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Posted by: YUNA PARK Jul 10 2018, 09:04 PM
11 pm and was still at the Ministry of Magic fixing the paperwork that had been done for the day. The documents had not been filed away properly for the Auror section of the Ministry. So by the goodness of her heart, Yuna volunteered to go through everything for the day and make sure they were put in their proper place. Then again, Yuna would have done it anyway, even if her superiors didn't know it. She was always the one to go back through the records to make sure everything was done properly.

Yuna wasn't the type to mind the late nights, she often worked late into the night at both the Ministry and St. Mungos. However, there were times when the late nights at the Ministry made her anxious. And it was usually after long crazy dreams about a certain Auror that she happened to hate seeing. Much to her dismay working at the Ministry gave that Auror ample chances to tease and annoy her. Yuna could only hope that he didn't show up at night at the Ministry too. But it was still in the back of her mind as she sorted through papers. She hated the days after she dreamed of the handsome Auror that seemed to live to annoy her. She was always more jumpy, more agitated, and certainly more cautious of the hallways she would go down to try and avoid having to see him.

"Aish!" The exclamation came as Yuna ran her hands through her once curled hair, that had fallen flat over the day. There were papers everywhere, and rightly so with the problems that were going on. But to have this many papers out of place was terrible. Yuna pulled her cardigan off her shoulders and hung it on the nearby chair and put her hands on her hips as she looked at the remaining papers she had to sort and cursed in Korean.


Posted by: DRAIDEN SEONG Jul 11 2018, 09:45 AM was tired. Staying up for over 30 hours did that to a person. Generally, he wasn't one to avoid sleep but with everything going on he didn't have much of a choice. It was constant stakeouts or tracking missions. He was constantly being told what to do and where to go. Really, all he needed was a break. But he knew he wasn't going to get that anytime soon. So all the could do was chug coffee and potions and try to keep himself awake and Alert.

It was late by the time he got back to the ministry from his last mission and he could really feel the exhaustion starting to hit him. But he had to file this last paperwork he had done before he could go home and get some well needed sleep. He sighed as he pushed open the door to the main filing room then froze in his tracks hearing a very familiar voice. A rather agitated familiar voice. And that voice got his heart racing and it took a moment for him to calm himself down. Once he did he took another step inside, looking at her. She looked stressed and a little angry, and he could see why from all the papers scattered everywhere. She looked like she needed a hug and all he wanted to do was hug her and talk to her and laugh with her like they had done a while ago. But that wasn't possible. Not anymore.

He held up the papers in his hand, "So can I just throw these anywhere?"

Posted by: YUNA PARK Jul 11 2018, 11:46 AM
Yuna mumbled another curse in Korean as she rolled up the sleeves of her shirt to her elbows. She would get it all done, but it was a little bit too much for one person. She sighed loudly before she looked at a few more papers and moved them over to another stack of papers. "Seriously, putting things in the right place isn't hard." She shook her head as she talked to herself. She didn't mind the work, it gave her something to do, but it was still annoying.

She was lost in looking at the papers that she didn't even hear footsteps coming into the room. She jumped and gasped loudly as she heard the voice that she definitely didn't want to hear. Yuna gritted her teeth and turned around to face Draiden. He looked exhausted like he hadn't slept in days. Then again, he probably hadn't slept. The Auror department was functioning in overdrive. Despite looking dead tired, he was still handsome. Yuna hated herself for thinking that Draiden was handsome, but the truth was, he was very handsome and it was a problem. Because his personality did not match up with how handsome he really was.

Yuna narrowed her eyes at him and shook her head her spin straightening so she stood tall. Even though he still towered over her 5'3" form. "I swear to Taejong, if you do not put those on the right stack I will hex you right here and now Draiden Seong." Her heart raced as she looked at him, the dreams coming back to her mind and she couldn't help but blush. She turned around quickly shaking her head and moved some papers around to their proper place yet again, trying to distract herself from the one man in the world she wanted and didn't want to see.

Posted by: DRAIDEN SEONG Jul 15 2018, 10:38 AM
He hadn't meant to scare her but he couldn't help but smirk a little bit as she visibly jumped and whipped around to face him. She looked frustrated and with all the stacks of papers around he could imagine why. But at the same time she looked gorgeous. Then again, she was always gorgeous to Draiden even if her hair was a little flat and her makeup was nearly gone. She would do anything and wear anything and, to him, she would still be perfect. He sighed and shook his head a little bit, trying to clear the thoughts away.

He kept hold of the papers and snorted at her response, "and you know what Yuna? I don't have the energy to defend myself so you'd probably be successful." He wondered what kind of Hex she might put on him. And he knew that if he just threw the papers she would actually hex him. So he wasn't going to take that chance. "So where do you want me to put these then?" Even though the room was messy and the stacks of paper didn't seem to have any order he knew she had a method to her madness. So, he wasn't going to try and file them just anywhere - not with the threat of a curse handing over his head

Draiden pushed his hair back, and rubbed his eyes momentarily. "As much fun as it is to piss you off, I'm too tired to care right now."

Posted by: YUNA PARK Jul 15 2018, 11:37 AM
She looked him over hating that he looked damn handsome even when he was tired. There were many things she hated about Draiden that just happened to be on the list as well. She sighed at his response but the relief could be felt releasing from her shoulders. She didn't want to fight with Draiden, not since she was so stressed. "I would be pretty successful even without you being tired." She shook her head running her hand through her hair again and looked at the stacks of papers before making her way over to him. She needed to look at the papers he had before she could tell him where they needed to go.

Yuna scowled as she got up to Draiden and looked up at him with a frown. "Thank goodness you're too tired to be a complete asshole Draiden." She rolled her eyes and looked at the papers in his hand. "Are they all the same, or are there different dates and names?" She looked back up at him hoping it was true that he was too tired to be mean to her. She wasn't in the mood, then again she was never in the mood. But for whatever reason, she just wanted to get the papers sorted and get him away from her. Maybe it was the dreams she had about him or she was just worried that both of them being tired would lead to some bad things being said. Whatever it was she was trying to be quick and efficient for both of their sakes.

"You should go sleep after this. If you need a sleeping potion I have one on my desk." She glanced away from him and back at all the papers that still needed to be sorted and bit her lip. At that rate, she would be there all night.

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