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June 14, 2005
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Hello world! I'm your wild girl. I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! 👄

Hello. My name is Esperanza Hernandez, and no I'm not Latin or Hispanic. I don't know how to speak Spanish, nor have I ever even had Spanish food. My father read the book Esperanza Rising as a kid, fell in love with the name, and that's how I got my name. I'll tell you how I got the surname Hernandez later.

My father is the famous Charles Eldridge! Ever heard of him!? Hes only the most famous rock star ever! Does the band name Reverse Impact sound familiar? No? Well of course not! My dad's band is a one hit wonder. They had 15 minutes of fame. One hit and done. He may be a one hit wonder, but he was famous in my eyes. Even to this day I find their music to be awesome. Such raw emotion, and no one understood. I love and miss my father everyday. I wish he was here to see how far I've come. I'm even in a band. I play bass!

My parents had me at a young age. My dad being this awesome lead vocalist; he played a mean Guitar. My mom pretty much was a groupie. My mom was 16, and my dad 18.

Mum says it was her rebellious stage. She came from a family of pureblood elitist, and my mother hated being like that. She hated looking down on people because of their blood status. So she ran away from home, lived with my father for a bit, and then had me.

After a while they didn't get along. My mom moved out. She wanted to move back in with her parents and finish school but they wanted nothing to do with her and her halfblood child. She had to make it up to them.

Beverly Cunningham did everything to get back into her family's good graces. During the summer, she sent me to stay with my father. When the summer was over, I was home schooled by my grandmother. She was a very uptight, strict, elitist old hag. My grandfather was just as bad if not worse. I can see why my mother ran away.

I hated being home schooled by them. They always talked so negatively about my parents, especially my father. My father, the hobo, dirty muggle, man child...etc. I hated them and they hated me. I was a dirty unwanted eye sore with unkempt hair to them. They treated me horribly and the rest of the family did the same. My mother did nothing about it. She couldn't.

Summers were the best because it was with my father, his band, and his family. I felt loved! I felt wanted! Everything a child should feel! He didn't really know how to take care of a child, but he had his band mates, and family members to help him. He always tells me this story about how he put my diaper on backwards, how I ended up covered head to toe in peanut butter, and how when I was 4 years old I walked to my cousins house (which was right next door) and made my self and PB&J sandwich because dad had no food. He always complimented me on being independent.

My father, band mates, and a few cousins lived in a trailer park. Right next to each other. I felt right at home. During the summer everyday was a good day. Even the rainy ones. I play outside with the kids rain or shine. They called me bossy because I always told them what games we should play. I enjoyed making up games such as toilet tag, hide dad's guitar, and lets see how fast we can roll down the hill.

Everything changed when I found out I was magical.

I was sitting outside watching the lightning strike and listening to the wind howl. It was my father who noticed not a single drop a rain hit my fuzzy head. I found that quiet odd.

Next was the random floating objects. Lastly, I gave a boy a pigtail.

There was this kid in the neighborhood. We called him piggy behind his back, but his name was Patrick. He was always eating something, and he was 3 times our size and age. He always picked on me. My dad told me it was because he liked me. I told my father that boys shouldn't do that to girls that they like, its not right...but anyways. He was picking on me and I punched him in the face, he punched me in mines REALLY HARD. I started crying and screamed "SMELLY PIG!" to his face...and a pig tail popped out from behind. He ran home crying, and I was sent back home to mom.

The grandparents were proud and pleasantly surprised. They didn't think I would ever show signs of magic. I was 11 years old when it happened, and I got my letter to Hogwarts soon after. I'm a late bloomer.

When I said that my mom had to do something to get back in her family's good graces, that was to marry Emilio Hernandez. He was another uptight pureblood. He's wealthy, came from a "good" family, and has no children. They made it official once the family found out I was magical. Now I'm Esperanza Hernandez...that was quick.

I got sorted into slytherin at Hogwarts (a house my family didn't expect me to get into), I found out that I'm a big sister, and a few months later my father died because of a drunk driver.

Now I'm somewhere new with people I don't know and doing something I didn't even know existed until a few months ago. I now had no loving father to talk to about my adventures in the wizarding world.

Being at Hogwarts took some serious getting used to. I was glad to be away from my mother's uptight family, but my dad passing away really broke my heart. I wasn't allowed to go to the funeral. If I knew how to fly, or apparate, I would have.

Being sorted into Slytherin added to the heart break. My mom's family house is Slytherin. Just about everyone was sorted into Slytherin, while some got into Ravenclaw. Mum, and her parents where sorted into Slytherin. They were, again, pleasantly surprised.

After the culture shock, and my father passing away, things started looking up. I made a friend. A friend that I still have to this very day. Also that year, I got a surprise Christmas gift. My father got me a bass guitar before he passed away. It was sent to my mum, and my mum actually gave it to me. Nicest thing she has done in years.

I practiced just about everyday since then. If I wasn't studying, I was practicing and if I wasn't practicing, or studying, I was getting into trouble with friends. I didn't cause the trouble they did it! Truthfully, I did sometimes. I was still pretty bossy.

6th year at Hogwarts was when things started to change for me. Again, I'm a late bloomer. Puberty hit me with a beauty stick! I finally had breasts, I had grown some curves, and finally hit 5'6 in height. The boys started gawking at me all of a sudden. The new attention got to my head. I admit I got big headed and conceited that year. That was also the year I got my first boyfriend. That relationship lasted the whole school year. Then I found out he was cheating on me with another slytherin girl. Blonde hair, blue eyed, long legged veela. I had no chance.

The years came and went. My little brother is now 12 years old. I still have my best friend since Hogwarts, and I'm now in a band! If the band thing doesn't work out, then I'll be a Herbologist! I love plants!

Father: Charles Eldridge (Deceased, lead vocalist/guitar of Reverse Impact)
Step Father: Emilio Hernandez (Ministry Worker)
Mother: Beverly Hernandez nee Cunningham (Ministry Worker)
Brother: Andres Hernandez (13yrs, Hufflepuff, Drummer)
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