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Yuna was born in Busan, South Korea, in mid-fall. She was the second child to Ailee and Leo Park, and they were delighted to have a daughter after their first child was a son. Her parents were incredibly loving and kind in almost every way, and they loved each other deeply. They loved each other so much that when Leo revealed that he was a wizard Ailee didn't care. They loved each other so much that nothing could come between them, not even Leo's disapproving parents.

Yuna loved her family, even her older brother who was almost the opposite of her in every way. He was social, outgoing, and hyper. Even at a young age, Yuna was more serious, calm, and introverted. But the two of them were as close as siblings could be. But even more so after their mother suddenly passed away when Yuna was 7 years old. Everyone always commented on how young she was to lose a mother. And she was. But for Yuna, it was her first milestone as a witch because it inspired her to become a medical witch. Of course, she was sad, of course, she was heartbroken that her mother died. But for her, she took up the mantle of caring for the house as well as Brady and their father. It was during that time that every roll that Brady and Yuna had as older brother and younger sister switched between them. Brady became the younger one and Yuna became the older. With their mother gone, and their father closed off, Yuna had to take up the caretaker role.

When Brady left for school it was like Yuna lost her only real support even though she mostly took care of him. But even with taking care of Brady, she knew that he was there if she did need to talk. However, with Brady going to school in Seoul, that meant she was alone. Despite being incredibly independent, she missed having someone there to talk to all the time. Because of being lonely, Yuna began her studies for school early grabbing any book she could to get a head start. She tried to get medical books of every sort especially. Where Brady really loved sports and things, Yuna liked studying. Of course, she did take dance lessons as well as Taekwondo and went to Quidditch games with Brady, but her passions were in learning. Medicine was her calling especially with how her mother passed away. No one could help her. Not a muggle, not a wizard. It was bizarre and Yuna was determined to never let something like that happen to another family.

So while any other girl her age would have been going out to make friends and play. Yuna spent her time reading and studying. She made sure her time was spent well even her free time. Yuna always carefully scheduled her time to make sure she could get everything in. When Brady decided that Seoul wasn't working out and he wanted to go to Hogwarts Yuna was even more lost. Not only was her brother already away at school, but he was going to go away to another country leaving her behind.

The year he left was the year that Yuna started school in Seoul and she didn't mind it. However, it wasn't exactly what she wanted out of her schooling. She decided that she wanted to be closer to Brady as well as get one of the highest educations in the world and the following year transferred to Hogwarts. Yuna was sorted into Ravenclaw which didn't surprise her at all with the research she had done about the school before going there.

During her time at Hogwarts, she didn't make a lot of friends just based on the fact that she was always studying or doing other activities that took up the majority of her time. Including making sure Brady was taking care of himself. Yuna was determined to have the best marks she could have at the school and get connections to St. Mungos as well. She didn't mind the busy schedule because it was what she needed to do.

Yuna graduated with great grades and moved onto St. Mungos to begin her dream career as a healer. It was hard work and she struggled a little bit in the beginning but as her first year went by it became easier. She loved being able to help people and keep studying medical magic to make better and better remedies.

Relationships were never something on Yuna's mind during her time at school nor as she started her career at St. Mungos. However, when she was 18 she met a boy named Draiden Seong who she fell in love with. However, Draiden hurt her during one of his changes and freaked out and made her forget about him. Yuna doesn't remember any of their time together, but part of her still seems to be drawn to him and she can't figure out why. She hates him but part of her still loves him even though she doesn't remember. But she does try to avoid him at all costs.

In the last few years, Yuna picked up other jobs besides being a healer to fill her time. When she isn't at St. Mungos she also works at the Ministry of Magic as a secretary doing small jobs around the offices. Making a little extra money for herself as well as Brady. They moved in together after she graduated from Hogwarts and lived together since. Of course, she always tried to take care of him during all his terrible relationships as well as making sure he ate regularly. Their roles never changed, she always took care of him. Part of her always regretted taking the role of the caretaker because sometimes she wanted to be taken care of. But her pride would never let her ask for help. If she needed help she would try and figure it out in every other manner rather than asking for help. Yuna never wanted to seem weak, and she struggles with it every day.
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