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April 26, 2003
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Charlotte was born to parents Theodore and Pansy Nott, in the spring of 2003. She was the first born daughter and enjoyed being spoiled by her parents and her big brother, who she followed everywhere. As a pure-blood she felt like royalty. For three years she had her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. Then Christmas of 2006 she became a big sister.

As she grew up she realized that things were becoming more tense in the family. Her Mommy was getting bigger and she realized that she would be a big sister again, except this time she wouldn't be. This baby girl wasn't the same as Charlotte and her brother and sister. Her brother explained it in not such a nice fashion as to what had happened.

She had befriended some of the other pure-blood families before she had even arrived at Hogwarts. Most of the time she would sit on her own and draw, paint, or sing. Her father suggested she take up a musical insturment so she decided on the violin. For her 8th birthday her parents gifted her a brand new violin made from cherrywood. She was grateful and decided to make sure she took her lessons seriously.

When she became of age to attend Hogwarts she was ready to be there. She missed her older brother a lot. Entering the Great Hall she took a seat and waited to be sorted. It felt like the longest moment of her life. She held her breath and closed her green eyes. Would she be sorted into Slytherin or another house like her brother.

At last the sorting hat called out Ravenclaw. She actually felt really good about this choice. She took her seat at the Ravenclaw table and smiled down to her brother. She had decided she wouldn't annoy him by being the tag along little sister. Instead she started making friends of her own.

During the first few years it was difficult for Char to adjust to living away from home for so long. She would read her text books until she woke in the morning with them on the floor next to her. Because of this she was becoming a rather learned student. Her Professors were impressed by her. Her sister had joined the other Notts by that time so Charlotte helped her sister who had been sorted into Slytherin adjust.

By her 4th year she was figuring out what path she wanted to do after school. She enjoyed potion making, and helping others. So she decided to work towards being a Professor. Her brother supported her ambitions as did her sister. It was in that year that she had met her other sister. Their personalities were the polar opposite of each other. Much like her and her little sister. Charlotte decided to remain friendly with her though. After all she was half her blood.

She had fallen in love with her first girlfriend in her 5th year. They never hid their relationship, and even attended balls together. It was an amazing relationship, but evntually it fizzled out. They remained friends though and supported each other through the rest of schooling.

After graduation she decided to take a year off and travel, she had painted and sketched so much that it changed her focus in life. Maybe teaching wouldn't fullfil her the way her art and music did. She had time to figure it out, given she was only 18 years old. It was around that time that her brother had reached out to the family also. So she wanted to spend time with him.

After another six months she had decided to become a freelance artist. She also explored more of her music talent. Her love life had been put on hold during her travels but she felt a yerning to have someone by her side.
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