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Posted by: VADA LE Jun 5 2018, 05:17 AM
People always gave Knockturn Alley the side eye whenever they walked past it in Diagon Alley with good reason. It was seriously shady. It was full of strange items and shops dedicated to the Dark Arts and the Dark Magic practitioners, the people were a bit strange too. It was most definitely not the place for the muggleborn witch to peruse, and yet Vada did.

What people saw were strange and dangerous items were so interesting to her. In her eyes, they were or could potentially be artifacts waiting to be found. And those strange and creepy people that people would silently pull their children away from or mutter about under their breath, she saw them as individuals within a subculture of the wizarding world.

Vada had made the trip to Knockturn Alley a few times. She knew it would’ve been dangerous, but she was just so fascinated. There were times she went to observe the way of life and culture within shopping area, but most of the time she was in the shops looking at what the shops had to offer. Her favorite shop in Knockturn Alley was Borgin and Burkes, they had so many unusual and ancient wizarding artifacts she was lowkey in love with it, plus they were labeled which made her life a touch easier.

She opened the door to the dusty and dimly lit shop, then closed the door behind her. She then walked passed the infamous opal necklace known to be cursed and have killed, then by the collection of human bones without a care in the world.

Posted by: LUCY WEASLEY Jul 1 2018, 12:30 AM
If there was one place that could give somebody bad vibes, it was Knockturn Alley.

Of course, most had a simple, cliche reason to stay away. The Alley was off the beaten path, rather dimly lit, and even a little bit more dirty than the rest of Diagon Alley. That was, of course, not including the rather... shady characters who hung around there quite frequently. Once, when visiting, Lucy had been grabbed by the arm by no less than three different individuals, all for reasons even she didn't know.

Against her better wishes, though, Lucy had begun to make a habit of visiting Knockturn Alley. Purely, of course, for professional reasons. She wanted to keep an eye on some of the darker magical artifacts sold at Borgin and Burkes, just in case some wizard decided to use it for malicious reasons. After all, in her mind, no sane and stable person really frequented the Alley, and especially not Borgin and Burkes in particular.

Which was quite ironic, when one realized that Lucy herself could be considered a regular by this point. However, she couldn't help but be fascinated by some of the objects that the shop sold - some predating since before even Hogwarts existed. Naturally, the older the artifact, the more expensive. Likewise, the stronger curse or jinx associated with it, the more lucrative it was. It was a good business to be in to, if you had the galleons to pay into it.

Perusing through the books - ones mostly on dark arts, and thankfully not cursed - Lucy slightly lifted her head when she heart the door creak open. In came a girl, one who Lucy would definitely not have expected to be visiting a store like this. Without a care in the world, the girl strolled past the different artifacts and books and bones, and Lucy herself couldn't help her peaking curiosity. Closing the book she was browsing - one on medieval magical torture practices - she positioned herself on the path the newcomer was taking, and idly waited for the girl to get close enough.

She imagined the girl would've walked right past her had Lucy not stepped up to her, cocking her head to the side. "A little bit of a rough place for a person like you." She stated, curious and both suspicious of the shopper. Part of her was keenly aware of how her wand was positioned in her robe, just in case a confrontation occurred. One could never truly be too safe in a place like Knockturn Alley.


Posted by: VADA LE Jul 11 2018, 03:38 PM
A figure stepped in front of her and blocked her way to the rest of the artifacts. She took a step back and blinked, her brow furrowing a bit by the sudden confrontation. She was honestly startled and a little confused. It had been awhile since someone stopped her out of nowhere, it was honestly kind of creepy. The last time this happened, a guy blocked her way when she tried to politely move out of the way for him and then he went right up to her, pushed into her. It was a terrifying and uncomfortable experience, but she shoved the man off of her and continued on her way through the muggle world like nothing happened.

But after another second or two of blinking and processing, she recognized who it was. Before her stood Lucy Weasley, Molly’s little sister and a cousin to a few of her friends. She had seen the girl a few times since befriending several members of the clan, even outside of school when she was invited over during vacation, for tea, or recently to comfort Molly. Lucy probably didn’t recognize her though or she simply didn’t care and she was doing her job. She was an auror already right? There were so many people in the clan it was easy to lose track.

Vada leaned to the side slightly peering over Lucy’s shoulder to check on the shop owner who didn’t seem to care as long as no damages were down to the artifacts or the shop itself. Her focus returned to the red-haired girl and the former curse breaker smiled warmly at her. She raised her hand up and waved, greeting here like it any other day at school or a family gathering she was invited to. ”Hey Lucy.” She chimed, her bright inquisitive eyes would wander the shower as though there were treasures to be found before she looked to her again. ”Ohh, it’s honestly not that bad here most of the time. People tend to leave you alone if you leave them alone, and don’t look at them like they’ve already or about to commit a crime. I haven’t had much of a problem here yet.” She went on, she was practically beaming as she spoke to the other girl.

She really stuck out like a sore thumb here with all of that smiling. But she always tried her best to adhere to the golden rule to treat others the way you want to be treated, and it was required of her at work whenever she was overseas or working and speaking to someone from a different culture. She had to be respectful and put whatever biases there are aside. Vada cocked her head as she watched Lucy curiously. ”What are you doing here? I didn’t know you like to peruse Borgin and Burke as well.”

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