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On a summer day a set of twins were born, where Mark Anthony Preston was born a few minutes ahead of his sister, thus making him the eldest of the two. With all the love he has for his mother, why she would name her only son after a famous Roman general and possibly also after a well known no maj singer.

He was born into an old wizardry family who have resided in New Orleans for many generations. They are wealthy family and fairly well known amongst the wizardry and no maj in New Orleans. He also comes from werewolf bloodline that dates back a few generations to this day he is still working out the extent of his werewolf heritage. While it is not a bloodline, but family instead, is the werewolf pack. Mark happens to be next line, alongside his sister, to lead the pack after his mother, who currently is the beta of the werewolf pack in New Orleans.

Mark’s first few years of his life he spent living with his mother’s side of the family, exploring the big house and the vast land they owned. In 2006, ‘the treaty of the forest creatures’ was created which changed Mark’s life completely. Mark had two homes, the family home and La Lune Noire, the werewolf settlement located in the Bayou. The added bonus for Mark was he got to explore the marshes of the Bayou to his heart’s content and since he was one of those creatures who have a home here nothing would ever frighten him.

In his late childhood Mark showed signs of magic. It was a sign that meant he was a wizard and so at 11 years of age he had forged a new home for the next several years. When he first went to Ilvermorny, what impressed him the most was the forest surrounding the school instead of the school itself. Mark was sorted in Thunderbirds, alongside his sister, which was good as at first it was just the two of them until they began to form friendships with the other students, some of his friends were also his sister’s friends but he did have other friends separate from the group he is in with his sister.

Mark since his teenage until the present has always been the hard-working type, always doing his best in everything and not letting anything go that quickly without reaching the end. So with all his subjects he got very good marks and was one of the top students of his year. Socially he was a friendly person and had an open door, making it easy for his friends to approach him and need someone to listen to. He, however, has accepted not everyone will actually be friendly in return and is not shy about actually showing a serious side. When he got serious and mixes his anger with it, it flares up his werewolf tendency, which is why he was trained to control at a young age.

During his fourth year Mark befriends a fellow student from his year, Fallon Anderson, who he discovered was also from New Orleans. They quickly became friends that year and surprisingly he liked her company as he found out they had a lot of common interest. Opposite always attracts and so while she was fiery one and constantly getting into fights, Mark always was the one to calm her down. Unknown to him though that year was how deep their friendship would become.

His first experiences with death and tragedy came that December in 2016. December was meant to be a time of festivities and joy with loved ones. Unfortunately for Mark that was not the case, as he was smacked down in the middle of the fight between the werewolves and vampires, while he was not part of the fight initially – helping the younger pack members to safety while the adults fought and attending to the wounded – his mother, as beta of the pack was critically wounded that day, but she survives and has made almost a full recovery to this date. The summer before his 5th year Mark was truly saddened that Fallon had left to go Hogwarts; he would not be able to see her for few years. He did, however, keep in contact with her over the next few years. The bright side to it was she told him she had become a werewolf and it was good to finally have a friend who was also like him.

When finally graduated with top marks from Ilvermorny, the next step in Mark’s education was to attend Eastwick, and finally be with Fallon again, since he loves photography so much he wanted to peruse that as a professional career. He studied for a few years in what is required to qualify as a professional photographer. His long-term goal was to take photographs for books and magazines, articles and newspaper, personal photographs for people to hang in their own homes, even post pictures on Wishtagram and what no maj call Instagram.

During this time he became best friends with Fallon, their friendship was like an open book towards each other, she told him everything that was going on with her and he told her as well what was going on him. The most important was being a werewolf, but he still keeps the fact he’s part of the pack a secret, not sure how she would react to the idea. He developed feelings for but for a long time, he kept that a secret as she was interested in someone else who he regards as completely toxic for her. Mark simply distracted himself with other females and males, as he was interested in both, but deep inside he liked Fallon more then he’d admit too. One very drunk night, however, led to the confession of his feelings towards and in a surprise twist, she did like him back. Following that intimate night, everything became awkward between them and he hasn’t really seen Fallon properly in over 3 years.

In the present, following his move back to New Orleans 3 years ago, Mark permanently lives there for he believes there is no place like home. He divides his time between family, friends, werewolf pack and work which he currently owns his photography freelance business and occasionally will travel if work permits.
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