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April 23, 1998
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Can't believe no one listens to the Weird Sisters anymore! >:[

I was born into a family of rich tradition. Whenever I'm asked about myself I find I always answer first about my family and then about me. It's hard to explain to people that don't know about us, about the Battle of Hogwarts, about my cousins, about the entire ordeal, just exactly why our family is so complicated and so close. For the older folks, it seems I simply just have to tell them my name and there's some mix of pity and understanding that crosses their faces.

My name is Teddy Lupin and I'm the son of Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin. My mum and dad died a few weeks after I was born during the Battle of Hogwarts. I've read about the battle, heard about it from my godfather and my cousins...but no matter how much history I know, I still don't fully understand the impact of it. I hear about my parents and how great they were. My uncle Harry says he sees my dad in my all the time, but both my parents still feel like absolute strangers to me.

I was left with my mum's mum -- Andromeda Tonks -- who raised me. My Nan is a cool lady, but she's a very old fashioned witch. She told me stories growing up about her sisters and why we don't see that side of the family much. She taught me all about how some wizarding families used to see others as "worse" because they "fraternized" with muggles and the like...bollocks, but Nan was big on pushing against those ideas. She raised me to be accepting of everyone and to always give people a chance.

Nan did her best to give me a good life, but we didn't have much. She worked in a shop most of my childhood and we didn't relate to each other well. The generation gap was a bit too much, I think, and even though we got along fine it was difficult for us to be close to one another. I was fortunate, though. I lived minutes from my cousins growing up, and we spent every day together. I say "cousins", but our relationship is hard to explain. I suppose I am distantly related to them on my mum's side, but it's the sort of cousins that you get when you grow up with a bunch of kids your age. There are SO many of us: James, Lily, Albus, Rose, Hugo, Fred, Roxanne...even Lois and Dominique...and Victorie...although we don't see Bill and Fleur's kids as cousins really...I digress.

The older I got, the more attached to my godfather I became. I must say I am more than lucky to have my uncle Harry in my life. I truly think of his and Aunt Ginny's kids as my siblings and now, in my adulthood, I'm realizing how much I learned just from being a part of their household. I would spend whole summers at a time staying with the Potters and visiting with all our Weasley cousins.

I was also lucky enough to attend Hogwarts when much of our family did as well. I was sorted into Hufflepuff and managed to keep good grades and impress enough teachers to make Prefect and all that. School, at the time, seemed the most important thing in the world, and I loved every minute of it, but now that I'm out here in the world it seems almost...forgotten. Hogwarts will always feel like home, and when I was there I thought that's as real as the world got. I followed in Harry's footsteps, going into Auror training right out of school, but I'm beginning to think this career choice isn't right for me. It's far too serious a job. I'd really love to go back to Hogwarts and teach.
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