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Is it ok to be a vampire and not be broody?

Bryce could feel the fangs pierce his neck. His blood oozed out of the wound and onto the shirt he had just bought. The hand covering his mouth prevented him from screaming, but he was too tired to fight anyway. Bryce could see the bodies of his friends sprawled across the floor as if they were trash. Their eyes stared at nothing, their skin was a pale chalky white. Bryce knew he would soon be dead as well. He was fading away with each passing second.

He could hear faint talking in the background, but his hazy mind prevented him from comprehending what they were saying. All he could hear were bits and pieces of a conversation that meant little to him.

Pain from the wound hit him a moment later. Bryce longed for the sweet escape unconsciousness could provide, but it refused to come. Fate wanted him to suffer a slow death.

Suddenly, a voice cut through his frantic thoughts like a sharp knife. "The Aurors are coming. These blood bags have served their purpose already."

The male voice was loud and angry. His tone left little room for argument. The fangs retracted, and it felt like a large weight was lifted off his shoulders. The pain subsided some, but the threat of death was still very real.

"Aww, but I was having fun with this one. He's a cutie." The voice that replied back was a female. She sounded like a pouting child.

"We leave, now!"

"Fine, whatever. Let me leave my cutie a little present first." Bryce's mouth was forced open and a sour tasting liquid ran down his throat. He only had enough time to manage a gurgled scream before his neck was snapped. It was then that darkness finally engulfed him.

How did he get to this point? What was his life like before everything changed?

Bryce was born to two pureblood elitists who thought their shit didn't stink. Despite their many flaws, Bryce still loved them dearly. His mother, Jacqueline, always doted on him as if he was a gift to humanity. Enoch Calloway wanted to groom his son into the future head of the Calloway family. He was never absent in his parenting duties, but he wasn't exactly caring either. Enoch decided to be aloof towards his son until Bryce could prove himself to be worth his father's full attention.

Bryce was taught by a private instructor until he turned eleven. Magic was the focal point of discussion in the Calloway manor. Bryce was told it was a "blessing" to be descended from a long line of witches and wizards. He was above the no-maj scum. Unfortunately for his extremely strict and stuck up parents, Bryce was a free spirit. He wasn't disgusted by the no-majs, in fact, he was fascinated by them and their technology. One his nicer maids would bring him magazines and no-maj books in secret. When he went off to school he fully planned to learn more about them.

His parents threw an extravagant party for his eleventh birthday. Every influential family in America was there, even the MACUSA President himself. Bryce knew it was more for receiving his Ilvermorny letter than anything else. His parents bragged about their son and how he would be the brightest student at the school. How he would become an amazing Quodpot player like his great-grandfather Kristopher Calloway III. His parents liked to ignore the fact that one of the Illvermorny founders was a no-maj.

When Bryce finally attended Ilvermorny he didn't become the brightest student or bother with Quodpot. His grades were average, and he preferred to hang out with his fellow Horned Serpent friends Darrien, Pollux, and Ricardo over playing sports.

As Bryce grew older he became more of a disappointment in the eyes of his parents. His relationship with them grew especially strained when his mother gave birth to his little sister, Tessa, in his fourth year. By the time he turned seventeen he was living on his own and barely spoke to his parents except on holidays.

The final nail in the coffin came when he started dating a no-maj born. At that point, Enoch and Jacqueline would rather say they didn't have a son than to admit his girlfriend came from non-magical parents.

By the time he turned 30 years old everything was going great. His girlfriend was now his fiance, he had a good job as a journalist for The Ghostly Report newspaper, and even had a decent amount of dragots saved up. Bryce was sure nothing could go wrong. He didn't know how wrong he was.

It was supposed to be the party to top all parties. Bryce purchased a brand new outfit for the occasion and went with his fiance, Eva, and his three best friends from school. They were still dancing when the vampires broke into the mansion. They blocked off the exits and started killing immediately. Bryce watched in horror as Darrien, Pollux, and Ricardo had their necks practically cut open by a hoard of vampires. Eva was ripped from his arms, and the female vampire sunk her fangs deep into his neck....

Bryce woke up with a start inside of St Christine's Hospital for Magical Afflictions. The healer calmed him down and handed him the best drink he'd ever tasted. She informed him that he was now a vampire, and the drink in his hand was blood.

He was forced to pick up the pieces from there. Bryce quit his job and kept to the shadows of Chicago. He only recently began traveling and trying to understand the drastic change in his life. He now works as a manager at Spellbucks. It wasn't the most fabulous job, but it was something to keep him busy until he figured out what to do next. Even though the bloodlust was a constant struggle Bryce refused to let it get the best of him. He was a Calloway after all, and that had to count for something.
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