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August 17, 2003
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Did you know that back in 1926, ancient wands were excavated at an archaeological dig site in Boise, Idaho? The more you know! ;)

“Mommy?” The little girl in tiny space buns stopped in her tracks and tugged on her mother’s dress. “Where’s Daddy? Is he coming with us to Eggland?” Vada asked with wide eyes as they darted around the large airport. She tugged and pulled her child-sized suitcase where her favorite toys and plush T-Rex named Jasmine was packed close to her feet.

“It’s England, not Eggland.” The woman said with a small amused smile, before kneeling down before her daughter. “No sweetie, your Daddy won’t be coming with us.”

Without missing a beat, the girl dramatically sighed and rolled her head back. “Is it because Daddy did the bad thing?”

While it was sad, the woman couldn’t help but chuckle and kiss her round head. “Yeah… But you could always call him on the phone once we get to our new house, you can tell him about the puppy we’re adopting, your new toys, and how yellow the walls in your room is.”

“Okay, Mommy. Whatever you say, we don’t deserve a cheater. Cheaters are bad.”

The woman tried her best not to laugh at her comment. “Vada… Honey, he’s still your Daddy you know. You know he still loves you no matter what, and we’re moving because of my work, not him.”

“I know, but he made you cry. So Daddy is a meanie.”

“I love you, silly girl.”


England was incredibly different from California. Instead of palm trees and blazing sunlight, it was really tall leafy trees and cloudy days. Shorts and flip-flops were not daily attire, and uniforms are a thing, an evil itchy thing. England was alright though, everyone sound quite smart with their accents, and there were a lot of cool museums. Now for the first few years, young Vada had to adjust, and the puppy helped.

She did make friends, but she also got suspended from school for getting into fights with other kids for slander. The little girl was full of energy and often came home looking like a mess with dirt on her cheeks, scraped knees, and leaf and twigs sticking out of her hair from pretending to be Indiana Jones or whatever her imagination picked up. Her mother tried to put her into after-school tutoring to bore her into obedience, and she even tried bribery, fully knowing how much of a nerd her daughter was becoming with comic books, museums, aquariums, and intergalactic dramas, but it didn’t work as planned until she signed her up for boxing to blow off some steam.

When Vada was five, her mother got pregnant and gave birth to her little brother. He was loud, and she thought she could be even louder but her mother begged her not to challenge the red-faced stinker. It was difficult to like him, but she had to and she learned to love him. Her mother’s boyfriend on the other hand, well… She wasn’t sure she liked him, therefore she didn’t. He was nice though, and he could do magic tricks, so she learned to like him too. Especially since her mother liked him a lot, ice cream was promised, and they eventually got married. Her mother’s boyfriend became her new dad… dy…? Just dad is fine.

Vada was just an ordinary human girl, up until she was nine years old and she accidentally blew a bubble so big she trapped her four year old brother in it and he floated up into the ceiling in the bubble along with the dog, the guinea pig, and the fishbowl. He was being such a brat, he was screaming, and running around like a maniac she had to distract him somehow and she really didn’t expect that. Luckily their dad came to the rescue, he pulled out this stick out of nowhere and saved the day? It turned out that those magic tricks weren’t really tricks, magic is real, she was a witch, her stepdad was a wizard, but her parents were both muggles or no majs. It was the coolest thing to ever after happen to her but after a full day of wrapping her head around the fact and the headache she had. She had so many questions, she even revisited the question of if Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy were real because apparently mermaids and unicorns were. It honestly sounded like a whole lotta bunk.

At the age of eleven, she was sent off to boarding school. Well no, a magic school. It was called Hogwarts, it was at a castle. It was basically boarding school until she got there, and it was pure magic. This head smelling hat that talked and sang told her she was going to be in the Red and Gold Lion house club team, Gryffindor. She wasn’t invested in school at first, it was going to be the whole process of adjusting to a new part of her life again. It meant she had to find and make new friends because her friends were normal human people. Boxing was not a club at Hogwarts, and there were cats walking around willy-nilly. She couldn’t bring her dog, and she wasn’t about that life. Cats were mean, evil, and terrifying and they could smell fear no matter how fast she took U-turn outta there. Plus, it really didn’t help when people found out that she was scared of cats because all she wanted to do was fight them all.

This tiny awkward looking Asian girl child just wanted to be home with her family and friends, she felt so lonely and her comic books didn’t help how she felt until the possibility of possibilities sunk in. Trouble followed whenever Vada asked anything that started with, “So you’re saying I can…” or “So I shouldn’t do…” and the infamous, “Wait, what?!”. Her eyes lit up in History of Magic, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, so on and so forth. She wanted to learn everything because she wanted to know everything, and also to tell her mother and brother all about her adventures. She would wonder if she could find artifacts in the Forbidden Forest, and when she watched her first Quidditch game and saw the Beaters fly through the sky with their bats and smack the bludger then knock the other team off of their brooms there was a wicked grin, a malicious twinkle in her eyes, and a determination in her heart to be on the team.

Immediately after Hogwarts, the young woman attended Eastwick University for four years, until graduation. She went to the Ministry of Magic to work as a Cursebreaker, but couldn’t stand having an office job. From there she worked for Gringotts to bring back riches and artifacts from far off lands, but it didn’t feel right to her. She admired Indiana Jones, but she wanted to go on adventures and learn about the wonders of the world not profit from it. It took some time but Vada then and finally became an archaeologist of both the magic and nonmagical world, since she noticed many artifacts, mythos, achievements, and points in history of both sides in many different early civilizations would overlap with one another. She is living her dream now traveling and operating in areas of ancient magical importance in the world.
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