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 Hiding Out, Open
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Jan 11 2018, 09:41 PM

Another term was about to start and Mari knew this was probably her last chance for some peace and quiet around the school. Sure she would have time to slip away but with hundreds of kids to teach she knew her life would be a bit on the hectic side soon enough. Luckily she was not a last minute planner like some of the Professors seemed to be. Her lesson plan had been finalized before the break and revised yet again a week ago just to make minor adjustments as needed.

Now here she sat, in the overly pink parlor, sipping a decent cup of tea and watching people filter past. Hogsmeade was rather busy now and she knew it was only bound to get worse. With her most recent research spread out on the table and a note book before her she took her time going through the latest spell she was working on. This one was an amalgamation of a very old spell that had failed and her year of research to make it work. The previous witch had been a genius but she had been slightly older when she started this research and her brain had started to slip at the end. The tangled mess had been fun to unravel and fix.

So as the hours passed and she snacked and drank tea, with the store owner smiling at her and patting her hair from time to time, she worked her way in a relaxing and mostly abandoned state. As a student she had done this here as well and was well known. Not many came here unless on dates or of the quieter mindset so it made a perfect place to hide from the noisy crowd. Mari was not the most talkative of people anyway, with a natural observer mentality.

When the door chimed a visitor she barely noticed as she quickly scribbled another note in the margin of her notebook about a possible side spell she could work to make the first more effective. She would have to test the theory out sometime soon and see how this all worked. With luck she could add it to the book she was writing and it would be published in the future. To have her own book of research and spells would be a great accomplishment for her. Before she had only ever been an assistant so it was about time she got her own feet set in the writing waters.
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Jan 17 2018, 03:41 PM

It had been an easy day at Gringotts. Frank had spent it, cataloguing and doing paperwork, all the not so fun things that were part of the responsibility of curse breakers. He really didn’t mind it too much, though, as it gave him something to do while he waited to be sent back into the field. At the moment, none of the teams currently out needed anyone new and they didn’t have a reason to send another one out somewhere. Not that Frank was that anxious to get back out there. He saw his daughter more when he was at home and he didn’t have to worry about death coming to get him again.

There was a time when he would’ve welcomed him, but not anymore. Not since Lynx came into his life. She gave him a reason to keep going. Currently, she was with her grandmother, probably wearing a brand new dress and playing with new toys because his mother certainly loved to spoil her. As he was leaving work, he was handed a bunch of runes and told to translate them. Frank sighed; there goes everything he had planned to do with Lynx. He quickly sent an owl to his mom, explaining what had happened. He knew she wouldn’t care, but he really hated not being able to pick his daughter up when he said he would.

He tried doing the runes in a quiet office at the bank, but decided he would work better if he went somewhere else and he knew exactly where to go. Madam Puddifoots was mainly used by couples, but it was a quiet place to get work done as well. Plus he could get tea and cake while he worked on this, which was always a good thing. Frank apparated to just outside the village and walked the rest of the way. The streets were busy, but the tea shop didn’t seem to have many people in there. He set his things down at a table before going up to order a cup of tea and a scone.

As he was heading back to his table, he saw a familiar redhead, one of the Weasleys. He’d grown up mostly around her cousins, but he’d met all of them. Frank gave her a friendly smile as he sat down. “Hi,” he said, as he started with the translations.


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