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june 2, 2001
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(tw: mentions of death, eating disorders)

as the youngest of three siblings and the only girl, it shouldn't come as a surprise that thea has been daddy's little princess from day one.

(though her birth certificate states that she is, in fact, theodora ileana avery, she's never once introduced herself as anything other than thea.)

all three avery kids were treated to the same early childhood common in most old, pureblooded, traditional families - expensive tutors from the moment they could talk, playmates of similar lineage to run around the manor with, freedom to discover their magic inside the safety of the remote and magically-enshrouded grounds. it wasn't just safe, it was also a barrier, a sort of bubble that kept them far removed from the non-magical world; they knew muggles existed, somewhere, to be scorned and dismissed as less, if not outright despised - but in their own, separate world, whether in their manor in england or their second estate in sicily, they hardly spared it a thought.

it had to have changed for her brothers when they went to hogwarts, as they were expected to uphold the avery family name in every way, including its distinctly purist agenda (which, to them, wasn't really an agenda but simply the way things were). thea didn't exactly understand the particulars, still years from receiving the letter herself and now the only child in a place that suddenly seemed much too big for her, but she did understand that there was a particular weight resting on their shoulders - as heirs, the family's eyes were on her brothers, assessing, expecting, and it was evident in the elaborate feasts thrown for them whenever they were home for the holidays, the subsequent questioning about their friends, their classes, their grades. while their father still got thea whatever toy or book she so much as mentioned and sometimes ruffled her hair and told her she was "going to be a fine young witch one day", the heaviness of thaddeus' proud hand on a brother's shoulder or invitations to his study for important, man-to-men conversations were all things she couldn't be a part of. she was to stay home, sit and hold her head high and smile like a "fine young witch", but not much else.

up until then thea had been a quiet girl, too quiet, even, for her designated playmates' liking and for that often a source of childish ridicule; shy thea, hiding in the library whenever they visited another family's estate, boring thea, turning down invitations to play tag in the gardens because "it was too muddy", small, awkward, cute but not exactly pretty. no particularly high expectations from that one, not like her brothers. feeling left out for the first time, it was then that thea began to understand that for people to see her and respect her, she couldn't be quiet - she would have to be worthy of note.

when thea finally sat on the low stool in front of the whole of hogwarts and had the sorting hat placed upon her head, she already had a plan. "ah, you're a slytherin, alright," it told her, and she very politely and very firmly disagreed, the long silence perhaps causing some confusion among the first years, and minutes later she left the stool a ravenclaw. at 11 years old, thea knew she didn't want the kind of power, the kind of status, her brothers had. she wanted more, infinitely more, and for that kind of budding ruthless drive to get her where she wanted, she couldn't have anything in her way - including what she'd learned was a yet unchanged suspicion towards slytherins.

during her time at hogwarts, the only thing thea avery could be suspected of was losing sleep to her studies. she was a star student, a favorite of the staff, a responsible and dependable young girl who, as she grew up herself, was seen by the younger students as a kind face and a helping hand - who better to be assigned the role of prefect? though she wasn't hard on her classmates - she maintained order but turned a blind eye to harmless pranks when necessary, took tea with her professors but complained about the amount of homework to her friends enough to not be considered a teacher's pet. thea was nothing if not big on balance. she excelled in her classes but always had time to help others study; she was popular among the ravenclaws but made sure to reach out to other houses as well; she was well liked, well mannered, but never condescending, never turned her influence against another student.

and oh, influence was something thea had in abundance. she began as an active member of most of the clubs at hogwarts, with time proving herself to be the natural choice as their leader, and as prefect she'd eventually been appointed head girl - the only activity thea took part in without inserting herself into the highest ranking was ravenclaw's quidditch team, where, no matter how hard she'd tried, she simply didn't have the passion and physical aptitude to stand out. it was also the only activity she quit after only a year, when she finally concluded that her involvement in it was pointless if she was never going to make the role of captain.

that's the thing about thea. there wasn't a single choice she'd made during her hogwarts career, no class she'd taken, no friendship she'd nurtured, no single step she'd made without a purpose. everything was planned ahead, carefully calculated, assessed for her particular needs. she was only nice to everyone to help support her harmless image, necessary to clean up the proverbial mess of a reputation her brothers had left for their family name. she was only friendly with her professors because it later showed in her grades - thea worked for those high marks harder and longer than anyone had to know, so much so that every single point mattered, the energy to spend sleepless nights poring over the course material dredged up from a place within her that sometimes simply couldn't provide. at some point she grew accustomed to sleeping three, maybe four hours a night, a habit that's remained since.

her clothes, her hobbies, her mannerisms, her friends - nothing remained a coincidence. when she laughed at a joke, it was usually practiced. if she wanted something, she subtly manipulated her circumstances and environment to get it - no means to an end was beneath her, as long as she were subtle about it. her ulterior motives weren't sinister as much as simply self serving.

exerting such control, such attention to detail in all aspects of her life, coupled with issues of self esteem that shadowed her from her childhood, thea developed a rather complicated relationship with food. the severity of it ebbed and flowed along with the year's workload, sometimes better, sometimes decidedly not, peaking around her OWLs and NEWTs. she was too busy to properly deal with it, then, only keeping it under wraps long enough to graduate with none the wiser.

her parents, so pleased with their youngest daughter's progress over the years they scarcely even remembered she'd broken the family tradition of getting sorted to slytherin, were already convinced by that point that thea would be a valuable asset to the family, and so she'd achieved that goal - but there were still many more to come, and privately, she knew those goals wouldn't necessarily coincide with theirs.

soon after the family packed up and moved back to italy, thea bid farewell to the beaches of palermo and settled down in milan instead, where, after four years, she earned both a degree in magi-political economy from the region's equivalent of eastwick and a better hold on her health (physical and mental). thea felt she'd proven herself enough already to be able to somewhat relax and enjoy her studies, something she hadn't been able to do before milan, which meant significantly less stress on her body and mind. seeing a mind healer on a regular basis helped, too. she was still just as calculated with her peers, making sure to cement connections that would benefit her in the future and obsessed with her own advancement, but she was also freer than she'd ever been before.

truly discovering her independence, thea was reluctant to go back to her family's estate in palermo even after getting her degree. instead she frequented the floo lines that connected the two cities - it allowed her to take her place in her father's growing empire, the italian branch of the purium, while carving out her own path in milan. thaddeus put her education and natural talent with numbers to good use as the organization's bookkeeper, a position that meant thea signed off on every single deal and transaction, masterminded the laundering of millions of galleons to fund their cause, and as everything came down to money one way or another, kept the whole operation running without so much as a hiccup.

thea didn't even know her brother was a part of an operation in sardinia when she received news of his death. she arrived in palermo just in time for leo's funeral, still in a state of shocked disbelief, a sort of trance that she remained in for the better part of a year, because - she'd been so envious of her brothers, once, thought of them as these larger-than-life, invincible beings - and it seemed so stupid all of a sudden, a petty, childish grudge she'd actually held onto until leo's death. for a time, the entire organization ground into a halt, with her barely managing to focus on keeping the books clean and her parents too consumed with grief to have room for anything else. for months it was back to struggling with her diet again - a snatch at control, probably - and long, sleepless nights. the only way thea managed to pull herself out of those dark few months in her life was by forcing herself to focus on her goals again, and in a way, it helped that her father's way of dealing with the grief was pursue his agenda even more ruthlessly than before. it kept her busy, too.

with years of experience under her belt by now, thea maintains that she doesn't have to agree with the cause to love her job. there's no question about purist propaganda shaping her worldview as far back as she can remember herself - and in more ways than she's actually aware of - but her harmlessly (in her mind) prejudiced thinking is nothing as extreme as the purium's manifesto. truthfully, she couldn't care less about whatever coup the purium is planning to regain the control they believe to have lost over the magical world, especially as she blames its operations for her brother's death. purity of blood just doesn't matter to her as much as advancing up the ladder does, and being in her unique position in the organization, thea's gotten quite the taste for power without the dirty work that usually comes with it. thaddeus lets her do her job long-distance, usually - a testament to the trust she's earned - and she's so far removed from the front lines that she sometimes forgets the things she's helping the common soldiers do.

it's not her only position of power, either. while any connections thea has to the purium, let alone her work for it, are a very well-kept secret, her place in the wizarding community of milan is the exact opposite. as chairwoman of a non profit that provides budding artists with the space and resources needed to get their creativity flowing and has funded many local galleries and museums in the past several years, she's known as a patron of the arts, famous for both her generosity and her uniquely luxurious lifestyle. she's particularly proud of it because being allowed by her parents to have that, to have anything outside of her role in the purium, is proof that with slow, subtle manipulation, she could get away with pretty much anything.

thea wasn't planning on coming back to england, not with her comfortable place in italy, until a friend in the british ministry came actoss leo's name in classified ministry records. fearful of what that hope might do to her if proven false, she left to follow the leads right away without breathing a word of it to anyone in the family. she's in the uk now, to see if it could be true - if her brother could really still be alive.
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