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I'm a Weasley and I'm PROUD of that!

Molly was born on June the Seventeenth in the year 2003 as the eldest daughter to Percy and Audrey (nee MacDougal) Weasley, granddaughter to Molly and Arthur Weasley, niece to Harry and Ginny Potter, Ron and Hermione Weasley, George and Angelina Weasley, and Bill and Fleur Weasley. She is also family to Bram and Xantha Weasley and Allard and Claudette Weasley through her grandfather, Arthur. When Molly was born, she joined the family as the seventh child in the next generation of Weasley/Potters, and she was very much loved and relished in that love with her entire (and crazy) family.

As she grew up, she found herself close to most of her family, though oddly enough, her closest family member (other than her grandparents!) was her elder cousin, Marianne, daughter to Bram and Xantha, grandchild of her grandfather’s eldest brother, Billius. Mari was only three years older than Molly herself, which helped the girls to be able to find things that they had in common. It didn’t hurt that the pair looked very similar with bright red hair, bright coloured eyes and freckles. But then, MOST of the Weasley family was blessed with the shocking red Weasley hair, and that was something that Molly took a lot of pride in.

Molly loves learning, from the time she was a wee toddler on all through school, but it wasn’t just the books that she loved, she also loved hearing all the family stories, including hearing about how her father had not behaved so well towards his family for a little while, and Molly vows to make sure that never happens again. She does this by becoming extremely close to Grandfather Arthur and Grandmother Molly (her namesake) and spends a lot of time with them, listening to them, learning all about how her grandfather Arthur loved all things Muggle, and Molly as well, fell in love with that sort of stuff, spending all the time she could with her grandparents at The Burrow. Molly loved EVERYTHING about the Burrow, and she knows that she always would.

When Molly was five years old, her baby sister, Lucy was born, and Molly, being the friendly and loving young girl that she was, doted on her and did everything she could to protect her baby sister just as she did with her cousins whenever she could.

Molly is aware as she grows up, that her family is special, famous, and though she loves it, she also finds that she sometimes hates it too if it puts her out in front of people she doesn’t know so well. All in all, she’s an incredibly kind, brave, curious, easily exciteable, friendly, loyal, adventurous, funny, smart young lady who can be outgoing, full of desire and a yearning to learn and be the best she could be. In other words, as she grows up, she sees a bit of each of her family members inside of her, and as she grows up, she wonders what house she’d make when she got her letter to Hogwarts.

When her letter came on her eleventh birthday, Molly found herself feeling so many emotions all at the same time and she wasn’t sure how to deal with the idea of having to be away from her grandparents and the rest of her family for months at a time. She hadn't been away from her grandparents for more than a few days at a time, and she didn't like that, so months away from them she wasn't sure she could handle so well. But Molly wasn’t really given a choice in the matter.

Her parents and grandparents took her to Hogsmeade to get her school supplies and she clung deeply to her grandparents, one of her hands in each of theirs. Her grandmother kept telling her that it would be okay, but each stop they made, made her even more nervous. Well, up until getting to get her pet. Molly remembered all of the choices bouncing about in front of her and she couldn’t decide which pet to get between the owl and the kitten.
In the end, she decided on a tiny Bengal Kitten whom she named, Tiger, and he was the light of her life other than her family, a huge cuddler and all in all a little love. He fit into her life just perfectly, and as they went around getting the rest of her supplies, he was curled up in her arms as she stood and walked between her grandparents as they walked over to Ollivanders Wand Shop. Inside the small and dusty shop, little Tiger seemed scared and her grandmother took the scared kitten from her arms and gave her a small push towards the man behind the counter, telling her that it was okay. In the end, the wand that chose her was 11” made of Cypress Wood with a Phoenix Feather Core, and to her excitement, it looked like a miniature broom! And with her wand in one hand, her kitten in the other, they moved to get the next set of supplies. Once all of her supplies were purchased, a very tired Molly went back to the Burrow with her family to celebrate, though the eleven year old fell asleep in her grandfather’s favourite chair, little Tiger curled up in her lap, her wand in her hand.

The rest of the summer seemed to fly by, with Molly spending as much time as she could at the Burrow with her family and at Mari’s house, trying to beg her cousin to tell her all about school.

September 1st rolled around and the whole family was at Kings Cross with her and the other cousins, and Mari led her on the train alongside her, each of them pulling their trunks and holding their pets in hand as they walked. The train ride was both long and short to her, and she spent it with Mari and her friends. And though she stayed quiet, curling into the corner between her cousin and the window, watching everything pass her by as they talked around her.

Molly arrived at Hogsmeade Station with all the other students new and old, and she followed behind her older cousins, though more specifically, Marianne, who was pretty much Molly’s best friend other than her grandparents, Arthur and Molly, her namesake. When she was pushed towards the boats instead of the carriages with her cousins, Molly nearly started to cry, but she held her head high and took in a deep breath. She kept telling herself that she was a Weasley, and she was strong, brave, she could do this. She could do anything she put her mind to.

She and the other first years were put on the boats and when it started to move she nearly fell off of it in the first lurch of the boats in the Black Lake. She caught herself though, but that wasn’t before some of the other kids all started to laugh at her. One of them had even called her a wet blanket, and she sat there in the boat, her head held high, ignoring them as best she could, with one thing on her mind and one thing only. Getting to the castle, getting to be with Mari.

They arrived and still she couldn’t be with her older cousin. They were told to wait in some small waiting area, in which the first years from her boat were telling the others all about how she nearly fell in and Molly held her head up high even as more than half the room was now laughing at her. She remembered telling herself that what they thought didn’t matter, she knew who she was, and she had her family, and they loved her and that was all she needed. And as they were brought into the Great Hall, Molly’s eyes widened and her smile nearly fell to the floor beneath her as she saw the floating candles and heard the excitement all around her. They were all led to the front, and she saw the Sorting Hat! Her eyes glittered as she sought out Mari in the crowd of blue. Their eyes met and though Molly knew that Mari couldn’t hear her, she mouthed ‘I want to be with you, in Ravenclaw!’

They started calling first years up by name and Molly waited such a long time for them to get all the way to Weasley, and as soon as her name was called, she quickly moved up to the stool, tripping over her now untied shoestring and landing nearly face first into the stool she was meant to sit on. This caused more laughter, but she again ignored it and let them put the Sorting Hat on her head. It instantly shouted out, “GRYFFINDOR!”

She was full of so many emotions all at once, happy for being sorted into the house of her grandparents and most of her Aunts and Uncles, sad for not being in Ravenclaw with Mari, excited for being chosen at all, and many other emotions that the eleven year old wasn’t even sure she understood. She joined the Gryffindor Table and ate the feast, glancing up at her cousins every so often, until the meal was over, announcements given and she followed the other first years and their prefect up to her new home in the Gryffindor Tower.

One day, Molly found herself in the midst of some unwanted attention from some older students, and even some of the other first years that had been laughing at her since the boat. That was how she met Ainsley Foster. Ainsley stopped to help her, seemingly unable to just pass her by and leave Molly defenseless, so she inserted herself into the “conversation” and let the bullies know that, should they ever even LOOK at Molly sideways, Ainsley would hex them to kingdom come. Molly was glad for her, and from then on, she spent as much time with Ainsley as she could, just as she did with Mari, hoping that with the two of them on her side, that she’d be okay.

Time flew by, classes happened, lots of things were learned and Molly was even made Seeker to Gryffindor’s Quidditch Team in her second year. She got to be Seeker, just like her Uncle Harry had done years before! She was so excited about all this that she couldn’t help but squeal as soon as she heard, and she wrote home, as well as to her grandparents and to Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny too, to tell them her news. Her grandparents wrote back quickly to tell them how proud they were of her, so did her parents, and Aunt and Uncle, and just after those letters were sent to her, she received a special box from her family, and in it, was the newest broom out there, and when she opened it, if her cousin Mari wasn’t with her, she’d have broken down in tears and sobs.

Time flew even faster and first her eldest cousins, then Ainsley and then Mari graduated. By the time Molly was a fifth year she had her OWLs to deal with and when she became a seventh year her NEWTs, and by then all of her younger cousins were all at school now and she did her best to be there for them just as Mari and Ainsley had been there for her, bravely protecting her family and anyone she saw that needed it, happily playing Quidditch, studying and hanging out with her friends and family.

But then it was time to graduate and she was both excited and scared all over again, just like she was when she became a first year. But she knew, just like going to school in the first place, that graduation was going to happen and thanks to her grandfather, Arthur, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. She, just as her older cousin Mari had done, went to University for teaching, and just after her cousin was able to get her job at Hogwarts, their alma mater, Molly herself was offered the post of Muggle Studies and she was over the moon!

Her grandparents were especially proud of her, just as they were of Mari and all of the other grandchildren, but her grandfather himself pulled her aside once and asked her why she’d chosen Muggle Studies. Molly remembered smiling to him and saying that it was because of the love he had instilled into her growing up.

And just before she was about to start her first school year teaching alongside her cousin, she got some news. And she felt suddenly the same way she had before school, and at graduation and she had no idea what was to come for her next, but she knew that as a Weasley, that she was going to do it with her head held high. Regardless of what Merrick had done.
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