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Wearing my Slytherin green today in honor of the innocent fallen. #blessed

BLOOD: Pureblood
OCCUPATION: Quidditch pro, beater
ALUM: Slytherin
SEXUALITY: Straight, and he's known for getting around
ABILITY: Dream manipulation, a genetic ability that's run in his family for generations. He uses this ability often.
ALLEGIANCE: Purium, always has, always will

WELL-CONNECTED - He knows all the right people. If you were a nobody in school or not from a pureblood family, then who the fuck are you.
ENTREPRENEURIAL - Galleons are nice, but any perceived opportunity to gain power will be acted upon through legal or illegal means.
SEXUAL - To put it simply, he's in a stage in his life where he can get a lot of sex, so why commit?
BRASH and NARCISSISTIC - He's arrogant, tactless and reckless. He usually goes with his gut without thinking, and if he does have some elaborate plan, it's often devised through irrational thinking.

SCIENCE FICTION - This guy actually reads. I thought that was worth pointing out.
COOKING - He learned at an early age how to cook and sees this as a gender-neutral hobby. He'll cook for you, but he'll expect something in return.
BEING IN CONTROL - Sorry to you kinky ladies out there, but this is less of dom/sub deal than you'd like to think. It's about not losing power or being perceived as weak. Growing up he's always been pretty cocky, but not everyone is going to like a guy who acts like a douchebag. Ridicule doesn't really roll off his back like it should. He often gets angry and tries to retain control of his self-inflated image.
He likes being in control over others, too, though it's mainly those directly connected to him, like his family. His family is an extension of him, and he cares deeply about the preservation of the Larsen name.
QUIDDITCH - He's a starter and is one of the more recognized faces in professional quidditch. While he is talented, he's known more for his aggressive, retaliative behavior on the pitch that often gets him carded out or suspended for a game.
HIS PUREBLOOD LINEAGE - His father was a recognized writer and illustrator of children's books which catered to pureblood families. Reid is very proud to stand behind the beliefs his father had, particularly that the power of magic has faded over time due to the integration of muggles. When Reid was 15, his dad mysteriously died. Reid blames the Ministry for not doing a proper investigation into the death, and he suspects to this day that a pro-integration group had something to do with it.

HIS LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM/INTELLIGENCE - It's something he's aware of and is trying to work on. While he's certainly street smart, he's never spoken intelligently. It's a trait people rag on him.
BEING DISRESPECTED - Because he's always right, it's hard not to view any kind of disagreement as an attack against him personally. And let me tell you, he'll punish you if you disrespect him. He's not one to carry a grudge, but he's quick to anger and he'll make you feel it .
JOCK STEREOTYPE - At school he was known for being more well-rounded, but now he has this pro-quidditch stereotype attached to him that seems to undermine other traits he'd rather be known for. On the downlow, he's considering a political position.
PRO-INTEGRATION - He's from a purist family, and he believes that with every generation, magic is losing its power. This was a belief his father believed in strongly and Reid will continue to promulgate. He believes there is a solution, but like global warming, it's hard to get people on board to fix issues that aren't seemingly bad now. If only people could reproduce within their own blood ranks!

FATHER - Ansel Larsen, children's fiction writer of pureblood propaganda, deceased. Reid was always envious of brother Penn for being his father's favorite.
MOTHER - Linda Larsen, retired Daily Prophet political cartoonist. She worships the ground Reid walks on, but Reid's only a momma's boy when he needs something
BROTHER - Penn, who is four years younger and hasn't placed importance on purist values like Reid has. Reid took over his father's role at his passing, but Penn seems to go out of his way to go against him.
SISTER - Paige, who is five years younger and someone he's been very protective of. He expects her to marry a pureblood and as gone so far as making a list of potential suitors.


Reid is the eldest child of a Daily Prophet political cartoonist and a popular writer of wizarding stories for children. He was raised and homeschooled in a sheltered purist home along with his younger brother Penn and his younger sister Paige.

Reid was quick to be popular, becoming Slytherin's star beater in his third year. He also fared well with the girls but never stayed with one too long. In his fourth year he discovered that he could enter people's dreams. With his father's help, Reid was able to control this dream manipulation ability. It took no time at all for Reid to use it maliciously on other people. Any frustrations he couldn't release on the pitch were handled through violent dreams. Reid took pleasure in seeing classmates losing sleep out of fear.

In his fifth year. his father died. This was tragic. Reid believed that a pro-integration group was responsible for his father's death. Alone in his convictions, Reid struggled to return to normalcy. He could tell he was unleashing his anger on others, but he also didn't really give a shit about who he was hurting. Perhaps the most prominent victim of his wrath was his own brother, Penn, who was having a "boyfriend" and basically giving a fuck you to their family's lineage.

Fortunately, Reid was able to focus his energy into quidditch. Quidditch was his salvation and excuse to rough up someone in the name of sports. Out of graduation he'd considered a career as an auror, but several teams had reached out to him. Influenced by the fame, Reid signed onto a team and has been doing that for the past few years.

In the back of his mind, he's been considering a move into politics. He's stubborn about his opinions, and he's feeling like purebloods are being marginalized.
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