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September 10. 2003
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No, sir. That is not my underwear. Would Finnegan the first care to explain herself? #namedandwalkofshamed

Seamus Finnegan is and always has been a firecracker. Scratch that.Seamus Finnegan is bonfire night and a fourth of july firework display rolled into one. Leaving Hogwarts, he felt a bit disillusioned at first with nowhere truly to go next. Then he walked into Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes as George was having a particularly tough time with a fizzing whizbee and the rest is pretty much history. Parvati Patil had not set out to marry Seamus Finnegan that scrawny boy from school. She was a flirt. She was not under any circumstances going to settle down. She got her job at witch weekly with plans to travel far and wide and marry a prince or a duke or a movie star. Life never really goes as planned, does it? Something about the Irish rogue drew the girl in and that is how Aasha and her twin came into being.

One was a tornado, the other was the summer rain. . Aasha was awkward and uncomfortable in her own skin. While her sister would practice flying in the garden with Fred when their families met up, Aasha would watch and draw. The one time she got involved it had been entirely due to feeling like an embarrassing wimp. None of the other little kids were scared of heights. Why did she have to be? So, Aasha mounted the broom and... and she fell. Aasha blacked out on impact but everyone there that day saw an eight year old Fred scoop a tiny seven year old Aasha into his arms and rush to their parents. The boy wouldn't let her go until he'd been given a hundred promises from both his and her parents that she would be taken care of and that the healing magic would do the trick.

When Aasha looked at her family she couldn't help but see stark differences. How could a little girl so quiet come from parents so in your face and loud who almost demanded to make their presence known. Her elder cousin used to tease her and pretend that she was adopted. The girl was meek and quiet and introspective. She played piano and she painted and she rarely actually conversed as a child. Her twin did all the speaking for her. That is, until Hogwarts.That's when everything had to change. When Aasha was thrown into hufflepuff without her sister she had to find her own voice. Along with her love of literature and music and muggle movies, she gained a love of silly puns and debating which famous muggle great minds were wizards (Here's looking at you Da Vinci and Beethoven). She grew into herself. She both embraced her quiet tendencies and forced herself to speak out when necessary. Aasha didn't really do boy talk and crushes because she stubbornly viewed herself as having far more important things in her life. Plus boys scared her. She'd far rather pretend she didn't care about them at all than have to deal with her emotions towards them.

Healing magic was something of a specialty straight off the bat. All of the physical stuff like Quidditch was strictly off limits to her due to the fact that she found it easy enough to fall over while walking on solid ground, taking to the sky and dodging bludgers would just be asking for trouble. Plus there was her pesky fear of heights. She liked watching it though. She found the movements kind of beautiful. It was like a chaotic and somewhat violent dance. When she watched the people she cared about play she couldn't tare her eyes off them, both in awe and out of fear for their wellbeing.

Without her having to say much at all her professors knew what she would be pursuing. Aasha Finnegan wanted to heal the world. So, straight out of Hogwarts she started studying to become a Healer. After years of training the young girl was asked where she wanted to do her placement. The answer shocked even those closest to her. She wanted to do her placement in Quidditch healing. Even Aasha wasn't entirely certain why, but the answer was there, buried deep inside her subconscious. There was a particular impulsive Weasley that, for some strange reason, she wanted to protect.

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