September 6, 1729
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Alexandra Petrovna Mikhailovich Romanova was born in Russia in 1729, the second daughter of Elizabeth Petrovna Romanova in a dark Russian time, full of intrigues and political games to decide who would succeed the throne after the empress had died.

When it was discovered that she was a witch it was a great shock to her family that despite knowing the existence of magic they didn't believe that a royal noble would be a witch. And since Hogwarts already had the reputation of being the best existing magic school, it was there that Alexandra went to study.

During her years at Hogwarts, her mother took control of the Russian government and became an accomplished duelist and discovered to have a natural affinity for DADA. So when her mother marched in the regimental headquarters wearing a warrior's metal breastplate over her dress, Alexandra was right beside her with her wand ready to fight. She was never as proud of her mother as when she said: "Whom do you want to serve... me, your natural sovereign, or those who have stolen my inheritance?"

At Hogwarts, she did not like to show off and preferred to keep her bloodline a secret so as not to catch the attention of her enemies. She also discovered at school her passion for dance and the arts in general. A passion as strong as that of her new stepfather for the music, and decided that after she left Hogwarts she would use her influence to further explore the arts in the wizarding world.

After graduating from Hogwarts in the year 1742, Alexandra returned to Russia and moved to St. Petersburg along with her mother and court.

In the following years, Alexandra became a great matron of the arts and helped to create various theaters and opera houses. Her mother then began to think of marriage for her and she had to travel to France to try to get a marriage to Louis Philippe I: the Duke of Orleans.

The attempt was flawed but while she was in Paris, the young woman made friends with a French wizard who was also a lover of the arts. It was he who taught her that it was not wrong for her to fall in love with people of the same sex as her and that love is something that should not be controlled.

He gave her a small vial that worked as a pendant for a necklace and said, "If someday anything serious happens to you and you think you're going to die... Drink it. It's my last gift to you, my friend." He said before leaving her.

A year went by after this and Alexandra never took the necklace from her neck even when she slept. His mother had arranged a marriage between her and a real descendant of Sweden, and even not feeling love for him accepted the agreement due to a sense of honor with her country.

It was on the coldest afternoon of November, a few weeks before her wedding, that Alexandra was attacked as she left Winter Palace after a Metamorphoses ball in her honor. As she felt her blood escape through the deep cut in her abdomen, Alexandra remembered her friend's last words and consumed the contents of the vial.

She woke up a few days later as a vampire in the family catacombs, hungry for blood and slightly crazy. She spent years trying to control her thirst for blood and after she had managed to control her wishes minimally, fled to Siberia where she fed off criminals and exiles by her mother's government. In time she became known as Призрак смерти, the ghost of death.

She only returned to St. Petersburg when she learned of her mother's declining health. And although unable to appear personally at her mother's funeral, she was present in her chambers in the final moments of Elizabeth of Russia.

After that Alexandra appeared throughout the Muggle history influencing governments, including participating in several famous revolts and always serving as a sponsor of the arts.

And meanwhile, the wizarding world served her as a refuge from all the chaos that was taking place in the Muggle world. When the Bolshevik revolution happened, Alexandra took advantage of the mess to retrieve various items from her mother's time and other monarchy riches. She owned several houses in Russia and in other countries throughout Europe and as modernity approached she remained secluded from the outside world, paying guards, policemen, and soldiers to bring her food.

While the wizarding world and the Muggle went through two wars, Alexandra acquired several companies related to the entertainment and art sector, both in the muggle and the magical world. After the treatises that turned the magical world into a less prejudiced place with other species, she formed the Ark Entertainment Group, owning several famous TV and movie studios and sponsoring various theaters and plays.
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