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June 13th, 2005
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Adalyn Fay Rousseau is the eldest of the twins by minutes, born into the politics and dark arts, at first she had her dad wrapped around her fingers as she always get what she wanted, even if she didn't need it in the end. during her childhood days, she remembered how small animals would follow her command of coming home with her, even if they were someone's pets at one point, she sees something she likes, she's got to have it, at first her parents disregarded her needs for having a pet until she demanded she has something soft and furry to love, so they agreed on getting a kitten for her, giving in her demands which made the young girl smirk wickedly as she was happy with getting her way. Growing up in France was fun, and exciting as she had used her family's name to get exactly what she wanted and when she needed it done.

The people at Beaxbatons Acadamy of Magic feared her and her sisters, yet she was delightfully happy that they feared them as they used it for power over them, which they were forced into respecting them, unless they want any troubles. Adalyn is the type of person that will have most girls shudder at how she loves to wear leather, she would rebel against wearing blue in the Academy, it is so not her color, she wasn't happy to leave England as she made a lot of people fear her over the secrets she'd threaten to expose unless they do the work or give her a grade to keep her passing. She attended this school for three years until the major move to England, which shattered her world of betrayals and secrets.

England is the major move that her family made, she tried to stall the move so she could finally expose someone's secrets at the last minute of her freedom, but they left before she could and that made her angry, angry to close herself off and only resort herself to talking to her sisters, they were the kind to not leave her side, although when she got sorted in Hogwarts, the hat she now loathes for that creepy voice he speaks in claiming she would suit better in Slytherin, for her darkest desires, the way she flows freely with everything and yet still manage to get things done, this was the start of her fourth year, making her having to work hard on getting everyone's trust in her with their secrets, only for them to get betrayed in the end when she started to blackmail them, making her a secret loner. For the past three years, she is struggling with her darkest secrets of who she really is, a lonely girl who desperately wants someone to love her, even if her enemies hate her for what she had done to them, her older sister will understand as she is more open than she's ever seen, what she is scared of is losing her twin, Braelynn, because they tell each other everything, and this secret might destroy the closeness these two have.

Graduating from Hogwarts as a Slytherin Alumni, Adalyn knew she still needed to find a way to make people suffer but in order for her to continue, she needed to find a job as she didn't want to waste time doing nothing. She hunted down some jobs and someone had upfronted her about the assassin job, which means that she can take out her targets with ease as she didn't have to get her hands dirty as long as the victims didn't scream or bleed out. It was a nasty job, but the job had to be done as she's no longer innocent since her childhood years.
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