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 Lovers & Friends
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Aug 23 2017, 07:02 PM

The site needs more males, so i have some ideas

Drama Wanted
23 - 25 - Male - OCCUPATION - Jack Falahee Best Friend / Lover / Complicated Drama #1 for Fallon. Fallon is not a talkative person. She is also very selective of who she associates herself with; so opening up to this guy is very big. He knows about her childhood, where she lived, who her parents are, her being a werewolf, everything. Fallon is an open book to him.

They have been friends since Hogwarts, and their bond grew stronger in Eastwick. He always had her back, and Fallon had his. He calms her down when she gets angry, hes her shoulder to cry on.

What makes things complicated, is that they both like each other more then friends. They are very open with each other, but there's still things they keep to themselves. (He is also bisexual. How he feels about that is up to you.)

There was one drunk night where they told each other how they feel, and things got a little intimate. Now they don't know what to say to each other. Also, hes going to find out that Fallon is a stripper.

I see him as a dapper person, calm, with a sharp tongue.

23 - 26 - Male - OCCUPATION - Cykeem White, Jacob Anderson Ex Best Friend / Ex Lover Drama #2! The one that stole her heart and shattered it. They meet Fal's first year at Eastwick. When Fal was trying to be more open, and friendly towards people. New school, new people, new life. Leave the past behind! This was another person she opened up to. She was not as open as she was with her other best friend, but open enough. He understood her depression, having dealt with it himself. Knowing that made Fallon feel less like a freak.

There was just something about him that attracted her. Maybe it was his smile, taste in music, his style, or his swagger. Maybe its because he understood her childhood. Maybe it was all of it. The way he made her feel when she was in his arms. The way he twirled her hair around his finger. I dont know, but he captured her heart.

In her mind, they were in a relationship. Always had dinner together, hung out, spent the night...but he had a girlfriend; an official girlfriend. A girlfriend he decided to Marry; but recently got divorced. Now he wants to talk to Fallon. Hes the type of guy that needs to be in a relationship.

I see him as a very extroverted man, romantic, and a bit wild.

20+ - Males & Females - OCCUPATION - FC For already made characters. This is just for Fans, lovers, friends, Esperanza's male drinking buddies. Fans of "The Howlers", big tippers for Fallon, etc

Maybe some people from Fallons pack in New Orleans. People to cause some drama in their lives. People to cause mayhem with.

F**K Boyz get Money!
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