding my wand, but eventually It found me; 10", a slightly above average length. Elm, a wood known for it's sophistication and certain perfection; and a Kneazle whisker core, a creature which would become very, very intertwined with me.

On the way to buy my books and robes, I had passed by a shop selling pets. Mom and Dad had no pets, aside from the family owl, because they were all too busy with work to be concerned about raising one. Naturally, I insisted upon getting a pet.

That's when I saw him. He was a beautiful, white and gray Kneazle with blue eyes that just seemed to draw me in. I insisted, very nearly throwing a fit, to get him. Kneazles are a pricy penny, even with the extensive breading over the years. Dad was disappointed to find that this particular one was a pure-bred Kneazle, and not a hybrid like he had hoped. But eventually, I got my way.

And that's how I became Hades's person. Since then, Hades has always been a constant, even if he isn't necessarily with me. He's a bit of a roamer, but whenever I truly need him, he finds me.

It was then time to be sent off to Hogwarts. I didn't stick around too much for the sappy good-byes, bursting with too much excitement to really care. I could barely contain myself was I was waiting to be sorted. Her cousin Lily got into Gryffindor, and Hugo into Hufflepuff. Asia went to Hufflepuff as well. The con of having a surname be Weasley is that you have to wait for pretty much every other first year to be sorted, except for maybe the Zabini and Wood kids.

When my name was finally, finally called, I felt a sudden shock of anxiety. Why, I'll never know. As the head was placed onto my head, I tried to hold my breath. If I had succeeded, I probably would've died of asphyxiation.

I was a hat stall.

Many thought it would be a stall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw - my parents' houses. And while the Sorting Hat did state I was brave and curious, it acknowledged that these two traits weren't my strongest ones. No, my loyalty and ambition was. I stalled between Slytherin and Hufflepuff. Shocking, I know. For six minutes, twenty-eight seconds, I had that dammed hat covering my face. Eventually, we came to an agreement.

Hufflepuff was my calling, where I would flourish and blossom. To this day, I wonder if I chose Hufflepuff because of some unspoken stigma I had with Slytherin; or because my best friend had been sorted there. Either way, I wouldn't ever change being a Hufflepuff.

The next few years I flourished. Of course, I had to fight the pseudo-fame of my last name. There's something very... unsettling about people just knowing who you are, despite you never knowing them. I clinged in particular to Asia during this time. Thank goodness I had met her before all that nonsense, otherwise I'm not sure how I would've managed.

I also dove headfirst into my studies, eager to learn. Mom and Dad instilled in me early on about the importance of my studies - something about how if I ever wanted to accomplish anything in life, I had to have good NEWTs. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to be, necessarily, but that didn't matter. I found classes fun, in particular Charms and DADA. I had good grades, even if I tended to... question?... my professors. Things were good, I was happy. Asia and I were inseparable.

Perhaps a month into my fourth year, I had noticed how odd Asia was acting. Not just normal oddness, like she was hiding something she wanted to tell me. No, odd mannerisms that she had never done before. In particular, how wide she kept her eyes, and the way she talked out of the corner of her mouth. Things that didn't seem huge to others, but huge to me. She claimed it was stress, but when I had tried to further the conversation - "WHY exactly are you stressed?" - she waved it off and changed the topic. Every. Time.

I had known this girl since the beginning of my time, and people don't change that quickly. A final nail in the coffin was when I insisted on doing a pen-pal kind of activity. A silly one, but one totally not out of the blue, as I was taking a trip to America for a week, with no way of using the Floo to visit Asia. After some hesitation, she agreed and we began to exchange letters while I was on the trip.

We had wrote letters to each other before, despite phones being a thing. It's not like it was a completely foreign concept. The only foreign thing was Asia's handwriting. That was the final clue I needed to start my investigation.

I began to drop comments about our shared history, about adventures only Asia and I had done. I even straight up asked her what my childhood pirate name was. (Captain Redbeard, by the way.) When she couldn't answer correctly, I decided to tail her one night.

Out of all the places she went, it was some shop in Knockturn Alley that had probably been out of business longer than I had been alive. I'm talking cobwebs with nasty spiders and other unimaginable things that keeps me up at night.

But perhaps the biggest thing that gives me nightmares from that night is seeing the broken and bloody heap that I very quickly realized was Asia. The real Asia. I didn't know who this impostor was. I didn't really care. All I know was that everything was a blur. I remember reaching from my wand, the words slipping out of my mouth, in a whisper.

"Petrificus Totalus!"

Somehow I managed to carry Asia out of Knockturn Alley, eventually making it to Diagon Alley. I figured some people called the authorities to the location, because I was quickly surrounded by Aurors and para-healers, who had to practically tear Asia from me. I remember screaming who I was, screaming where I was and just screaming. Uncle Fred eventually came to investigate the commotion in front of WWW, and I suppose it was him who alerted Dad and Mister Sky to the situation.

Asia was taken immediately to a hospital, while I was detained. Detained, can you believe it? It wasn't for long, and it was just a juvenile detention at the Ministry, mostly for questioning. Some had assumed that it was ME who did that to Asia, but eventually the truth came to light. Some Aurors had immediately went to investigate the abandoned shop, but were unable to capture the fake-Asia, who's Polyjuice Potion was beginning to wear off. Fake-Asia was actually Devlin Hale, some psycho bastard child who had a serious vendetta against the Skys. The newspapers and tabloids erupted as a result.

I didn't get to really see Asia during her recovery. The healers and therapists insisted that I would do more harm than good. All I had were those silly letters, but I could tell Asia wasn't well. I could only assume she was suffering from PTSD and depression, and all I could really do was just... be there. Even if I couldn't really be there, so to speak.

As the school season approached, I found myself sitting on the train alone. Asia had wrote the night before that she wasn't going to be attending Hogwarts for a while, instead going to Beauxbatons. And honestly, even though it wasn't her fault, I couldn't help but feel betrayed.

Instead of dealing with these emotions of abandonment, I pushed myself into my coursework. Asia had mentioned her fear of her crazy psycho half-sister being nearby, and I decided at that point what I wanted to do with my life.

Dad always said to shoot high; nothing is quite higher than an Auror.

Actual spell-casting classes came easy - Transfiguration, Charms, and DADA. But things like Potions was more complicated, and I absolutely hated classes like History of Magic. But I managed, and persevered. Thankfully, my hard-work paid off and I passed my NEWTs with flying colors.

I instantly applied to be an Auror, and after some consideration, I was accepted into the program as a trainee. Mom and Dad was thrilled, but part of me couldn't help but wonder if I got into the program simply because I was a Weasley. Of course, there really isn't any changing that, and I try not to dwell on it too much.

Meanwhile, I got myself a small apartment in London. It's weird, finally living alone (well, with Hades) and finally having complete and total independence. That's not to say that Molly or Mom or Dad try to butt their heads in, but atleast now I can lock to door and watch stupid videos on Wiztube. Life is good, and I intend to keep it that way.
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