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Act 1, Scene 1

Keeping their bloodline clean and immaculate was important for both the Dante's and Luenta's. Since their kids were born, there was no question they are going to marry them to each other. Foan Dante and Bernard Luenta grew up really close together, mainly for this purpose.

When the day came, and they left Ilvermorny, they got engaged. This arranged marriage was one that turned out very pleasantly on the long run, everybody was happy with it, starting from the parents, through husband and wife, straight down to their children.

Act 1, Scene 2

When they graduated, Foan and Bernard looked like they were still about 12 years old. Veela age slower, and they got the best of that, being in a clean bloodline for centuries. Of course, half of the wizarding world looked down on them, considering the fact that at that time, Veela were treated closer to fantastic beasts than equal humans. They were not at home in the muggle world, nor in the wizarding, with so many regulations and judgemental looks - of course only, if they weren’t too close to be under their natural magic.

The fact that Foan was ready to have her first child, made everything worse in the eyes of the public - if she mentioned this to anybody outside her family, they all called her crazy. When her parents also said they were too young to start a family at the age of 18, she turned into a harpy. Her temper and will was always really strong, so she decided to have kids much later, in that case. They will regret not letting them have what they wanted.

Act 1, Scene 3

Bernard has never been in love with Foan. What they shared is what it was, an arranged marriage, and a friendship. He, on the other hand, was one to worship female beauty at it's finest. First, he had many affairs during the years Foan was traveling all around the world, taking her mind off of having children; later, he came out about it. He was a true hedonist, having countless lovers at the same time. He always made sure they knew that they cannot expect anything more from him, as he had no intention of breaking up what he shared with Foan. That was a nice and respectful picture for the world.

For years and years, even their parents had no knowledge of what was going on between their children. He was a perfect chameleon and could keep his affairs out of sight without any issue.

Act 2, Scene 1

Marcus was born into a united family. There were no loud words said, only peace, as his mother hugged him tight. When he came into this world, Foan truly regretted listening to others, and not having him years earlier, when she originally wanted. Her revengeful nature's act also backfired, as she waited and waited extra long times to finally be a mother. As soon as she held her child, she knew she won't wait long for the next one to come - but what is not long in a Veela's life? She was truly in age by then, being close to celebrating a century on earth.

As little Marc grew bigger and bigger, he noticed that the family atmosphere was very different from his first experiences. His mother became distant from his father, and there was a woman living with them in their mansion. Surely other families didn't look like that.

Act 2, Scene 2

When Corinna was born on June 26, 2008, there was an illusion of the family reunited. By the time she was walking and talking, she was richer with a second stepmother too, who was young enough to be called a sister with a massive age gap.

Once Cory started talking, she started singing. As her father said, her voice was to drown the toughest sailor’s ship. They were sitting on a goldmine, and as soon as it was acceptable by the world, they started getting the money out. Her managers were her mom and dad.

Act 2, Scene 3

As her parents were so thirsty, they wanted Corinna to be known outside the wizarding world too. Not like money was ever an issue for the family, they have always been rich.

She always had the face and voice of an angel, so it was inevitable for her to be noticed both in the muggle and wizarding world very fast. She started acting in shows, playing in theatre pieces, Broadway musicals, and eventually, she became a singer too.

Act 2, Scene 4

In the beginning, it was hard for Cory to keep up her alter-ego, but she got used to living a dual life.
She was keeping her career in front of her eyes, handling it as the highest priority. As she wasn't only enchanting and talented, but also devoted, and a Veela, it was easy for her to win people over. She loved the crowd and admiration, and fame was something she was born into, natural and simple like breathing, that everyone's body does automatically.

She found her call at a very early age, as she started playing the piano. Musical instruments took her to a whole different place, where she could be herself, and express everything she wanted to. After piano, flute came, and then guitar, cello, drum, violin, oboe, trumpet, contrabass, harp.

Act 3, Scene 1

Cory was half homeschooled, but as the parents took pride in being "modern", they were firm about her being at school at times too. So she went to Ilvermorny, as they were originally from Florida, and after a long long time waiting for her fate, she was sorted into Horned Serpent.

Her schoolmates all knew who she was, and that made her very consciously aware. She was very nice, even outgoing, loved keeping people around her, but she never let her guard down - she was more likely playing a role. Some people, of course, could get through her fences, as always - nobody is able to survive school alone.

Act 3, Scene 2

It was clear after her first year, that there has been a mistake. How could she end up on Horned Serpent, when she was no good in any subject, but Charms? She also wasn’t necessarily a bookworm, although as she had a muggle alter-ego who was also world-known, she had to get her studies done there, too. She was overwhelmed and stressed most of the times, but got used to it, and managed to at least slip through above the line.

Once it came to charming instruments, she was in her true element. She was a genius in that field and learned everything really fast.

Act 3, Scene 3

Most of her life was all about expectations from her parents and from her fans. She was always really nice to the people who loved her and her art, and went out of her way to make them happy, even if otherwise, she kept a lot to herself.

She had to be a good networker too, as she learned that’s at least half of her fame - connections. She had some publicity-relationships, but as she grew older, she wanted to experience real things too, even if her career didn’t get anything out of those affairs. They were usually very short-lived, as they all turned out with her having to choose between a boyfriend and her career.

Act 3, Scene 4

Once she graduated Ilvermorny and her muggle school too, she felt a new found freedom she never even knew of before. She didn’t want to go to any university, she just wanted to finally open up to the world, and give her all, having lived 20 years in a bubble of responsibilities and expectations, she had a lot to show and share.
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