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Ollie Jay was always an odd sort of child that no one could really explain. As a child, he was well known for having a happy and positive attitude, making him pretty popular with strangers. People enjoyed him, but the more they got to know him, the more they understood his unusual interests and bizarre way of looking at the world. His legal name is Oliver Wood, Jr., but he wanted to be his own person, not a clone of his father. Thus, from a young age, he took to introducing himself as "Ollie Jay" and loved how playful and unique it sounded.

He was one of the first in his family to embrace Mi-Fi and was always trying to learn new things on his Wizdroid, which he begged for for months and wouldn't stop begging until he got it.

The Wizdroid that Ollie Jay was attached to was a source of concern for many, including his father. It seemed that after being exposed to the Wizdroid for a little while, he would start saying odd things as soon as people walked in the room, like "Da, you look quite blue today" or "You seem very disorganized. Are all your chakras aligned?" And the typical response was, "You're 9, how do you even know what chakras are?" His dad probably would've taken the droid away if he hadn't started talking about the people he saw on the field in Puddlemere United. Ollie Jay would point and say, "Why is he the captain, Da? She's much more of a leader." And Oliver would say, "How d'you know that, Ollie?" And Ollie Jay would reply, "Well it's in the way she carries herself. Very cool and confident, but level-headed and concerned for others. Very red, do you see that?" No...because Puddlemere United's robes are blue.

There was quite a bit of doubt as to where the Sorting Hat would finally place Ollie Jay when he entered the Great Hall. His twin sister went first, probably because she was the oldest. His mother had speculated that he might be a Ravenclaw, given his unusual interests; they celebrated the eccentrics in Ravenclaw. It was very shocking for Ollie Jay when the Sorting Hat placed him in Gryffindor. In his early years at Hogwarts, he found that he got along very well with the Ravenclaws. His Housemates would often find him very weird, but the Ravenclaws adored him. They always wanted to know what new things he stumbled upon. To them, he was especially in tune to people's emotions and body language. He didn't always know how people felt exactly, but he had some idea of when someone needed to be left alone or when they needed someone to talk to.

Ollie Jay would never become what anyone would call "a true Gryffindor." He did hold his relationships in high regard and was loyal to anyone who was loyal to him, but his primary orientation was towards weird interests and peculiar things. Many times he'd fall behind in school, which prompted owls to be sent home asking his parents to reorient him towards schoolwork. He complied with their wishes, but somehow he always ended up falling back towards his distractions (read: vices): instead of reading the class textbooks, he preferred spending his time reading books from the library about ghosts and occult phenomena. And when the library wouldn't lend them to him, he'd buy them over Mi-Fi. No one, even Ollie Jay himself, is quite sure why he held such a proclivity towards weird things, but it may have been a simple reaction to his family's obsession with brooms and Quidditch. He found the sport to be rather mundane and boring -- but ghosts? Auras? Special forcefields? Things the eyes can't see? That was where the cool things were.

In his fourth year, Ollie Jay's grades got better and he impressed his teachers with his surprising knowledge. He didn't spend a lot of time studying, but he did well because he was a good learner; he knew how he learned best, which made his time spent on coursework a lot more productive. As an analytical thinker, he studied from afar the ways other students would do their work; some of them would study so hard that they'd end up in Hospital Wing, and he knew there had to be better ways. So he figured out what ways worked best for him, and when he did that, he was able to spend less but more meaningful time on his work.

When Ollie Jay finished his fourth year, his Head of House took a chance on him and recommended him for a Prefect position. It turned out to have very positive impacts on the student body. He was less of a rule-pusher and more of a morale-booster. He had seen the way other students "governed" in their positions as Prefect and Head Student and found that pushing the rules too hard would discourage people, so he took a care-oriented approach. People trusted him and relied on him, and the more they did, the Gryffindors who had once shunned him and made fun of him for being weird ended up appreciating his strong heart. He was allocentric; he stood up for people when nobody else would. To them, he was still a weirdo, but that's what they came to love about him.

When he graduated from Hogwarts, Ollie Jay became an intern in the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries. Rather than surround himself with mundane phenomena like brooms, he had a much stronger interest in all weird things -- especially what made people "tick" and why. That was what drove him towards becoming an Unspeakable; he was fascinated by what he had heard about the Department and wanted to research those very intimate aspects of the human condition. In truth, it was actually a personal quest; he wanted to know why some people were considered "weird" and others were considered "normal."

During his spare time, Ollie Jay spent a lot of time on WizTube. He started out by making very simple tutorials that would help people in their studies at Hogwarts, and gradually, his methods became widely appreciated. He wasn't incredibly popular, but a lot of young people enjoyed learning from him because he would actually respond to learners' needs; he would talk to them and ask them why some things were harder or easier for them. And from there, he would make tutorials and study guides that would help students based on their personalities and learning preferences. When he was 21, he was considered for a Golden Quill Award for his unique and innovative way to communicate and reach out to young people who had lost faith in traditional academics. He didn't win the Quill, but it garnered him very positive recognition. When asked about him, a lot of people who had read about him and other old classmates would say "still a weirdo, but a good weirdo." He's hardly what you'd call a celebrity and doesn't make money from WizTube, but a fair amount of people have probably heard his name mentioned.

The work of an Unspeakable was both interesting and challenging, but in all honesty, it wasn't always satisfying for him. As a result, he decided to apply to Eastwick's Aurology program. When he finally got accepted, he left his job in the Department of Mysteries. After graduating with a degree in Aurology, he now works as an Aurologist full time studying both the "before and after" in sites where magical activity has taken place or will take place. His eccentricities come out all the time in his one-on-one interactions with people. Naturally, the first thing he does when he sees someone is almost always to start picking invisible things off of their person and say, "Ooh, your aura is so messy. Are all your chakras aligned?"

Still a weirdo, but you had to love him.
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