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Sep 6 2017, 11:33 PM

soooo, these are kaori's inner circle from school. most of them would be in the same year, though being one year above or below is just as great. they're each other's ride or die, but with the death of kaori's fiancé they've all scattered across the globe and some have even lost touch. feel free to change their face claims, whatever - they can even be existing characters, tbh!

pretty much the only non-negotiable name on here, grace is kaori's best friend. they were friends since day one, have been with each other through it all, etc. and was meant to be maid of honour at kaori's wedding. after jason (kaori's fiancé) died, however, kaori ran away from everyone and that hurt grace the most, and they haven't spoken in years. fc pictured is alexander shipp, but feel free to change it!


the logical one

anna was the one in their group to discover boys first, then drinking, and so on. she's super wild and comes off inconsiderate but she does care in a very nonchalant way. she and kaori would have been pretty testy to each other early on in their friendship, but she was also the first person to call her after jason died and still tries to text her about it ever since. fc shown is christian serratos, but again, your pick!


the wild one

michael was jason's best friend and was also hit by his loss. he and kaori would have been close and hell and would have grieved together before she ran. he used to get in trouble for setting fire to things in school, and is really funny and makes a living out of it somehow. fc shown is alexander rybak.


the joker

does anyone remember how devon became part of the group? no? well, there's probably a reason. he's a purium supporter - something he keeps well hidden from his friends - and no one in the group seems to know much about him anyway. he and kaori would probably keep in touch after everything and might be the only one that knows she's back in the country because contacts. fc shown is richard madden


the shady one

probably a year or two older than the rest of the gang, aislinn probably took care of them during owl exams and beyond. she's the one most of them would choose to cry on, and was pretty much shattered herself after jason died. also headcanon that she is not straight and was the one to help kaori figure it out. fc shown is janelle monáe.


the parent

this person dated someone in the group, probably anna or michael, and the group liked them so much that even after the split they just stuck around. though they joined the group last, it is ironically them that keeps them from falling apart. now, they're the one to try and put the gang back together after all these years. why? no one knows. fc shown is myoui mina.


the ex

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