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Tristan was born to parents Ares Tristan Ravenscroft the second and Ryanne Rose (nee Rooke) Ravenscroft, in the Summer of 2008. June the 17th to be exact. He was the firstborn child and only son, and so, the family name was passed down to him in every way. Yes, his name is Ares Tristan Ravenscroft the third, but if anyone calls him by his first name, Ares (other than Lily) he’ll ignore them. Because his name is Tristan.

He’d never met his grandfather, Ares Tristan Ravenscroft the first, as he’d been in Azkaban his whole life, but by the way his father spoke of his own father, Tristan knew he wouldn’t much like him. At the same time, Tristan wasn’t a fan of his own father either. He was very cold to Tristan, never was loving to the boy and truth was, Tristan didn’t want his love.

In the Summer of 2010, a little sister was born to his parents, a little girl by the name of Ryanne, Ryanne Remi Ravenscroft. Tristan, though he was little, he knew from the moment she was born that he loved her. And he wanted to do anything he could to be there for her. Ryanne was the little princess, she always got everything she always wanted, and all he wanted was for her to be happy.

Tristan had learned to keep to himself from the time he was small. His mother, Ryanne Rose, homeschooled both him and Ryanne, and then, when he got his Hogwarts letter, his father told him that he’d better make Slytherin House, just as all of their whole family had done for Generations.

But not only did the lonely boy fall off the boat and into the water on the way to the Castle, but he was sorted into Hufflepuff House as soon as the Sorting Hat was placed on his head.

School wasn’t easy for him. The other Purist kids ratted out to his parents what house he was sorted into, and they sent Howler after Howler, causing him to barely ever go into the Great Hall for weeks. He’d much preferred to go to the Kitchens and let the House Elves feed him. He kept to himself, hiding in the Library or outside in a tree, staying far away from most everyone.


One day, just before Christmas, he saw her. She was right below him in his tree. He knew her name, Lily Potter. He knew her house. Gryffindor. But that moment, when he looked at her from above, he knew that he’d be okay. One day he’d have someone who’d care about him as much as he had love and caring to share.

But he didn’t have the guts to talk to her, didn’t have the guts to talk to anyone. The boy never even spoke in classes, unless he was forced. To the point where the professors thought he was stupid or something, and had written home about that too. Of course, that was the biggest Howler tirade ever, and it was a horrid next few weeks, as all the students around him that he noticed or heard, was making fun of him, or laughing or even worse.

They bullied him and he kept even more to himself than ever. Until a few hours later, when he heard a noise above him and didn’t grab the tree branch he was on fast enough, and actually fell out of the tree amongst a bunch of his bullies. They of course, laughed, and made fun of him even worse, and when he’d tried to run away from them, he realized they’d surrounded him. But then a voice came into his line of hearing. One he knew, one he trusted.


It was her Bat Bogey Hex. And they all left him be, running off in many different directions. Once they were all gone, she actually helped him up. And from then on, they were very close friends.

The years went by, and still, though they were friends, Tristan watched Lily from afar, as she grew, got close to other people, and then once they graduated, they lost track of each other for just a little while as they were training for their respective jobs, Lily as a Curse Breaker and Tristan as a Healer.

It wasn’t until Lily came in injured, that they got back in touch again. And Tristan told himself that he never wanted to let her go. Never again.

He finally asked her out, and it was just in time too. Because his life, and his family was about to go through quite a number of changes, and he realized that the only one that had always had his back was the one and only Lily Potter. And he was going to do anything he could for her, and he knew that she would do the same for him.
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