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From as far back as Enzo could remember, he'd been told he was different. As a tiny tot he'd shown signs of not being like the other little children that ran about his neighborhood...he was by every definition of the word, special. Just how special though had taken his parents by surprise. They were modest people and lived a middle class life. Cherishing the small things and raising Enzo to be kind and thoughtful of others no matter their station in life. His mother was a seamstress and born in France but had moved to London for better work and pay. His father was a writer from London and freely traveled without a care until he'd met her.

On his second birthday, that normal life was turned upside down or rather his mothers cookie sheet was. His mother had been shocked to her core that day as she watched baby Enzo float the cookie sheet and turn it over, it's contents landing on the floor in front of him. She'd frantically called for her husband, frozen an unable to move and when he came in with a puzzled expression she could only point to Enzo. He looked over to his son and saw him now levitating a cookie and eating it with a proud look and chocolate all over his tiny face. His father fought back a chuckle and his mother eyed him as if he were mad. It was then that he'd explained to her that he'd suspected Enzo was magical. She laughed and told him she'd make him an appointment with their doctor all while scooping Enzo up off the floor and placing him on her hip as to protect him from the tiny treats he'd wanted.

His father assured her that nothing was wrong and asked if she'd remembered a conversation about magical kind they had many years back. That his family line had it but they had married non magical people and in doing so the magic had been filtered out. Her eyes frowned and then shock came over her, she'd thought he was joking. "I'm pregnant....again..." She had blurted out, not really sure why now was the time but it happened. It was after this day that things would never be the same. Little Enzo was a wizard and after worrying about him and what that meant, his mother was finally on the same page as his father. She'd watched him sleep in his bed awhile after and dedicated each moment after to learning more about wizard kind and what it meant to be a Muggleborn. She had rubbed her stomach and done the same.

When he was of age he boarded the Hogwarts Express and bid farewell to his parents and his brother, who was two years shy of being ready to go himself. He was excited to see what all he was going to learn and all the children there who were just like him. He'd sort of struggled at home were he'd pretended to be normal and hid his magic. He hadn't wanted to and his parents did either but it was in the large set of rules the Ministry of Magic had sent out directly after Enzo first signs of magic. He'd always wondered how they had known but couldn't answer it. Now though he'd had bigger things on his mind. Walking up to the sorting hat and having it placed on his head made him nervous. Enzo hoped he wouldn't have to sit there long and be embarrassed if the hat told him there was no magic or there wasn't enough to place him. His fears where soothed however with it yelled out "Ravenclaw!" Cheers had erupted from the hall as he'd hoped down and ran to the table of his new housemates.

During his years there he was studious and always strives to get the best grades to prove he did belong there. He'd made a lot of close friends, most of them played Quidditch but he had no desire to do that. He was an acceptable flyer but he preferred to keep his feet on the ground. Still his Hogwarts years were some of his best and he turned out to be a very gifted wizard. During his third year his parents moved and he started school at Koldovstoretz. The people were different, a little harsher but it didn't take him long to get into the flow of things. Enzo had been a little outspoken but friendly enough to secure his own little group of misfits.

It was during this time that Enzo got caught up in his teens and became a bit disruptive and rough around the edges. Detention was a normal setting for him or the hospital wing if something got out of hand. His parents just wrote it as growing pains of a teenage boy trying to find where he fit in. A lot of the time he felt somewhat alone, being a Muggleborn wasn't easy and he was mocked and teased for it. Enzo dished the insults back as well as he could take them. He stood up for his brother and even taught him how to duel if it ever came down to it. Along with a few muggle fighting techniques to knock them off their guard. He learned from an early age that some people were going to make life difficult for the pair of them.

After finishing his years at Koldovstoretz he continued his studies at Eastwick. It was here that he found what he was truly passionate about, acting. Eastwick offered more then just the normal classes, it really helped shape and mold him into the man he is today. He again made friends and started off on the journey of open calls and late night study sessions to keep up with it all. From the age of 18 Enzo dived head first into the art department and found himself in every acting class that he could. He took up a job as a shop boy in Diagon Alley to help cover the costs. Whenever he had a free moment he found himself rehearsing lines for an audition and heading to another.

He'd gotten his first role as "Worried boy #3" in Once Upon A Muggle, he'd had a grand total of two lines and pointed in the direction of where the bad guy had scampered off to. From there he'd gotten a few more acting jobs and did a few commercials and pilots for shows but nothing really took off. He still had his shop job and was living in a tiny apartment with a friend who was also trying to make it. Living off the wages at the shop had been a struggle, one that Enzo kept from his parents. He wanted to be able to stand on his own and make them proud of him. They wouldn't be too proud to see his living quarters but he knew it was only a matter of time. Enzo thanked chance for being on his side one rainy Tuesday afternoon. He'd been late getting to work only to run past an advertisement of new shows that were looking for fresh talent.

It wasn't until up Which Witch Studios had an open casting call for The Walking Inferi that things really started to take off. He had gone in to try out for one of the less important characters and ended up really impressing the casting director. They wanted him to read for the lead, something that excited him and made him a bit nervous but he knew he had to take this chance. Weeks went by and he'd gone through about five more rounds of reading with the other casted actors. He was worried he wouldn't get the part, worried his newly hired agent would drop him and he'd be back at square one. After another week that seemed to last forever, he got the call he'd been waiting for along with the the role of a lifetime, Joren Cowrick.

Reception for the show was bigger than anyone could have expected and it shot the unknown actors into stardom. Suddenly his whole world changed and he was the talk of Hollywood. Flashing lights and millions of questions being leveled his way, they all wanted to know who Enzo Martel was and what he had to offer. Where fame went so did the rumors of him dating this and that celebrity and even a few of his co-stars. Enzo just laughed them off, always trying to keep his personal life somewhat private from the wolves. He had his fair share of lovers but nothing really came out it.

In some circles though, his blood still matters and he knows that. He's been denied parts due to him being a Muggleborn. They had done everything but come out and say it for legal reasons. Enzo could always tell by the stale expressions on their faces at auditions. Enzo has had more than one public argument with people that are suspected Puriums. Regardless of this he still uses his influence to rally for the equality of others. Still no matter the loss he had to pull himself back up. He had an important audition for The Lord of the Wizards coming up and he had to keep his head in the game.
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