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Further on up the road, when you're all alone and blue... You're gonna ask me to take you back baby, but I'll have somebody new.

-----------------------------------7 deadly sins----------------------------------

7. sloth
In the armed forces, laziness is the most supreme of sins. Every pound one of us chooses not to carry, every mile elected not to run, became a burden to the entirety of an entire unit. Sins and misgivings were ricocheted tenfold. The unit I was in had zero tolerance for slackers and never allowed anyone to pawn their work off on anyone else.

I guess that policy carried on to the rest of my life. It was my children that taught me the different ways effort can be displayed, certainly not my own eyes. Those were behind lenses that always drove forward into more and more work. But my son and daughter did things differently. Their own pace, methods, and timing did not mirror my own but the fruits that resulted were at least as bright and beautiful.

I spent days off with them and instead of volunteering, working out, or applying for more opportunities... we learned new games. Their bright spirits allowed me to do two new things, slow down and lose. In fact, I started having more fun taking breaks than I did playing. Chores were missed, sure. But they eventually got done with a bit of bribery.


6. envy
My wife left me for a younger man on that wiztianmingle.com. We were married a decade (together much longer) and our children have already grown, but I still envy the man she sleeps with. His body is what I strived for my own to be. But when I left the forces, my work became more sedentary for a time. I climbed my way through the auror's ranks at the Ministry.

It was interesting, learning all I could from those that came before me. The rules weren't the same and for a while (before children) I spent a bit less time at home. I envied the time my wife got to explore the world and her own friendships. It was temporary and maybe I was immature, but I needed her understanding and I guess she couldn't always be there. Our needs started changing but for a little while at least, we were able to work through it.

I guess I'm guilty too of shutting people out with occlumency, making it easier to keep safe but harder to understand me. I could have let that leak into our marital problems. But he played the same things with a better body. We all get knocked down sometimes.


5. gluttony
I was an adult before I began playing with fires of many kinds, drinking and food being the main vices for me at first. My beer choices got a bit pricier and almost became a hobby unto themselves. Before that could become too much of an issue though, this awesome kid I worked with brought me what I though was probably a cigarette. I'm still not sure what it was, but it made me eat like there was no tomorrow.

Anyways, sometimes I still smoke with the kids. I'm not working anymore and my whole family has kind of come to know aht about me. There's little to no use in hiding these indiscretions. It is nothing more than simple indulgence in exchange for work well done.


4. wrath
She took the baby book. She took the entire record of my daughter's first year, including the letters we sent each other while I was away at work for all the years thereafter. There were parts of my life that I would have done anything to be home, but my jobs allowed instead for the safety of innocent life. Other families, through my work, were able to stay together.

So I had to make sacrifices. And the one person I was supposed to be able to trust supremely betrayed me right there. How do I know that there weren't other online one night standers raising my children? The thought disgusts me still, despite me lashing out. I couldn't find the book and I reacted the only way I could think to.

I donated all of her shoes. All of them. The woman cared for those things the way that some would care about pets. But her responsibility was low in buying them. They were likely from sweat shops and damaging both lives and the economy. Or mass produced along with everything else in this technology driven world. At least those things contributed to someone's well being. My children's faces and love stopped this bout of tantrum before it went further.


3. greed
I guess I'm a little high maintenance in regards to how I decorate my home. I am very conscious of the nations and organizations that contribute to my environment. Everything must be fair trade and whenever possible I avoid mass production. But with that being said, I want a lot of the finer things.

I'm not necessarily proud of the fact that I've traded with friends to have the better or more thing. And when the pieces are too similar, I've modified or exchanged to have unique pieces. It's amazing the people one talks to when they have such a hobby.


2. pride
I think I might have at some point maybe had issues with pride. Or life complications caused by it. I think that part of the reason I wasn't able to climb into a leadership role at many of my jobs was the inability to ask for help or consider proper delegation. It wasn't that I delegated to no one at all. I did, except I approached all things from a team perspective. This was very bad for morale, as people were less apt to feel they had a role in successes.

Now, 'retired' as I should be, my issue is that if technology is not directly related to weaponry and marksmanship I have... no need to ask for help. Except I'm starting to love this technology, both the muggle and wizarding varieties. And it breaks a lot. Sometimes I can't even get my phone to turn on after I run those stupid updates. I think they may actually be slowing my phone down by the time I figure them out.

I can call and text, though.


1. lust
Isn't this more than anyone wants to know? I like bodies. I like people. I like the face that one can be gentle and stroke my face or back or thigh one minute, then bear my child or carry the wounded the next. I'm attracted to resiliency. Muscles and scars and multiple colors. Men and woman are different kinds of strong.

And every lust, attraction, and relationship is different and sacred and beautiful. I did not taste another's chapstick until the divorce was made final. Though I was attracted to many my eyes only found their home when resting on one soul. I had to redirect my desire to the fantasies and whims that could be found on shelves.

When I was finally given freedom, I ran so headlong into other things and denied that part of myself for so long. Let's just say... that first vacation had me forgetting my age in entirety.
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