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Posted by: JACE WISCHESTER Jun 4 2018, 01:33 PM
Jace was back home after a long annoying Hunt. He had a ton of Text messages from his older brother Alec. He was sure that the texts he sent in London went threw but looking back at his cell they didn't. Probably low signal and he rolled his eyes and sighed. Jace didn't know where his brother was at the time but still had a job to do and he did it. He saved "Jack" though he still wasn't sure of the name of the kid something didn't feel right on that whole thing. Jace knew he had to have been lying to him but he didn't care. Jace sent a message to his brother that he was home, and to met him there. He rolled his eyes at the frantic trying to find him messages and wondered if either Lily said something to him or even if he heard about the hunt and that Jace was going Solo on it. There was just too much on his mind at the moment and he wanted to talk to his big brother try to get some advice but also go out have fun play the game like he uses to do before things got so bad with Izzy. the girl who he loved and she just treated him like trash. There was no way Jace wanted her back at all. Jace texted his brother once more seeing where he was and saying he wanted to talk. Normally this meant he needed a brother heart to heart Moment. Alec come on where are you he said looking at his phone and with a sigh, he threw it on his bed and walked downstairs in the family home to the kitchen to grab a beer and something quick to eat. waiting for his brother to get there.


Posted by: ALEC WISCHESTER Jun 6 2018, 05:18 AM
Alec entered the main door of their house, and went straight to the kitchen. He knew his mother wasn’t home, but somebody else who he wanted to see for a long time was surely there. He sat down on a chair after grabbing a bottle of beer from the fridge, and waited.

Jace disappeared after going to Miami and meeting Lily there. He had a strong bad feeling about the whole set up of this situation, and drove straight there, but couldn’t find him. His little brother went “hunting” and didn’t answer to any of his messages or calls. Yes, he was ready to kick his ass.

”The Prodigal Brother... you better start running because I’m gonna kill you in a minute.” he said with a threatening tone and stood up, just to walk up to him and give him a big knock on the head as a starter. ”Where the fuck have you been? Did you lose your fucking mind?!” Alec was very close to losing his temper, considering the fact that Jace really screwed it up, big times.

”I told you never to turn off your goddamn phone when you go hunting, idiot! You’re a bloody trainee, you can’t just go off the map and hunt, fucker... do you wanna end up in Azkaban? Because I swear down, if you get the cell next to me, I’m gonna drive you insane.” Sadly, no jinx good enough to teach him a lesson crossed his mind, because he was too angry, but regardless, he made a note there to remember this later, and beat him up appropriately. ”What happened?” he asked finally, ready to listen to what he had to say. It better had been a good enough reason for him to go bonkers like that.


Posted by: JACE WISCHESTER Jun 6 2018, 10:39 AM
Jace still was in a mood after everything he had been through he really didn't want to deal with much. He knew that his brother would tear him a new one for going alone but he really didn't care, it was a moment he needed to get his mind off things. He heard his brother's voice and rolled his eyes. As if he would kill him, he would go off make threats but they were brothers all the same.

I was in London for a few days Jace said simply answering his brother. Maybe he was completely out of his mind with what he did to Lily and then hunting on his own. The thoughts of the last few weeks were hitting him hard and he sighed looking at his brother. I went to clear my head and needed time alone He said the truth but he kept his guard up knowing Alec was mad at him. Damn did Lily tell him what happened all of it...

It wasn't off while i was hunting and I did text you but you weren't in London, and before I could do anything I saw a Dementor attacking someone, and your one to talk about that Alec you do it all the time. Jace said rolling his eyes a moment he was really going to call him on the things that he did seriously. Jace couldnt help but laugh though they end up in a cell next to each other. we can go insane together then brother if that is the case, and no doubt your gonna kick my ass later for it Jace said laughing softly

I saved someone, The coordinates where the right was a rouge dementor was, someone named Jack, rather funny how he tried to use the Patronus charm and it fizzled, like the first time we tried as kids, but he was a young wizard [p]

Jace took a deep breath and sighed softly I got into a fight with Lily after i caught Izzy cheating on me, not just once this was according to the guy something that has been going on for a while. Jace looked at his brother and sighed it had happened before yes, because of her Veela side Izzy affected others but that wasn't ok ither. It had been happening more and more to the point Jace was done he didn't want to go back to her.

I lost my temper, I put the guy in the hospital after he told me he wanted to give her everything I wasn't. and then -Izzy was pushing me when i told her over and over about not wanting to do anything till I am past the training stage. Jace said and sighed Alec knew what he meant by this, it wasn't the first time Izzy pushed him on these matters and worse he didn't know if she was like this with the other guy. I am just done with this, I cant trust her every time i start to again she does this, I seriously am just about to say screw it and mess around again with anyone I damn well please too

Jace leaned against the wall half expecting his brother to get on him about getting back with Izzy and there was more he wasn't saying about it the whole thing. Like the Major thing, he couldn't stand that she did. He shook his head. he would say it if need be. the pure fact Izzy was claiming she was pregnant and it wasn't Jace's. she threw that in his face during the fight and now was texting him saying she was sorry and still loved him but how could she after that, it shook Jace to the core and then losing Lily in his mind in that way for good. Jace had a colder tone in his voice the whole time when he spoke about Izzy. If Alec caught it then he knew how upset and hurt his brother really was because it was rare for him to use that cold dark tone unless it was serious. But Jace left that detail out for now maybe he would later in the convo.

@[Alec Wishchester]

Posted by: ALEC WISCHESTER Jun 8 2018, 10:41 AM
"Needed time to clear your mind? Then go swim with the mermaids in Miami, better yet, let them sing for you and drown, so you won't trouble my life... needing to clear your head in the other side of the world, London is FOGGY, didn't they tell you before?" he cursed under his breath, again and again, as Jace kept being such a massive butthead. He inserted his elbow nicely in between his ribs, and he was surprised Jace could still breath after that nice hit.

"I AM A QUALIFIED AND FULLY TRAINED HUNTER! You're not! Do you understand, or shall I crave it up on your forehead?!" Alec asked while taking his wand out and twisting it in his hands, fingers itchy to curse his little brother, but sadly, he still didn't know which jinx or hex to use. Maybe some nosebleeding? Or Jace should choke on his beer? Or just bump his head into the bottle hard... too many options.

He walked back to the table, and sat back, trying to save his brother's life by not being closer than an arms length, but he was a wizard after all, who's hand often slipped on his wand when he was angry, to the expense of Jace. He finally started talking about what happened in Miami, and Alec got really suspicious about the blondie's words. "Why did you fight Lily for IZZY cheating on you? Were you so drunk that you mixed them up?" Alec chuckled darkly, but his eyes were still wary. The topic of their redheaded godsister was always a sensitive one. He didn't react to the words about Isabella yet, not in any more details, he wanted to hear the whole story. Rolling his eyes, he pursed his lips together not to comment on Jace sending that guy to a rest-bed. He would've done the same, after all.

He clearly needed a heart to heart, which Alec wasn't fond of. It was just not his style, being a softie, but damn all the grindylows, he was still his older brother. The heartaches of Jace didn't ring personal bells in him, because he spent his time getting into different sort of troubles that hardly ever touched his soul - not truly and deeply. That's why their dear mother always nagged him... she has seen very few attempts of Alec at getting serious with a girl, and she wasn't happy about that fact.
"Izzy called me and told me about this. Look, bro, I get it... you always fight like cats and dogs. But you're no angel... you should try and talk to her. Just tell her if you want a break, clearly. I know she's like a deaf niffler when it comes to you, she can't hear what anybody says just going for the jewels." he laughed at his own little joke, and then went on speaking "But you guys are always like... like Sphinxes and riddles. One cannot be without another..."


Posted by: JACE WISCHESTER Jun 12 2018, 04:41 PM
Jace sighed and rolled his eyes. yea but still I just took off ok, i don't have to answer to you, just because your older why I did Jace wasn't in the mood to be lectured by his brother much less hi in the stomach but he had been working out a lot and it didn't even phase him when his brother hit him he just glared at him.

"Good for you, I am not that far off from being the same , I can take care of myself alright Alec, just because you had more time to train and learn doesnt make it any differenace, I didnt expect to have to do it and I DID TRY TO TEXT YOU NOT MY FAULT THE PHONE DIDNT WORK I was just in the right place and the right time ok Jace didnt want to fight and he knew his brother was going to jinx him as always but it wasnt like Jace wouldnt Jinx him back.

Jace shook his head and sighed. No i didnt I insulted Tibby who she is now dating and obessed over talking like a drug addict, I upset her and we faught not cuz of Isabelle Jace said rolling his eyes he wasnt goung to tell him that he poured his heart out and she rejected it he just let it go becuase Alec never understood how jace felt when it came to Lily but he was over it now, he didnt care. When it came to Lily his heart felt cold and dark right now and he wanted it to stay that way. HE WOULD GET OVER HER in his own way and time. Jace sighed and looked at him. " she told you did she tell you everything? why I got so mad at her, I doubt i and i know i am no angel i never claimed i was jace said and sighed he shook his head and turned back to his brother. I got mad at her for a reason, do you remember when I had training I away formed her for about two months, three months ago, tell me how she is four months pregnate and saying its mine when I wasnt here, then got affened major when I told her I wanted a dna test. I told her it was over I am done and she goes and calls you like some bitch what she thinks you'll fix it no. Jace sighed and shook his head.

we use to be so close and trusting, then she wanted an open relationship a few years ago and it all changed, I changed, but it just doesn't add up and I really think she just wants it to be mine for our families fam, and to get back at Lily cuz she knows me... I use to have a thing for her. she never got over that fact. damn these girls bro. and she is half veela I guess that affects me more but I want to stay away from her far far away till the baby is born and if it isn't mine as I know it isn't then I am fully done with her. Jace rambled but still.

Jace sighed and looked at him if it is mine is a different story but it just doesn't add up. He sighed and changed the subject a little. I won't be like that asshole who knocked up Molly but if Isabelle won't agree to a DNA test then it just says something..... if it is mine ill talk care of it but not with her. Jace said and sighed hed give her money and help the baby but not her.

Posted by: ALEC WISCHESTER Jun 13 2018, 08:23 AM
Jace’s mood was too serious. Other times, he’d just take the banter and kick him on the leg or something, but his words were too much on edge, and wrong. ”Until I am the one responsible for your training in the eyes of the Ministry, you do need to answer to me. Don’t fuck with me, Jace! You’re my brother, but I still don’t want to end up in Azkaban for your irresponsibility.” And there it was, the lecture he didn’t want to give, but felt like he was forced to. Who else is going to wash his head and try to knock some sense into it, if not him? Their father could, only he was in a whole different land. Alec took his place a long time ago.

”Just sort your phone out and make sure it works next time. Or send an owl. Or your patronus. Many options...” he said, and the topic was over from his side. He hoped Jace got the message and won’t be such a dick next time. Once he heard the next topic, he wished they didn’t close the first one, and he could just turn back to that, because it gave him a rush in a very bad way. Jace mentioning Lily in the same sentence with a guy... damn it, where were her brothers when they were needed? They did such an immaculate job before. ”Who the fuck is Tibby?!” he asked, and he wanted to say much more, but drugs and addiction in his brother’s sentence got him distracted. He could feel just how much he wanted a line of PD at that moment, his hands started slightly shaking, only he could see and feel, he quickly drank some of his beer. ”Why does it bother you so much if she’s dating someone, that you ended up in a fight with her? Is he a bad influence? You think he’s dangerous, or the intentions are wrong?” Alec asked as his investigating senses had kicked in. He started forming ideas in his head what they would need to do if that guy seemed to be a threat by Jace’s words.

Jace got him wasting alcohol, as what he said made Alec spit out what was in his mouth. Like a nice gargoyle. ”PREGNANT?! No, she didn’t say she was pregnant... oh, that’s fucked up!” He was looking at his little bro like he hasn’t seen him before. Is he gonna be a daddy?! That was really hard to imagine, and for him, extremely difficult situation for so many reasons. ”She’s been with you for like 6 years now? We’re friends, of course she’ll call me when she has trouble with you. I think you should be grateful she called me and not Mother.” He looked at his blonde head and simply started laughing. Yes, Jace used to have a thing, but for Isabella to be jealous?! That would be crazy, unless... ”You don’t like Lily anymore.” It was rather a statement than a question, that he wanted to be proofed and if it wasn’t true, he wanted to know, and not to know at the same time, yet he was looking at every move the other was about to make. ”Molly?” he asked, getting lost. Too many chicknames. ”I don’t know, bro... a kid needs a family. Not fighting parents.” He shrugged his shoulders, looking like he was deep in his thoughts, but the fact is, he was sulking. If his parents never separate back in the day, he’d never had to sneak into the car and their father would still be alive, in his opinion. Jace was really young, but Alec has seen most of their fights and differences.


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