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Posted by: ESPERANZA HERNANDEZ Feb 17 2018, 11:28 PM
Ren has always been Anti-Valentines day ever since she got zilch in her muggle elementary school. Well, let my rephrase; she did get something since everyone needs to get a little gift, but she never received a "special" one. Esperanza Hernandez, never had a Valentine.

Every time she was in a relationship with someone, it was always around the summer, never around Valentines day. She's used to being alone on Valentines day, or having a galentines day with a girlfriend; but everyone she knows is in a relationship. Everyone except her; and its really getting to her.

Ren is not the type to sleep around, she dosent like many people. She does have a crush on Fred Weasly, but she doubts that will go anywhere...its just a crush.

Ah well. Instead of sulking, and stuffing her face with sweets in her room, she forced herself to get dressed, and go out. Madam Puddifoot's has half off meals, and Ren loves half off food, so why not.

Walking into the shop, she noticed all the icky lovey dovey decor...yuck. Everyone is all coupled up. Ren regrets going now, but she really hungry. She takes a deep breath, and find a nice lone table far in the corner to sit. Why not people watch!?

Posted by: PENN LARSEN Feb 22 2018, 12:44 PM
Penn was not charitable. Let's be clear on that. He did things to meet his own personal wants and needs, not out of true altruism. Frankly, he didn't believe altruism existed for anyone. It was a nice but totally unrealistic ideal, kind of like Valentine's Day! Which brings us to how these two concepts worked out on this not-so-special day.

1. Everyone in The Howlers had a date, except for Ren.
2. Penn was afraid of not meeting Demi's expectations of what Valentine's Day should be. It was better to downplay it.
3. He wanted to make nice with all the band members. Ren was the next on his list.

So he suggested they all surprise Ren with dinner. How considerate of him, right?

"Will you be my Valentine?" he said and found the chair across from her. Before she could even reply, he was waving his wand to extend the table with four more chairs.


Posted by: DEMETRIUS SKEETER Feb 22 2018, 06:43 PM
There were a lot of unknowns this Valentine’s day. Demi hadn’t had someone to actually be with on Valentine’s Day that he actually cared to impress. He had plans for that later. For now, Penn had told him to meet him, and told him where. He had no information on what to expect, and he wasn’t the type to set expectations on things like this anyway.

”So, how are we going to cause mayhem today?” Demi asked aloud as he took a seat next to Penn. He didn’t know what Penn was up to, but he found it better not to ask. He trusted him enough not to be hurt by him, and everything else was entertainment….hopefully. ”Where are our token adorable lovebirds at?” he asked, referencing Lou and El, hoping they would arrive soon so he could get some food.


Posted by: ESPERANZA HERNANDEZ Mar 4 2018, 01:04 AM
Twiddling her thumbs, twisting her hair around her finger, rocking back and forth in her chair...she was starting to get second thoughts again. 'Why did I come out?' She thought to herself as she stared into space. 'Was it really just for the good deal on food? Or was their someone I wanted to bump into?'

She wanted to bump into someone, someone special. The plan was to look nice, walk in looking all hot, see this dude either was a group of friends; or by himself. She was going to go up to him, with a smile and say 'eating alone? Mind if I join you?' and it would be an awesome night! Maybe even get a second date. Ren planned on shooting her shot...but hes no where to be seen. It was a bad idea to come.

Just when she was going to get up and head out with her head held high, Pen showed up. This, she did not expect. She really didn't expect him to ask 'Will you be my Valentine?'

Ren was really confused, and more confused when he brought over extra chairs. Who's joining them? If Pen staying, or did he just come over to say hi...and brought over extra chairs for no reason. "I guess..." she said, with a question, a dramatic pause, and a very confused face. Then she decided to just have fun with it "but I think Demi might get jealous." She turned to demi with a smirk.


Posted by: ELIZA KENEDY Mar 21 2018, 02:55 AM
Eliza walked in practically glowing. It was a rare enough thing to have a holiday with Louis himself... but the whole band? This was almost unheard of. Since she knew that they'd have some special time to themselves in front of a platter of sweets tonight, she felt more than content skipping into Puddifoots and laughing lightly as she was hugging Penn from behind as she kissed first Demi's, then Ren's cheeks. "Do the heels work with this, Dem?" she winked and blushed a tiny. The shoes seemed to be an inside joke between them, now. He always eluded to what'd come later with them.

She straightened her white and black dress, pulled her lavender cardigan around her, and took a seat next to Louis and browsed the menu. "Sorry for running behind. I can't believe we could all actually be here today. Best date."


Posted by: PENN LARSEN Mar 25 2018, 09:35 PM
Penn was pleased that the band had agreed to surprise Ren for Valentine's Day. She did seem confused, but in typical fashion she went with the flow. Yes, this was definitely the next person he wanted to make nice with. "Nothing wrong with a bit of jealousy," he replied with a small smile and a squeeze to Demi's thigh from under the table.

His attention danced from Eliza to Louis back to Ren. It should be the "best date", but there was something missing. The empty chair across from Ren sparked an idea. "Ren, I've a honestly sincere question that you should take no offense to," Penn spoke suddenly, interrupting any pleasantries between the band as his eyes scanned the room. "How should I say this -- are you interested in riding a womb broom tonight?"

This was the type of question that ought to require room to object, but Penn was already motioning toward someone behind Ren. Things were escalating.

"Oh em gee, aren't you looking dapper," Penn called out to get Tibby's attention. The guy was headed toward their table only to pass it -- or at least that was his intention -- but Penn threw out a lanky leg as if to block his path. "Tibby I have a very important question for you. Sit, would you please."

He wasn't sure if he'd would oblige him. They weren't close friends, but that didn't have to stop him from playing celebrity matchmaker.

Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 30 2018, 05:34 PM
Ah, Valentine's Day.

Or, as many would have it- Single Awareness Day. He'd been chatting in circles with some girl online when she abruptly cancelled on him, which opened up his night significantly to whatever Penn had planned for him. Penn was a sweet lad, a tad unconventional and too loud and abrasive when it came to stating opinions, but his heart was always in the right place. The young half-Veela still found himself making his way to this anti-Celebration dressed to the nines, wanting to be prepared for whatever came his way. It was always unpredictable with the Ravenclaw, but at least Liz and Lou would be there- his dear pals who he was used to third wheeling with on many occasions.

"Thank you, Penn," Thiabult looked at the seat where it was apparently marked for him, but started to take his blazer off to reveal a very nice light blue button-up and navy bowtie right at his collar, "I'm afraid what question you've dragged me out here today to ask, but I have a feeling you're going to query me anyway."

He gave each person at the table a kiss on both cheeks, as was customary in his family, before allowing himself to be put on the spot in interrogation.


Posted by: PENN LARSEN May 5 2018, 10:38 AM
Penn would have stopped just about anyone, but he was glad it'd been Tibby. The guy was polite enough not only to take a seat but put up with all the antics Penn had in store. "Do you know Ren? She's single, and in the band." He gestured toward not The Howlers but the entire table, including himself and El in the mix. Penn hadn't said it aloud yet, but they were like a second family to him.

"So my question would you impress her enough to date you?"


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER May 7 2018, 06:46 PM
"I do know Ren," Tibby smiled sweetly, "Hi, I'm Tib. I'm actually a fan, your bass solo in the third released single is fantastic."

Penn's question made his eyes go wide and he was a little surprised at such a question. Well, it was Valentine's Day, but then again, he knew that girls who wanted to be romanced had their own personal preferences. He looked at Ren and finally understood why Penn had invited him to this little get-together, if only he was more prepared to being flowers and chocolate and the whole nine yards. Maybe even the largest teddy bear he could find.

"By not being a jerk, first of all." Tibby chuckled and when a waiter passed by, he mouthed 'Pinot please,' because he really was going to need it if all these direct questions were going to be blasted at him like this, "I don't mean to be cliche- but a nice dinner over candlelight, maybe take her out dancing- if she's into that thing. Maybe to see a concert if she's so inclined," he shrugged as his glass of wine was delivered to him, "What a blind date this is turning out to be, huh?"


Posted by: ESPERANZA HERNANDEZ May 28 2018, 11:29 AM
For a minute, she thought that it would just be Pen. She wouldn't have minded that, she does want to get to know him more. She wanted to feel him out a bit, see if hes a good fit for Demi; and if not...Well Ren is not the type to keep her mouth shut! Pen seems like a good guy though. She was pleasantly surprised when Lou and Liza showed up. She couldn't hide her happiness. It was nice of them to show up. Ren would have had a sad V-day. She was hoping either Fred Weasley, or Scorpious to show up so she can shoot her shot. A girl can dream.

Once Pen caught her attention from drifting off, she gave him her undivided attention. She almost spit out her drink at his question. She was shocked that Pen was so blunt, but the question also funny.

This girl could use some vitamin d in her life. She chuckled "No. I don’t mind at all. Who do you have in mind?" Then Tibby showed up. He doesn't seem like the type of person to sleep around. At first, she thought Tibbs just showed up and decided to join them. Then as Pen and Tibbs were talking, she realized that Tibby was the womb broom.

Ren sat there, elbows on the table, holding her head in both hands as she listen to their conversation. Pen was tossing him questions Ren should be asking him, but oh well. Hes making this a lot easier for her. "Cliche. Nice though. That's something I never experienced before. I would like that!" She gave him a sweet smile. "You do look dapper Tibbs. Like the Bow tie."


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER May 31 2018, 08:28 PM
“Cliché, but it’s a classic.” Thibault winked at her, try not to be a little flirtatious since all this was Penn’s doing and he needed to at least make some sort of effort, “You’ve never been on a traditional date before?” He raised his eyebrows and took a sip of his wine afterwards, “Maybe we’ll have to change that.”

As she paid him a compliment, he pretended to fix the ends of his bow tie and corrected his ever-so-perfect posture with a smile, a teasing smile on his lips. It was probably a funny match up from the outside perspective, an edgy rocker chick and a Veela prince. Someone had to write this into a romantic comedy right now. Even though she didn’t seem his type from the get-go, he was excited about the prospect and sweeping her off her feet- if only for tonight.

“And you look quite lovely. What are you drinking, belle fille?”

He was trying to fill the empty space with conversation, it seemed the two other couples were already invested in their own little romantic worlds. Thibault used to be the king of awkwardness, and there were times when it still definitely showed, but he was clear strides away from the turtle he was in his late teens. Maybe it was the show that was giving him more and more confidence every day- at least he had show business to thank.


Posted by: LOUIS WEASLEY Jun 2 2018, 01:05 AM
It wasn't common for Louis Weasley to be so... silent. Complacent, sure. It was a far shot from his usual go-get-'em attitude, but on rare occasions The Howlers' poster boy was capable of keeping it together. Secrets, however, were another thing, and the moment Lou became privy to the true purpose for today's gathering, he might has well have eaten an angry puffskien. Louis was busting at the seams in trying to keep himself together. It was him who had told the band where Esperanza would likely spend her Valentine's Day, and in the moments leading up to now he could only dream of the possibilities that would unfold with Demi, Eliza, Penn, and the man of the hour, Thibault.

He was still left to dreaming from the second he sat down. It wasn't by choice. Of course he wanted to pay attention to all the chatter going on around him. While most would joke and say he was merely hypnotized by Eliza's choice of dress (which let's be honest, she was constantly knocking him off his feet that way, quite figuratively), the truth in the matter was that he had spotted someone familiar between the lavish decorations of Puddifoot's. A vampire he had met over winter holiday was staring him down like Louis would do to a slice of chocolate cake. He found it funny for a while, but the more the vampire eyed him, the more Louis felt uncomfortable. The veela just couldn't look away, and so a staring contest began and only ended when Tibby spoke.

Unaware that Tibby was talking to Ren and not him or Eliza, Louis replied. "Oh, water! Unless you were wanting a mimosa?" His bright eyes glanced over the table and landed on Eliza. From under the table, he reached across and grabbed her hand.


Posted by: DEMETRIUS SKEETER Jun 8 2018, 02:39 PM
All of a sudden, their group had grown, and Demi happily greeted his friends. While it was good to have the whole band there, Demi knew Penn had something up his sleeve. This was a moment of trust, and he was going to have to trust that Penn knew what he was doing. It helped that it was Tibby. Demi knew who he was, and it seemed like he’d be able to take the shenanigans in stride, so Demi didn’t try to stop anything. He tended to get more quiet as the number of people increased sometimes. As Lou and el were ordering drinks, Demi chimed in. ”I’m game for the mimosa end.” he said with a smile knowing that they railroaded the date drink offer it seemed. He was going to need the vodka for the insanity that was happening.

[[ooc: sorry, meant to post in sooner, so just posting a fluff post to catch him up to the crowd]]


Posted by: PENN LARSEN Jun 10 2018, 07:33 PM
Penn was playing a mighty fine matchmaker, so much so that he gave Demi a cocky smile and let the two lovebirds talk on their own for a bit. Demi was quieter, which tended to be his way in groups of people. Penn chalked it up to him being the yin to his yang, and not once did he consider he might be hijacking the night with his plan. If anything, he was providing entertainment.

And for that, you're welcome.

"Mimosas? Did you not see Puddifoot's list of special concoctions?" Penn shook his head, taking the lead once again. He waved a server over with a tray of tea cups, wisps of glittery pink evaporating off the warm contents within each. Penn ordered six and took the first sip of his to confirm what he knew. His vision now had a hint of pink, and hearts were gravitating around Demi's head like a halo. Penn chuckled.

"Drink up, my sweet buttercups. Bottom of the tea cup has a question to ask your partner, or I suppose the group if it fits." He winked and took another sip.

What Penn had failed to read about the concoctions were that each had a dash of Veritaserum.

If he'd have read it he wouldn't be so eager to play, but since he hadn't Penn was the first to finish. He saw the calligraphy etched in the bottom of the cup and mouthed oh. The shop owner had to have taken a risk hiring some youthful intern for this one. His eyes lifted from the glass to the group. "What turns you on?"


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Jun 12 2018, 11:33 PM
Thibault wanted to pass on the mimosas, he was enjoying his pinot noir too much to mix his palette so quickly with something like champagne, regardless of the "specials" on Madame Puddifoot's Valentine's menu. He took a daringly long sip, bright eyes glancing over at the group, noticing they were all paired up effectively. He was honestly a little scared of what Penn had up his sleeve, because there was always SOMETHING. He watched as the tray of mysterious teacups filled with what seemed to be unicorn diarrhea was set in front of them all. He was tempted to push it away, eyes finally widening. He was mature, he was knowledgeable, he wasn't sure if this was a good idea.

"Penn, if you're drugging all of us, I think we have a right to know," Tibby lifted the cup to his nose and wafted- it smelled like strawberries and vanilla creamer, making it more enticing, "I don't want to wake up naked in the middle of the street... again."

He didn't mean to be a killjoy, but how embarrassing would it be to become delirious on this supposed blind date he was supposed to have with Ren? The young man shrugged at last once he saw everyone else drink from their cups like they were taking shots at the car. His tongue became numb, and he licked his lips, looking at the cup in alarm- it totally wasn't a strawberry short cake milkshake in there like he was led to believe by mere olfactory cues.

"Hot wax." Tibby's hand went to his mouth, flushing a shade of pink.


Posted by: LOUIS WEASLEY Jul 6 2018, 01:16 AM
The purest form of mischief could be seen with a twinkle of the eye as he met Demi's generally happy gaze. He didn't blame him for wanting in. By the end of all of this, Louis was already prepared for hell to break lose the second he and the guitarist were alone with their bassist. There was a sense of camaraderie mixed with playfulness. This, however, he knew might have been a step too far.

It was so fun, though!

He was careful not to meet Esperanza's stare just yet. Louis focused on Penn. His body visibly perked up with keen interest, the veela shook his head. He needn't voice his agreement in trying anything. If anyone knew Louis Weasley, it was this bunch, and they all understood the bottomless pit he was. With the drinks served up, Louis took his all too eagerly and had a sip with everyone else. A glance to Eliza gave way to twinkles appearing in her hair. He made a goofy smile toward her while the conversation continued, not hypnotized enough to be completely ignorant to what was being discussed. The mention of hot wax is what made the blonde turn fully back to everyone else, followed by his own guts spilling out.

"When El takes over... especially when we 'bless' a new location." He had the audacity to make air-quotes for it and all, but as the words slipped out Louis looked more than appalled. He burst out laughing.


Posted by: ELIZA KENEDY Jul 6 2018, 01:52 AM
And so she tried, reluctantly, something other than a mimosa. She was pretty sure that Demi was the only person at the table she'd told about the topics starting to rise at the table, but she wasn't too sure what Louis had shared. As she sipped on her drink, she tried to remember if the band had ever walked in on one of her and Lou's more 'private' moments... though she wondered how they possibly could've missed her surprising him under a Halloween dress.

The tour buses were often a venue likened to Vegas... what happened there should truly stay there. And as Tibby answered the question she smiled in response to his blush. She was mid-fixing her hair when Lou mentioned her taking over. It certainly happened. She took a long drink to hide her blush. And a deep breath punctuated by laughter. Everyone was so beautiful and she felt warm. "Lou in skirts or having to hide quickly." And there was literally nothing that could hide her blush now. She risked her tongue's safety to chug her drink and read aloud, "Worst date ever?" as she climbed onto Louis's lap and kissed him.


Posted by: PENN LARSEN Jul 9 2018, 09:03 PM
"Again, friendly reminder, you were hallucinating. I wouldn't leave you passed out on a street, for Snape's sake." If Penn didn't already have a druggie reputation amongst the group, Tibby just solidified it. "But you did take off your clothes, that is fortunately true." Tibby was the first male he'd ever seen naked, you know, not in a porno. Penn wouldn't have tried anything even if his friend wasn't tripping out. He did, however, steal some glances down south. Impressive.

Thankfully Penn had shared this story (and the size) already with Demi over the course of yet another night smoking. He winked at Demi but brought his attention back to Tibby as he was the first to answer.

Hot wax. Hmm. Unexpected enough to make Penn snort.

With Lou's confession Penn laughed along. The band would be on tour soon, so he could imagine how that would go if he was asked to tag along.

The visual of Louis in a skirt reminded Penn of having sex with Demi for the first time. Penn had asked Demi to keep his skirt on but Demi had said he didn't want their first time to be like that, which you know, was understandable and endearing. But now it was out that El and Lou were both wearing the skirt in their relationship. Also endearing.

These were really good ideas! Penn should wear a skirt and bless Demi in a church and pour baptism candle wax all over his body until they had to hastily hide in a pew.

Penn was glad he didn't have to answer the last question now that El had asked the next question. It didn't take Penn long to think of his worst date. It was almost easier to just get it out of the way and answer first, so he did.

"Feet." Penn stopped and opened his mouth, speechless. So it looked like you had to answer all questions asked. "Knees and toes, knees and toes," he sang in a mumble, a rare show of embarrassment. "Actually I stand by it. Demi has nice feet." He smiled over at him and then remembered he had to answer El's question. "Demi invited me to his apartment a couple months after we'd first met, and he seemed more interested in his roommate than me. I said I had food poisoning and left....thankfully those love potions worked on you, right babe?" He joked.


Posted by: DEMETRIUS SKEETER Jul 10 2018, 11:52 PM
In all the curiosity of the situation they were in, Demi had forgotten all about the themed drinks. He knew the list now that he thought about it, and as the drinks came to the table...Demi realized the drink. So this was going to be that kind of group date. He could enjoy himself as long as this was the group. He hadn't ever really played games like this in groups he was this familiar with. He was usually newer to a group, kind of like Tibby, but as their old stories came up Demi remembered that the guy wasn't as new to the group as he was just newer to Demi and probably Ren. He saw Penn's wink, and smiled to hopefully show he remembered, and it didn't bother him.

The first question came out, and Demi thought about what he would say as he listened to the others admit theirs. He began to imagine how interestingly some of them could be mixed together for an interestingly long night. He laughed when the dresses were brought up "Those were the best costume ideas." he said, laughing as he looked over to Ren and back to Lou imagining those old dresses as he sipped his drink and let the effects roll through him.

Before Penn got to answer, the next question was asked, and he was thinking about how to get that answer out of him, but then he spouted out with it. It didn't seem intentional, the way he went into singing, but he eventually owned up to it. "I'm glad you like them." Demi responded seductively as he rubbed Penn's leg with one of his feet. He didn't understand how someone could like feet, but to each their own. Thinking back to the questions as Penn quickly moved on, Demi thought that maybe they had to all answer the question before moving on to the next. He wanted to test it himself, so he thought about what he would say to the first he went to answer the second question first, he proved himself right when he said "I'd probably say a tie between either my neck, or confidence." yeah, this was going to be a fun night.

While Demi was about to answer the next question, Penn beat him to it. If they hadn't talked about the situation thoroughly, he might have felt worse about it. Now the hardest thing was realizing that he was also Penn's worst date ever. He didn't know what to think, but he kept it together and laughed when Penn joked about love potions. "Are you sure you weren't the one who was drinking the potions?" he quipped back. "It's been a fun road, but certainly worth it." he added, realizing how much had truly happened in such a short period of time. "My worst date was this girl who only liked me because I was a musician. She couldn't hold a conversation, and when she lost interest in talking, she just tried to make out, but she was so bad at kissing. Like kissing a St Bernard with a vacuum attachment." he shuddered at the memory, waiting to ask his question until he heard more answers.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Jul 16 2018, 08:01 PM
Thiabault couldn't help but mischievously smile at Louis' answer, he himself couldn't fathom having sex in public. He was a very traditional lad, wanting to set up his bed in his studio apartment and wanting to light candles, sprinkling rose petals, doing all of that romantic thematics for even a one night stand: that was just how he rolled. As he watched Liz slip into Lou's lap, he contemplated what on earth he could share regarding 'the worst date ever,' considering he had some pretty heinous ones in his arsenal. The young half-Veela tended to date a lot, but in the end of it all, he was helplessly picky when it came to pursuing an actual relationship he wanted in the long term. Chalk it up to being intimidated and scared of commitment, but it was Valentine's Day after all, and all strong weren't attached, at least for tonight.

"My worst date was actually with a guy who happened to be obsessed with me at Eastwick, I didn't know where I was on the Kinsey scale so I figured I'd give him a chance. He didn't really allow me any time to ask any questions about me, it seemed like they were more intent on pulling every single bit of info about me that they could get and things got awkward. He kissed me at the end of the date- and it wasn't very nice at all, so I can relate the St. Bernard story pretty well, Dem." Thibault bit his lip and cringed, remembering the event itself.


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