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Alexandra was born to wealthy pureblood parents: American wizard, Maxwell Winters, and British witch, Genevieve Montgomery-Winters, on September 9th, 1994, in London. She is the fourth of six children, seven years younger than Spencer Winters, five years younger than Charlotte Winters, three years younger than Daniel Winters, two years older than Julian Winters, and five years older than Amelia Winters. Her mother, Genevieve, is an extremely well-respected healer, and her father Maxwell is the head of a well-known, successful law firm. Both of her parents come from well-off pureblood families, so Alex grew up never wanting for anything - except perhaps her parent's love.

When Alex was seven, her parents divorced, and her father moved back to New York, opening his own Law Firm there. Alex, Spencer, and Amelia stayed in London with their mother (for Alex, it was less out of love for her mother, and more for the fact that she wasn't really bothered with moving countries), and Charlotte, Daniel, and Julian moved to New York with their father. While Alex kept in touch sporadically with her father and siblings, they were never as close as they once were. All it really meant was that there was suddenly two lots of exclusive pure-blood circles that Alex had to parade around in.

Because of her parents background and occupations, they were always preoccupied with their work, and never had a lot of time for their children. This meant that Alex had a much stronger bond with her oldest brother, and Charlotte before she moved to New York, than she had with her parents. She and her siblings, both when they were together, and when they were apart, were mostly raised by a revolving door of nannies, and this seriously stunted Alex's emotional development. It was as if her parents only had children to show off to their friends and colleagues, and to show how perfect and successful their lives were.

When the time came for Alex to go to Hogwarts, she was more than happy to be finally getting out of the house. She wasn't too nervous, she had Spencer there in his final year, and she'd heard many stories about the school from him, and Charlotte and Daniel, so she knew what to expect. She was sorted in Slytherin, and while Spencer was disappointed that she wasn't sorted into Hufflepuff like him, he knew Slytherin was where she belonged.

Though she was incredibly intelligent, and did well in most classes, Alex tended to get bored in topics she wasn't interested in, or didn't care about. All the rules, restrictions, and “Young ladies should not behave that way”, were part of what influenced Alex into the rebellious, impulsive teenager she became. Going to Hogwarts was the first time that she was away from home, and away from the people who ran in her parents circles, and she definitely planned to take advantage of that. She never really talked about her past at all, and quickly fell in with a crowd of friends who were pretty much outcasts and outsiders, from all different houses, and different backgrounds. They didn’t pry into each others lives, and had each other’s back, even though many of them had walls up to keep people out. Of course, as they got older, they got closer, but still, Alex hid most of her background from them.

Her and her friends spent a lot of time being rebellious, partying, and they dove into the underground punk/rock scene with vigour, breaking as many rules as they could without getting caught. She’d finally found people that accepted her and that she actually had things in common with.

Despite this, because of her upbringing, Alex found it very hard to trust people. Cynical, jaded, her motto is 'You gotta leave before you get left'. She never let anyone get too close to her, except for her best friend, she kept everyone else at a certain distance. She's a runner, when things get too much, when people get too close, when things go wrong, she runs. She ran all the way from London to Manhattan when she got too close to her ex-lover.

One thing that took up a large part of Alex's life while at Hogwarts was the discovery of particular skills and talents that she had. Through a series of favours for people, she got involved with the Hogwarts underground, and discovered that she a particular skill set. She was a fixer, there wasn't anything that she couldn't find, figure out, or fix. She had ways of getting information, and there wasn't a lot she wouldn't do for money. It made her feel alive. This continued when she left Hogwarts, making a living as a mercenary, something that led her to move to Manhattan, when she realised her skills would be even more appreciated in such a big city. Of course, this has led her into some conflict with her siblings that she barely saw, and a strange relationship with her father. It began as her using him as a resource, but then their relationship, which had been stilted since she was a child, really began to actually develop.

One of Alex's greatest skills is occlumency, which she has been studying and training since she was in her fifth year at Hogwarts, once she realised that her line of business, so to speak, was something that she didn't want adults around her finding out, and then once she was out of Hogwarts, and into the real world, she didn't want anybody to find out her secrets, or anyone elses, especially when a big part of her job is information. Though she took quickly to being able to detect when someone was trying to use legilimency, it took her years to be able to block people from her mind for a short amount of time, and now she can finally can, although she is still in training.

Another large part of Alex’s life was when she was about thirteen, and realised that, unlike most people her age, who were getting crushes and ‘dating’ the opposite gender, Alex began to get crushes on not just boys, but girls too. She had her first kiss, secretly, with one of her close female friends, but from then on, even though there were more than a few out LGBTQ+ students at Hogwarts, she still didn’t feel she could go completely public with her eventual discovery of her pansexuality, so she kept it on the downlow. She's not yet met someone who would cause her sexuality to be made public, but who knows when it could happen?

Alex, in her line of work, takes advantage of the technological advances in the wizarding world, and has no prejudice towards muggle society. In fact, she often dabbles in working in the muggle world as well. She doesn't do it for the money, really, she does it all for the power, and for the rush. She uses her skills, her intelligence, and her body, to get what she wants, and is owed many favours by people in very high up positions, both in the wizarding, and muggle worlds.
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