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it was a private joke for those anywhere near the know that the dahans were quietly populating a good chunk of israel; what with their familial quirk of having both their sons and their daughters retain the dahan name even after marriage, and the family's propensity to give birth to six or seven sets of cousins at a time, it was a wonder that they haven't done so already. it was such that seraphina dahan, the first and only child of david and sara dahan, had never truly felt alone growing up. she frequently wished she could - or at least, she would quietly admit it at every opportunity - but it simply had never been an option. there were cousins dogging her every step, or else beating her to them - whenever one of their batch of cousins (the set of cousins, that was to say, all born in the year 2000) learned to crawl, or toddle along in their semi-ancestral home, or else messily scratch out their alphabet, the others were instantly there to both congratulate and promise to do better. to beat whoever the reigning champion was, in whatever they happened to be competing in at the time.

it would have been easy for any of the six cousins of her batch to slip into the shadows, what with the whole lot of them fighting for whatever inch of the spotlight they could manage, but for seraphina dahan it simply wasn't meant to be. she was only three years of age when she was photographed by a passing muggle journalist, who had seen two girls sitting quietly on a bench at a public park and had seen an opportunity ripe for the taking. as one of the girls was very clearly wearing a star of david around her neck, and the other girl had a hijab rather messily wrapped around her hair, and the two girls had between them a pudding they were sharing, the journalist was not proven incorrect. the picture had sparked international attention and fresh demands for negotiations for peace, and both girls were made the new faces of a conflict that they - each being only three and four years of age, and each more interested in the pudding they'd found left behind on the bench than each other - could not even begin to understand.

seraphina would later go on to fail to understand how and why her mother managed to make such a big deal out of the incident, even going so far as to dedicate an entire three paragraphs about it in the weekly family newsletter. it was her father, a dahan by marriage instead of by name, who had gone even further and contacted every modeling agency in the region, both magical and muggle. that part, at least, she could understand - and even that, only as she grew older and more comfortable with the art of dressing in clothes she wasn't allowed to keep and spending hours at a time staring blankly at cameras both muggle and magical. it wasn't in her nature to protest overmuch about things she wasn't capable of changing, and so while her cousins spent most of their time building sandcastles or playing 'merfish and sailors' or touch-quidditch, she spent most of hers with photographers and interviewers and fellow models and - on one memorable, never to be repeated occasion - the cast of the israeli hit show the muggle and the witch.

in all honesty, it was always a relief for her to pack her bags and leave for mahoutokoro, where her own mother - and most of her aunts and uncles, and the generations before them - had completed her magical education. doing so was the only act of rebellion her mother had allowed - nay, even encouraged. it was a nod to the fact that the dahans had moved to israel from malaysia so many generations ago, which had made the mahoutokoro institute in japan the closest available magical educational center. when the time came for seph to choose her own school, most of the dahan cousins had chosen to pursue their magical education at ilvermorny or beauxbatons. that fact proved more motivation than anything else for her to agree with her mother's decision; the temptation of moving to a place where no one knew of her or her relatives was impossible to reject.

and sure enough, without any of the attention that her name usually came with, her years of schooling passed by uneventfully enough, despite a few detentions awarded and suffered for occasional bouts of doodling in class, or else missing class entirely in favor of finishing up whatever sculpture or painting project she'd happened to be inspired for. it was within the jade halls of mahoutokoro, too, that seraphina first learned of the art of occulumens - had first became inflamed with the idea of having that much control over herself, over her privacy. her mind, after all, was her last refuge - at times, it felt like her sole refuge. the knowledge that there existed a people - legilimens - who could strip her mind's defenses pushed her ever harder; pushed her into hours of extra sessions with a professor who'd herself mastered the art of occlumency, pushed her into borrowing heavy tomes on the subject to study during her school breaks, pushed her into spending even more hours outside of class when she had simply lost track of time.

despite these common misdemeanors seraphina enjoyed her lessons, even graduating in pale gold robes that indicated that she'd achieved above average grades in all her subjects. it was expected of her, then, to turn her sights on perhaps an auror internship, or even an entrance into the hitwizards program - for what other reason would a student so fiercely dedicate her life to self-protection? still, it was to the dahan name that she had to return to after graduation. it made for an odd, even uncomfortable change - after spending most of her winter breaks in malaysia or california, seraphina found the attention draining her in a way it never had before.

after all - before she'd left for mahoutokoro, she was just a pretty face with just enough fame attached to make her worth her paycheck; as a recent graduate with nothing but time on her hands, too many tabloids questioned whether or not she'd finally begin her downwards spiral into familiar child-star issues of alcoholism and sexual depravity, and too many modelling agencies came swooping in to be the first to claim this new and improved version of the child they had once known. she was more than a playful smile and quiet words, this new seraphina dahan - she had learned the art of saying no, of picking and choosing her projects as she saw fit. she had ignored a half-year's worth of requests for interviews to instead make a big splash on the social events calendar with the opening of her first art show; following that event with an affordable clothing line she herself had designed, and a jewelry collection that was not 'affordable' by any stretch of the word.

success followed success, and seraphina was only twenty two when she created the straw that broke the camel's back: holding an art auction where she sold nothing but blank canvasses. critics called her works 'inspired', citing old masters and bending over backwards to explain exactly how fresh and exciting they found the entire farce. seraphina herself had spent the evening near-blackout drunk in her studio, taking a fresh swig of firewhiskey each time her absence was described by uninspired millionaires with too much time on their hands and art enthusiasts alike as 'a powerful statement on the futility of life'. a statement of the futility of art was what it felt like, what it was intended to be; having proven to herself and her family that her art wasn't meant to be taken seriously - wasn't being taken seriously by anyone, regardless of how everyone clamored to sing her praises - seraphina finally accepted the proposal extended by her childhood friend, sanjay haynes, and moved with his family to london.

never mind that she was only allowed to make the move to the british isles so she could grew accustomed to her fiance, a man selected by several generations - and branches - of the dahan family as being the next perfect step for her to take in her all too perfect life. it had been another relief to learn that the man in question was gay. they had moved into a shared apartment with minimal fuss - provided one ignored seraphina's reaction to his small army of cats, and said army's to her - and seraphina had quietly settled into her new life of relative artistic freedom.

seraphina dahan, soon to be haynes - socialite and artistic recluse. there was a bit of a contradiction there, but she had so hoped she could make it work. she had extensively fortified her mind to make it work - but occlumency had no effect on the tongues of reporters, or that of socialites with little better to do than speak of those who'd rather not be spoken of. five years later sees seph almost giving up on the idea - the invitations to social events and modelling offers still overfloweth, her galleries were packed and her own store - a tiny space offering up blatantly overpriced clothing, makeup, jewellery, and art pieces that she herself had crafted or designed - was the most poorly kept secret in all of hipster britain. but as sanjay had said more than a few times, at least she wasn't resorting to selling blank canvasses or empty pedestals as blatant acts of self-sabotage. yet.
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