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Gabrielle never talked to Victor before her sister's wedding, sure he was Triwizard champion like her sister was and Seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team but she never cared about such titles, she cared more about the personality. During the wedding, they both started talking to each other and she found herself liking him. He seemed to be unaffected by her charm, which was a plus for her because she hated when people chose to talk to her because they felt the need to. From that moment on, they started to talk to each other more frequently.

Gabrielle chose to move to Bulgaria to be with him when she was of age and they married. They didn't care about the age difference, for them, it didn't even matter.

A year after, they welcomed their first and only child, Raina Krum. She was born on June 22, 2007. The happiest year of their lives. Since she was little they showered her with love and attention. When she was old enough, Victor's ambition won and he came out of the retirement to compete in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup which they won. Raina was with her mother that day supporting her father. She clapped her little hands when she heard that they won. She was happy for her father, who told her all about Quidditch and taught her how to fly when he wasn't busy. Totally daddy's little girl.

She went to Durmstrang when she turned 11. Through her mother wanted to move back to France because she missed her family and she thought it would be nice for her daughter to change the scenery and schools. When Raina finished her third year at Durmastrang, that same summer they moved to France which upset her. Raina was sad to leave her friends behind but she knew they would keep in touch with each other throughout the years.

Beauxbatons Academy was so different from Durmstrang that Raina had to get used to the new school for some time. It didn't take her long to make friends with other students, though she still missed her old school.

Family get-togethers were fun. Considering Raina being an only child, she tried to make up for that by attempting to tease and annoy her cousins sometimes. A happy child that loves her family to death. As she got older, she felt more like an outsider to her cousins. She couldn't help it but feel that way. Raina didn't go to Hogwarts like them and didn't spend much time with her cousins, only seeing them on holidays. Even then, Raina would sometimes tell her parents that she already planned to spend her holidays with her friends, just to avoid seeing everybody on her mother's side being all happy and cheery.

Maybe that was the reason Raina wanted to become a model, so she wouldn't feel so alone. Surrounded by people that admire you and wanted to be like you seemed like a good idea. It wasn't the only reason though. Modeling gave her opportunity to travel, see places, meet new people, visit her friends and family. It didn't always work out the way she wanted it to but traveling gave her an opportunity to vlog about her adventures.

While doing modeling, she realized that it was not what she was dreaming about. It didn't feel right to her. Only then she realized that it was Quidditch, what she meant to be doing. After a talk with her father on the summer holiday, he contacted a few of his old friends and they helped her out a bit. Even as a child, she was a great seeker. She usually joined her father on the field and after their practice, Rai would join in and would play with them. They would teach her many tips and tricks. Being in the air was her destiny. Being the daughter of her father, she would make him more proud and join a team. While it was her dream to once play for Bulgarian team when she was still living in Bulgaria, now it seems she will be a new seeker for the Quiberon Quafflepunchers. She had been training and preparing for a few months non stop.
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