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November 14th, 2004
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Alexandria Jaden Halows is one of the witches you swear enjoyed cosplay more than magic. If there was ever a poser when it came to dark arts, she'd be their queen. She doesn't boast about things she can do or anything, she just naturally appears as if she's trying too hard; be it her heavy makeup, career choice, or personal fashion statements - she's every dark arts' practitioners dream and every teacher's nightmare. In short, Alexandria Halows is the person most people point to when they tell their children not to be like so-and-so.

She wasn't always so reckless though. At one point she had a very loving family of four. Herself, her mother and father, and her grandfather. She had the best food, the best nannies, and the most credited tutors. Her tests were passed with flying colors and even her eventual magical studies weren't too shabby. She displayed a raw talent that, while a bit wildy, was pretty impressive for a girl her age nonetheless. Though that could only be thanks to her heritage. Being both a pureblood and raised by members of the magistrate, she was bred to be successful. She wasn't always, of course. She had her moments of being a bit of a disappointment to society, but what punkish rogue didn't?

Grandfather Isaac would tell you that she was just naturally drawn to all things morbid; be it tales if invisible thestrals or secretive dark faeries. If it was painted in black Alexandria would adore it. That wasn't to say she was a very hard kid to get to know, it was just a lot of muggles feared her for the domineering height she had, not to mention her usual smug grin. As years passed, she dressed darker and got cockier, and this caused her to fall in with bad crowds. Druggie crowds. Her parents decided that shipping her off to hogwarts late was better than never so they drove her to the train, gave her a list, kissed her goodbye too many times for her liking, and sent her on her way.

As a teen, she was much more prejudiced than today. She didn't get muggles, and because of this half bloods also made her frustrated. Not because she found them to be weaker or lesser than purebloods. She just didn't understand the politics behind keeping magic hidden, keeping it pure, and clean, and safe. She blamed both for this, and often questioned them about it. Usually they didn't know what she was referring to or got offended by the accusations. She believed there was a lot of untapped potential in the world and to her, the dark arts was one of them. This mindset made her both shunned, feared, and sometimes - respected. Her natural pride and obsession with knowledge led her to try drugs to see if they'd enhance magic like rumors suggested. They didn't, and her last month of school wound up spent in Rehab to get over a PD addiction. This ruined her family name so much that they shunned her, and she moved to North America to redo her final year at a different school.

This was met with mixed results from both students and teaches, as only rumors circulated her appearence to to her family trying their damndest to keep things hush-hush as far as her former addiction went, and why she got addicted in the first place. Some claimed it was the dark arts' influencing her while others speculated it had more to do with her home life, possible abuse and such. She, finding the stories amusing, played upon all of them. Finding that if people were so hell bent on ruining her reputation, she might as well join in on it. Nevermind the fact it was her who initially ruined it all along.

This caught the attention of an upcoming band, who after hearing her sing in the showers - suspiciously, - asked her to join up with them. Hearing that they didn't believe practically anything she said but were still willing to put faith in her made surprisingly little sense, but it warmed her heart either way - so she agreed. The next thing she knew they were booking performances and going on tours. Taking breaks for new material, family trips, or the occasional alumni get together. Alex avoided the last two things with a passion.

To combat her former PD addiction and not wanting to go through it a secondary time, she took up a muggle drug that everyone loved and could have fun with - in certain states - and that was pot. She sometimes gave it it a kick with spice, but other than that, she didn't do much else. The stage gave her the best high anyway. Especially when skin is showing.

Overall, Alexandria had a past full of drugs and music, and when it wasn't full of that it had a heaping ton of rumors and verbal abuse. She was never hit - despite rumors claiming otherwise, - but there was family tension behind the scenes that to this day she refuses to talk about. Her mother and father divorced shortly after her band refused to burn out, and her grandfather passed away a year before her twenty first birthday. She doesn't know if he had a funeral or not. She sure as hell wasn't invited.

There's a lot of things that could be said for her childhood, such as times where her family would catch Quidditch games or the time she chose her first wand. Those are stories for another time though. Stories unimportant in the here and now, but will definitely be told. Maybe by a skeksis.

Until those stories are told, what is known is that she's since matured into someone of a much less cocky, much more hedonistic lifestyle. She isn't hell bent on getting her answers nor is she so laid back that she's ignorant to things around her. The woman's become much more mellow over time, whether due in part to the influence of her most recent drug habit, or because of the recent familial events no one is to know for sure.

She still has snarky moments of course, and there might be a very old drawn out rumor waiting to catch wind, but otherwise she's just a singer with a bit of extra magic and heavy makeup. At least, for now anyway. Who knows how long she'll be able to keep away from the call of PD, let alone other more darker habits she keeps in a tightly locked box.
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