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February 22, 1994
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The kids are growing too fast. My baby's heading to Hogwarts in a few months.

Adela was born into a world of the expectations. Some people might have found it hard to deal with, but not her. She had always been proud of the Lestrange family name. She loved hearing the old stories of the family, loved hearing about how Voldemort was going to rid of the world of undesirables. Adela looked forward to the future, to a world run by purebloods as it should be. She was too young to understand that he had already failed. That the world wasn't perfect. That his followers were on the run or in Azkaban. She was heartbroken when she did realize it, but she still dreamt of that world she envisioned as a youngster.

At the age of nine, she was introduced to a boy five years her senior and was told that she would become his wife when she was finished with Hogwarts. She didn't mind because she knew that it was her duty. Adela had to marry pure and if this was the man she was expected to marry, she would do it. She was told that it was her father's wish. He'd set up the union when she was born and the other family would make sure it happened. It was the reason they chose to introduce the two so early. The wanted to remind them of the marriage contract.

Finally she turned eleven and it was time for her to start at Hogwarts. She wasn't that excited to be attending school, especially since it meant interacting with mudbloods. On the train, she sat in a compartment with her older siblings and she made sure to get on a boat with kids from other pureblood families. There was no way she would be forced to sit with those inferior to her.

Adela felt the sorting was unnecessary. She knew where she belonged; Slytherin was the family house, the best house, and she wouldn't tolerate being sorted anywhere else. The fact that the sorting was a waste of time was proven when it yelled Slytherin seconds after touching her head.

Her first year was pretty much spent exploring the castle, learning where everything was, than anything else. She didn't socialize much, didn't attend Quidditch games, and didn't pay much attention in her classes. Adela did study, though, and she got pretty good grades. It was a decent year, but she was glad to see it end.

Second and third year was basically spent bullying students. She mainly picked on muggleborns, but a few halfbloods and blood traitors caught her attention as well. Those were the years Adela spent the majority of her time in detention, writing lines. She never pretended to learn her lesson because she knew there was nothing wrong with being mean to them. They deserved it, even if the professors didn't think so.

By her fourth year, the man she was supposed to marry had already graduated, so she took advantage of it. She was a big flirt, going after the worthy boys of Slytherin, no matter how old they were. Flirting was harmless, nothing happened, and Adela didn't pay attention to the boys for long.

During her fifth and sixth year, she dated, had a couple of boyfriends, but nothing lasted. The guys were too immature for her liking, so after a month or two, she would break it off. It was during her sixth year that she started paying more attention to her grades than she had previously. Adela always got good grades, but they needed to be better. There was only one more year left at Hogwarts and she wanted to make sure she could get a good job after it was over. She refused to be a simple housewife.

Seventh year was the boring year. It passed by way too slowly for her liking. She wanted to graduate already, be done with school, and begin her life. Adela still hadn't figured out what she would do after she graduated, though. Honestly, no job really interested her. She mainly just spent that year bullying people and studying. It was her worst year at Hogwarts.

In August, two months after she graduated, Adela married her fiancee. Before the marriage, her husband lived off family money while collecting dark magic artifacts. Seeing value in that, she turned it into a business. Adela started smuggling in illegal artifacts and selling them to the highest bidder. She was smart, knew how to cover her tracks, so the Ministry never caught on to what they were doing.

A couple of years and two kids later, the marriage was on its last leg. Adela and her husband didn't get along. They were constantly arguing about something. Divorce wasn't an option, so they kept up appearances, pretended to be a happy couple in public while in private, they couldn't say two words to each other without arguing. This was the way it had to be, though, so Adela dealt with it the best she could.
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