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Posted by: LILY POTTER Mar 25 2018, 10:07 AM
Valentine's Day has passed, and she knew she wanted to reorganize her date, but not in a very magically crowded place where her cousins and brothers often go, so she figured she'll just find a nice pub and ask her blind date about it.
Going on a blind date was half true and half not, as she knew a lot about the person, but she didn't know exactly who he is. She was using a fake name obviously, and she guessed the guy did the same as it was very common these days. She didn't want anyone to like her for her name.
She asked Rose to help her out with getting ready, and when they finished, she was quite pleased with her look. She was wearing a denim mini skirt with black tights and black long sleeve boots, but no heels, and she was wearing a soft cotton made long sleeve shirt with a V neck that was just highlighting the nice parts of her body, but wasn't slutty. She let her hair down, but put a pink colored Lily in her hair that matched the shade of her shirt. She let her date know that she'll have a Lily in her hair, to make sure they'll recognize each other.
She was very excited and nervous as she walked into the pub and seen her reflection on the window, complimenting Rose's job with her make up that highlighted her eyes and only showed some gloss on her lips. She went straight to the bar and only ordered a diet coke when she sat down and started looking around. She knew she was there first, she made sure of being early, giving herself some time to adjust to the place around.

Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 6 2018, 10:59 AM

Thibault was always raised to be the perfect gentleman. On his father's side, ettiquette classes and european cotillion because he was a prince, after all. On his mother's side, the traditional values that followed being a Rosier, albeit less inclined to rally for pureblood culture. Still, a mix of these two molded him into a person that wanted to respect not just women, but courtship in general. In a world on instant gratification and technology sucking the romance out of most relationships, he was glad to meet his person he chatted with face-to-face.

Quite frankly, he didn't know what to expect.

All morning until this moment, he waltzed around his apartment, unloading all nervousness to his pet cat, who seemed disinterested in his dating challenges and sob stories. Bon Bon watched as he tried three different outfits on in the mirror and settle on a fourth one that didn't read too classy or too casual. He decided on a nice button-up blue shirt that matched the light of his eyes and khaki slacks. Tibby ran a hand through his curly hair and threw on a black cardigan, just in case it got cold at the pub they were going to meet in.

He was about to leave when Bon Bon meowed loudly, and put his paw on a bouquet of lillies. Thankful and glad that his little furry friend was looking after him, he took the flowers and kissed the top of the feline's head.

"Merci, j'ai presque oublié. Au revoir, cher ami!" Thank you, I almost forgot. Goodbye, my friend!

Once he got to the pub, he instantly felt out of place. Maybe he should have settled for denim- maybe he wouldn't look like such a schmuck if he didn't bring the bouquet. One he saw her, he couldn't miss her. They seemed to match now.

"Going to a pub and ordering a Diet Coke," he teased, "Are you trying to be carded?"

Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 14 2018, 02:31 PM
She was getting nervous, fidgeting around on the chair. Certainly, he will come, she could feel it about the day, but what if he won't like her in real life? Or what if he's ugly? What if they won't have anything to talk about?
She thought about calling Rose until she was waiting but then put that idea aside. Not very good to see your date being on the phone when you arrive. What if he comes and then leaves when he sees?
Luckily, she didn't have to be torn apart with her thought anymore, as she heard a slightly familiar voice, talking directly to her. She held her breath while she turned around, as that was the moment!

It caught her off guard who stood in front of her.
"Tibby?!" she asked with great surprise in her voice, she couldn't believe her eyes, and instantly, she could feel something warm running through her body starting from her stomach.
"What are you...Ooooh!" She started a question and finished the sentence with a realization, and of course, blushed straight away when she noted the lilies.
"How..." she started another sentence, and closed her eyes for a second. That warm feeling inside was playing very unfairly with her, as she couldn't get her thoughts around, and for a second imagined jumping up into his hands wrapping her arms around his neck and...
"Did you know it was me?" She was finally really proud she managed to put a sentence together and didn't lose her head, although she felt like she's looking through thick fog, and most of her surroundings were a big blur, only Tibby was clear and gorgeous.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 14 2018, 11:33 PM
"No, I didn't- I'd only heard faint descriptions and Tinder-like bio pieces." Thibault kissed her on both cheeks because his mother had always coached that as the right way to greet others, "I'm sort of shocked as you are... it's been a while. Like ten years, I think," he mused as he sat on the stool next to her, " more than a while. Wow! We- we grew up. Your hair's longer, and you sort of... bloomed?" A horrible, awkward pun on her name- he could only imagine how many times she'd heard that one before, "...your hair's longer!"

Yeah, not exactly smooth going back to the first thing he said, but also only to cover up the fact that he was becoming an excited mess in front of her. They'd been childhood friends, running around the ministry and attending Hogwarts before his stepfather passed away, and he decided to be homeschooled. Nothing but letters here and there to keep in contact left them still on good, close terms, but being set up by Rose made things interesting. Thibault went out with Rose for a little while, but things just didn't work out between them. It was kept low-key, because he was a private person, but distance tended to destroy a lot of his old relationships. C'est la vie- his father would say, because lfie had a funny way of introducing things that were meant to happen at a later time. Nature also had a cunning way of revealing human's weakest spots.

"This blind date's going to be quite boring. I got your letter two weeks ago, sorry I haven't replied. Work, and the show's been picking up pretty well-" Ah, there was no shaking this off, "How are you, Lily Potter, going on blind dates? Guys must be falling on their knees trying to get you of all people to notice them..." he shook his head and blushed, one of his curls un-boinged out of their usual spots and neared his clear blue eyes, "This is all so silly." He turned to the bartender and slid money from his wallet, intending to pay for her drink as well as his, "A glass of pinot noir, s'il vous plaît."


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 15 2018, 02:25 AM
As Tibby got closer, Lily blushed more. Her eyes wide open, she couldn't even breath anymore, and then she got two pecks on the cheeks. She let out a little sigh when that was over, feeling some sort of disappointment about the outcome. She couldn't believe she wanted a kiss on the lips, like it's not even herself sitting there, but these thoughts were fading away looking in that beautiful blue eyes.

"Ten years" she whispered, and then, just when she got her original face-color back, blushed again. And she wasn't the only one. He sat down, getting even closer, so as that ginger girl to losing her mind and control. She laughed at his words, and let herself look at him again.
"And you're sort of...radiant?!" She wanted to bite her tongue so badly for saying such a thing. Yet if she reached out a little, she knew she could stroke his hair... and that was something very inviting for her. But that would be wrong on many levels, first of all, Lily, pull yourself together, second of all, he went out with Rose, her ever bestest friend. She wouldn't want to cross a line here, right?!

"Uhm... okay?!" She answered as calling this date boring for her was something called a massive lie. She felt like this is just getting interesting, way too interesting, and felt a bit hurt for him saying it's boring.
"It's okay" she said briefly. Her voice sounded more like a moan, she was still trying to figure out why is everything less and less clear, what's that warm feeling growing and growing, and how can someone be so perfect. She decided to focus on words rather than feelings.
"I'm not going on blind dates. I've never been to one... never liked anyone enough to meet up" and when she finished her sentence, realized, it really should be called a confession.
"James and Albus did a very good job scaring away anyone who ever considered falling on their knees. So even if you're right, trust me, I haven't noticed." She shook her head, and then couldn't resist, but look him in the eye. Those wonderful green eyes, she didn't even realize, but started to lean closer, when she heard his voice, that stopped her. 'This is all so silly.' So he obviously didn't want to be there.
"I need something stronger... firewhisky" she said and turned away to jump off of the stool.
"I have to use the loo" she explained not at all elegantly, and then quickly walked there, almost running. When inside, she simply hit her head into the wall several times, and then walked to the taps and almost washed all her make up off, but last minute she realized she shouldn't, so the simply put her wrists under the running, icy cold water. Ahe looked in the mirror as everything became more clear, and couldn't believe she almost just kissed her childhood friend who she hasn't seen in years and years. She has never thought of him as a guy, yet she was acting like some crazy chick, so desperate.

And then it hit her like a bludger. Tibby was half veela. He never had an effect on her before as they were only like 10 years old, yet now... she was crazy around him. But that warm feeling was so good, she only could remember now as it was gone, she felt like she wants more, but she knew there must be some precautions.
She took a deep breath, walked out, and luckily found a table close to the bar, but it was a table with chairs, and she felt relieved, slightly, that there can be something in between them.
"Let's sit here," she told him as she sat down on one side.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 15 2018, 09:50 AM
"Please, I didn't mean that in a bad way- I meant that it was going to be boring because I feel like we've talked so much over our letters and then, when we were matched over text. I don't know what else I could possibly share that you don't know already."

Thibault said sincerely, circling his wine glass, hoping she didn't take offense. As he watched her go to the bathroom after ordering a stronger drink, his eyes widened in amusement, still scrambled to what was going to happen here. He sighed and touched the petals of the bouquet he bought her in thought, trying his best not to shake off the weirdness. But he understood where she was coming from, those older brothers of her sure knew how to ward off the majority of the male population who would kill to be in his shoes. As kids, he simply saw Lily as a friend who played hide-and-go-seek at the Ministry, wreaking havoc and sharing echoes of laughter as they ran away from a few officials who wanted to keep children out of where they weren't supposed to be. Now that they were older, it seemed that hormones were the leading cause of such tension and attraction.

Noticing that she was in the restroom for quite a long time, he ordered another glass of wine since he'd long finished his. Did she happen to skidaddle and abandon him because things were too weird? He hoped not. Tibby wasn't that crappy of a date, was he? He checked his watch and sipped little more Pinot, until he watched a revitalized Lily stroll through the doors more confident than before. When she opted to sit at a table instead, he dutifully got her bouquet and their two drinks, moving it with grace and charm. He slid her firewhisky near to her.

"Tough week?" he asked, curious about why she decided to up the ante from Diet Coke, "Are we celebrating something that I don't know about?"

Worst case scenario, he hoped that this wasn't going to be all his fault. Tibby would feel horrible if he knew that he wanted her to drink in order to survive this date. Wine wasn't an indicator that he himself was an alcoholic, it was yet another way he was raised. During family dinners, a bottle of wine would be present to share over roasted vegetables and beef. He was a social drinker, and never got drunk on his own. Whatever she had planned up her sleeve, he was sure to proceed with caution- for both of their sake.


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 15 2018, 10:23 AM
History repeated itself. He went closer, and the warm feeling was back again as he sat down, and all she could do about it is let a gorgeous smile sit on her face.

"Thank you." she said while she took the drink, and then just enjoyed this nice new thing taking over her. She never felt something like this before. Suddenly, the table was too much between them, but she didn't want to move again, as she sort of remembered what she decided before. It was much easier without him being there.
"I'm sorry I canceled last time... I didn't expect James to be there on Valentine's Day. Oh yeah, that's the real reason, I know I said something silly" she admitted because after all, it was Tibby, her friend. Sadly, her friend only. She lifted up the diet coke and poured it into the whiskey, as she seen it from muggles once, it was a stranger and more exciting taste for her, then she raised her drink.

"Oh, I... I'm moving to the States." But why did she want that so much? It didn't make sense anymore... all that was important now was that amazing man sitting right in front of her. And this slowly and effectively took over her and made everything else nonsense. Like the fact that she wanted to work for the MACUSA. She didn't want to live in her family's shadow so much anymore.
"So, did you only travel here for me?" she asked, blushing again, as she knew he lived in France, of course. Then she remembered what he said when she misunderstood him.
"Oh, I think there are many parts of you I don't know well enough yet." And the fact was, by then, as the alcohol kicked in that she just sipped from when she said she's moving away, she meant it as dirty as it sounded. She had no idea how much this will hurt the next day, and she didn't even care.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 15 2018, 11:35 AM
“Yeah, I was wondering about that... but James is probably a good enough reason for me to stay away.” Thibault teased, “After all, I was ready to wine and dine with you, then take you dancing on some rooftop where we can see the stars.”

It was a very specific joke, but he wouldn’t let on what a true let down it was to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Or, as most people tended to call it, Single Awareness Day. He didn’t have any bitter feelings towards the holiday itself, he just felt like he was in his own world on a day dedicated to couples doing whatever they wanted to do to celebrate. Thankfully, he had a ton of work to do that day, so his mind wasn’t completely captured by such a failed planned date. But at least they were in each other’s company right now, and there was a part of him that was glad that they waited. If they had met on Valentine’s Day, he would have felt even more pressure to romance the hell out of Lily Potter. When she mentioned that she was moving to the states, he was taken aback- that was quite a step.

“And you couldn’t mention that in your texts or letters?” Tibby smiled and toasted to her, “Didn’t think of writing your pen pal-slash-blind date?” Sip. “I guess we’ll need to make the most of what time we do have while we’re here, won’t we?”

It was an innocent enough sounding proposition, and as lightweight, he found himself liking the tart Pinot combined with the warm feeling that erupted into a new wave of consciousness not explored enough. He passed an empty wine glass to a passing waiter who said that they would come back with a new glass. He made a daring move, reaching his hand across the table to barely touch hers with his fingertips, not exactly knowing how she would react.

“Why the move?” He decided to ask before answering her own question, “I actually have a rental flat here, now. Work and the company here keep me wanting to be in both places at the drop of a hat, so I decided to find a place of my own, actually. It’s different than Paris, but it has its own charm. I don’t think I want to live here forever, though. There’s so much of the world to see. I sort of envy you, Lils.”

Her next comment made him take a gulp from his new glass rather quickly. Thibault wasn’t sure if he heard her correctly, because all of this was taking such a large departure from the time when they were just kids who didn’t think much of this adult business. He could only smirk as his brilliant eyes turned dark suddenly, that familiar flush reddening his cheeks. Always a polite boy, he was feeling extremely conflicted on what to say next. On one hand, he believed that Lily deserved the proper, traditional date, sans copious amounts of alcohol, he was a romantic at heart after all. On the other hand, the way she seemed to undress him with her eyes was alluring and it made him want to continue this game she wanted to play.

“I could say the same for you.” She was making him want to talk less and less, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing- it might not be the smartest thing.


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 15 2018, 11:57 AM
The planned date sounded nice, actually, really-really nice, she closed her eyes for a second, imagining it happened and sighed out loud. The next words of his took her back to where she was, and as she looked at him, she realized that this place was just good enough too. With him.

"My pen pal abandoned me the past two weeks... and this is really something I should tell personally to my much-liked blind date." If she was aware at all how she sounded, she would've noticed that playfulness that she always read about girls with a plan use. But that consciousness was long gone, and only left feelings behind. And it seemed like she wasn't alone with the lines that were so promising, as Tibby answered.
"I should say..." she added, as she felt like his words were challenging, and she was absolutely certain she wanted to take that challenge, and yes, use the time they had.

She didn't notice the waitress passing by, the pub getting noisier and fuller, some muggles shouting to the television and all that... she was only there for one person. And then as she was looking into his eyes, she noticed they turned darker, and when he touched her hand, she had to bite her own lips from the electric-like shock rushing through her. She felt like she couldn't move her hand even if she wanted to, that little part of their skin was just perfect. For a moment. And then she wanted more. Lucky for her, he distracted him slightly with a question.
"Uhm...something about not always following the footsteps of my family members?" she felt dizzy, and honestly couldn't care less about why she wanted to move. By then she only wanted to move to one place: his described apartment. And the next sentence of his just decided her next move.
"Why are we still sitting here then?"


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 15 2018, 04:06 PM
Abandoned? Gosh, that made it all seem so harsh. He wrinkled his nose in thought and rolled his eyes because that just wasn't fair to him at all. Thibault would have replied. WHen she responded about not wanting to follow the tradition of family members, he truly understood what that was like. Being an actual Prince meant a lot of responsibilities although his title wasn't acknowledged. His father reminded him of everything that the House of Fontaine used to be, how his ancestor was one of the survivors who escaped the Revolution all those years ago. His stepfather and half-brother Royce were to be politicians and big players in the Ministry some day, and he wanted to be in their ranks, but that dream was swept under the rug once the passed away. His mother carried the grand life of being a Rosier, but rebelled and refused to be like his great grandfather, Evan, who died for Voldemort's cause.

"I know what that's like, wanting to be different," he took the opportunity to squeeze her hand in his, in a comforting way.

There was an emotional, more intimate way they seemed to have that bond despite the sexual tension between the young adults. Thibault truly cared about this girl, and if she was going it alone- he was kind of scared for her. He knew that Lily was talented and smart enough to fare for herself, but people always have a similar heartbreak when their close friends leave. Thibault was far too used to having people leave- this was why he wanted to create homes for other people. Not necessarily on TV, that was just a stroke of luck for more cash on his end, but to make houses where families could come together and stay? That was priceless.

"We're here because we're supposed to be a date, and I want to be sure that this is something you want to do." Tibby watched her bite her lip and it was getting more and more difficult to resist temptation to take her to his apartment and kiss her, "I didn't know that seeing someone after ten years would make us want to... leave together in the first ten minutes of chatting. But we can't deny a lot has changed." If he was a horrible man, he knew that it would be relatively easy to merely get out of there and jump each other's bones, but this particular situation seemed to be in conflict with that.

"Is this to be a date for you? Or... something else? Because either way, I'm going to want to call you next week to take you out dancing. We have nothing to lose."


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 15 2018, 04:40 PM
She was only joking with the abandonment, and if she knew Tibby will feel how he did, she would've gone out of her way to make it up for him. No questions asked.

He was now not only touching but holding her hand, and that little connection just sent rushes of excitation through her constantly. Like it was some special sort of spell that was on her - which was actually true, but she has forgotten that a long time ago.
"Supposed to be? We're holding hands! I haven't held anybody's hand for a long time now... except my dad." she laughed, feeling all the strong feelings in her. Oh how much she wanted more, and how much she couldn't say it out loud, not more than she already did, not then. She was certain that this tension worked both ways, and couldn't imagine what good she could do to be on a date with someone like him.
"What is something I want to do?" she asked back, as she wasn't quite sure what he meant. She put her other hand on top of the table, holding his hands now with both hands. It was really exciting how that feeling wrapped her around with even higher intensity.

"You want to leave too?" Lily asked back as she was still gazing into his eyes. Then she giggled a little.
"We grew up... but I feel like this sort of tension was always there in the letters too." She said with a slightly shy smile, blushing again, and then when she heard what he just added, she felt like she's totally lost.
"What else can it be?" she dropped it back and felt like she mainly did that in the past minutes. Her voice was more promising, then questioning, and then she laughed.
"I'd love to go dancing with you! And I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind already, so I guess you're right."


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 16 2018, 12:23 AM
It was very true. They were holding hands, Although Tibby was a very affectionate person, he chose only a few of his female companions to hold hands with. It meant a lot that he was doing this in general, and not at home sewing curtains or drawing blueprints. He blushed as she asked him what exactly she wanted to do, and wanted to desperately shake the continued suggestion in his head, absolutely not wanting to be perverse amongst so many, even though it was a loud and raucous pub.

"We'll see how the night goes," he simply replied, "I don't want to leave unless you want to leave."

As much as he wanted to show complete dominance and initiative, taking her by the hand and leading her out of the pub, he knew she was a young woman of agency. Lily could make her own choices, not just the ideas he could effortlessly plant into her mind, mostly brought upon by hormones. With her other statement, he couldn't help but agree. Although it was never written or spoken out loud, there was a tiny part of his brain that always went: what if? A flirty note here and there, he thought once upon a time, would go nowhere considering she could have whoever she wanted. Why ever would it be him? He nodded, agreeing, with another sip of wine. When she asked questions again, he knew that it was his fault.

"I apologize for being completely vague, but I promise it's an attempt to maintain decency in a public place." Thibault sighed and rubbed her wrist with his thumb, "Let's just say I don't normally take people to see my apartment on the first date, and when I do- it doesn't usually mean anything more to come of it."

There were strings of the traditionalist dating style in his blood, because he was enamoured with the art of courtship. The generation they lived in now revolved around instant gratification. In his mind, all good things came to those who waited. He could only smile and laugh along with her melodic intonation of his suggestion.

"I really wish we didn't change to sit at this table," he innocently commented, "You seem so far away already. Countries away, even," he teased, "How are you over there in America?"


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 16 2018, 02:15 AM
She giggled, and felt like she didn't understand what he didn't understand. Or did he? Maybe it was all just a game, but she thought she was pretty clear.
"Because saying you too doesn't mean me too?" another question, she was really aware of his stroking thumb on her wrist. She was surprised by his coming words and turned her head slightly on the side. She was tasting 'first date' and 'apartment' siding with something a little bitter, but she couldn't explain it at all, so she just let it go.
"It seems like a horribly wrong idea of mines." she admitted, as she never wanted to be apart of him, ever again, and that table did feel too much. Even clothes did.

"You should come and see for yourself. Magical place!" Lily said invitingly and felt like if he turned that down she won't live until the next morning, although she did remember he said they'll see how the night goes (not evening, not date, the night!) and that filled her heart with hope.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 16 2018, 02:25 AM
Before he could even reply to her first question, it seemed like Lily wanted to change the subject, which Thibault didn't mind. To be completely fair, he was along for the ride regardless- but the pacing seemed to strike him senseless. What was too fast? What was too slow? What was just right. He knew that by holding her hand, there was a shift between them into something more, but he didn't know if she'd accept him to be so bold. As she beckoned him to join her on the other side, he could only oblige. Sitting now right next to her was a different kind of intimate entirely. He could feel her own feet barely brushing with his own, and the smell of her perfume became almost like some drug. Perhaps this would make things spiral blissfully out of their own control.

"You want to try some?" He slid his glass over to her, the red Pinot Noir a deep, bloody red, "A pub isn't my favorite place to get wine, but it'll do. There are fantastic vineyards in France. Grapes are far as the eye can see."

For his next move, he put his arm around the back of her chair and couldn't help but give a few lads as look as they watched on in jealousy- or was that amusement? He didn't care.


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 16 2018, 02:42 AM
She watched his every move standing up, moving around the table, and sitting next to her. The warm feeling that was just comfortably laying around her body suddenly started rushing through her again, making her feel really hot, as their sides touched. She really wanted that on her bare skin, and then, as the whole situation started to shift into something deep and real and full of new excitement, she slightly turned towards his direction. She could only keep up with this horde amount of feelings as now she really didn't see anyone or anything else.
"Mhm..." she sighed agreeing, trying to find her voice and remembering making words can be fun, but wasn't able to do any, she took the glass and sipped from the wine. She couldn't imagine anything he could ask that she wouldn't do.

Even though his arm was around the chair and not her, she was very aware of it. He turned away, she looked in front of her, and decided to be bold, so when he turned back, she leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you for the flowers." Lily whispered, and couldn't turn her face away, his eyes being so close, ever so deep blue, like the ocean around a nice and sunny beach, gathering it's power for a hurricane or tornado, she only felt like she wanted to find every little mermaid and turtle and seashells in there and save them. She was lost.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 16 2018, 02:54 AM
When she kissed him on the cheek, that was when he had to make that executive decision, because that was the last and final straw. There was no denying that she intended such a gesture to simply be sweet. He took his glass back from her and finished it, tucking a lock of her red hair behind her ear so it rested to keep the flower intact. He sighed back, looking into her eyes, the conflict washing away from his eyes as he leaned in closer to her, but stopped suddenly.

"You're very welcome," he said calmly, before standing up- needing to cool off, "Okay, we should go."

Taking off his cardigan, he folded it over his arm expertly so it laid across his torso and presented his other one, chuckling at how ridiculous they were feeling. High, and happy to be young, but also to simply be feeling things. He saw the waiter pass by but he mouthed a "keep the change," rather quickly accompanied by a quick nod.

"And before you ask why, it's because I'm not going to kiss you in a pub."

There, he said it. He admitted something he'd wanted to do for a very long time. A part of him felt scared of what she would say, and the other part of him was filled with hope, wanting her to come along and take a walk. It was sort of like those romantic comedies teens saw in movies, but this was only the beginning.


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 16 2018, 03:21 AM
She giggled when she has seen how everything paced up, it was strange after their slow, intense mood, but she didn't mind, especially the part when he leaned so close, she knew if she moved her lips a little, she could touch his, but she only slightly opened them, and then he was gone from right in front of her. What?! Why?!Come back! she shouted in her mind but was too numb to say it out loud. She watched him get up and rather taking control, and she didn't mind it at all. This was just all a new way he attracted her. And as he said the word in that sentence, 'kiss', she couldn't keep her mouth shut anymore.
"Yes. Kiss. Wherever. Just do it!" she stood up, grabbed the bouquet in one hand, and slipped her other into his, as this sudden distance of their bodies seemed like something that could cause her death instantly.

"Tibby, I say this is a real date, and I'm very happy it's you who grabbed my attention on that site..." Lily whispered sweetly to his ear as they walked outside from the pub that felt really warm and hugging and tight, to the street that was fresh and airy. She took a deep breath, and everything felt a little less blurry, and their holding hands were giving her less than before in the pub. She wanted to wrap her arms around him really tight by then. She wanted to listen to the sweet nothings he could whisper in her ear while his breath would tickle her skin in a new, passionate way like nobody else's did before. Yet she said nothing, she remembered that promise of a kiss, and out under the sky was easier to hold herself back.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 16 2018, 09:31 AM
Tibby could only laugh at the blast of enthusiasm she put forth after he mentioed wanting to kiss her, and he wanted to say something along the lines of: don't worry, I will- but that was going to be a little too excessive in a public environment. As she commented on their situation, he blushed again, because he was glad to hear that it was as much of a date for her than it was for him. Once reminded about that silly site, he couldn't help but follow with a chuckle as he led them outside of the pub's doors.

"A site without seeing my face, or knowing a lot of my personal information- you took quite a gamble. I could have been a forty-five year old creep. Aren't you glad I'm not?" Wink.

As they strolled in the night, they passed by building after building, some still illuminated as an indication that they were still open, but most dark and their doors shut, devoid of life. Thibault decided to cut through the park outside of his apartment complex, and stopped when they were in the center, the trees rustling in a soft wind. Usually he would ask before kissing someone, but Lily's lips outlining the brilliance of her beautiful smile made it difficult to resist temptation. With that, he carefully took her face between his hands and softly kissed her, only pulling away once it felt right.

As he looked into her eyes, he couldn't help but say: "Wow."

Kissing her was like all of those pent up emotions during their letters suddenly had a conduit to release feelings, like he'd unlocked some door he'd been tryin to find a key to.


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 16 2018, 10:46 AM
The night outside was gentle, like that touch they shared holding hands. She completely trusted him, that he knew where he was taking her, and that he wasn’t planning on doing anything that was harm for her in any way. She never felt like this before, not with any guy - out of those couple that managed to slip through James’ and Albus’ watchful eyes. She didn’t feel the need to break the silence, yet she had to comment on what he said.

"I was only hoping you’re not ugly." she said simply, looking at him and laughing. She was still thinking about how he blushed by her words, but he didn’t show any more reaction, other than the words of the site. She wondered why.

"This is not actually a safe at Gringotts for you either, you didn’t know more about me! There are some real crazy chicks outside..." she warned him dutifully, and wasn’t completely sure she’s not one of them considering how she felt about him since she has seen him being all grown up.

She was looking at the trees around them and again, for the hundredth time, felt lost in the moment with him. When he finally turned to her, she felt all the excitement during the evening as one, because she knew that’s the moment and he’s going to kiss her.
Lily closed her eyes, and the hands holding her face were like silk, and the kiss on her lips like wings of butterflies hardly even touching her, but still certainly there. She put her hands on his arms, and let herself melt into this soft touch that was just filling her soul with joy.

"Perfect." she whispered when it ended, and then giggled quietly when she heard his comment. She knew she didn’t have much experience, never been one of having snogging battles with boys, but as a romantic heart, she wanted to, deep down, she really wanted to know how it feels like when you are just crazy about someone and can not control yourself and then you find your perfect match in the other person.

She felt her heart skip a beat, and then she wanted more. The desire was so strong and deep that she felt like she couldn’t fight it even if she wanted to, her hands found their way up on his shoulders and around his neck, ah she pulled him closer and made that little gap between them into nothing, kissing him more passionately than he did just a moment ago.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 16 2018, 03:16 PM
"Well, some would say that with my genetics it would be difficult to be ugly." Thibault remarked before explaining since he didn't want to seem arrogant, "That was a Veela joke. Please laugh at me so I don't feel like a dick."

It was true, the site lended blind trust to overshadow really practical judgement. The back of his mind kept prodding him with "what if"s since the world worked so differently now, dates for everyone were at the edges of their fingertips- all it took was initiative and the care to actually see who was out there. He was glad, even lucky that Lily turned out to be on the other side. He'd been in a dating slump for a little while, locking himself away and making bookshelves when his phone would ding, an indicator that a new match was present. Maybe it was all in the timing, and perhaps maybe- this was simply supposed to happen between them.

When she went back to kissing him again, he allowed her to pull him in closer, obliging completely to her desire. When he felt they were about to lose balance, he let her lean against a nearby tree, the leaves shrouding them in darkness as the crickets and cicadas sang into the night. He let his hands move to caress her hair, allowing his fingers to get tangled in her roots as the lily she wore behind her ear fell, forgotten. Thibault had kissed many girls, but not many knew that. He tended to keep a low profile when it came to romnantic endeavors. If that was to become something more, that was where his comfort level was at. Now that he was on TV, he was sure that if the press found out, there would be whirlwind of speculation-especially since he was deciding to make out with Lily Potter in the middle of a park.

"Hey, what are you both doing out this late?" an officer, or some deputy with a shiny badge walked towards them with a flashlight. Tibby pulled away and started to laugh, because his go-to solution was to run.

"C'mon, we'd better go..." he had lip gloss stains all over his face, "...I bet he can't catch us!"


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 17 2018, 12:22 AM
Lily laughed, and that wasn't because he asked, that was because she found it funny, what he said. And then she held her breath for a second, as him swearing was something that made him even more interesting for her. It was like doing something really naughty that is forbidden yet feels so good. She has never been much of a break-all-the-rules girl, but she had her moments, still, she was completely surprised and turned on by that one piece of word.

She lost the flowers when he didn't resist. All of them, from her hair and her hands, as her little fingers found their was into his hair and she kissed him with much passion and lust, she felt something on the periphery touching her back that weren't his fingers but didn't give much of a thought as what was in front of her was so much more interesting.
"You're so charming, how do you do this?" Lily asked with a voice deep and hoarse, she was really busy kissing from his lips to his ears, playing with his hair and totally messing it up.

An unknown voice cut through air and broke their moment. She felt really worked up about it, but before she could do anything, Tibby's sweet melodic words found their way into her soul and she laughed with him, taking his hand, and running away wherever he was leading her. She only hoped it was somewhere they can get to know each other even... better.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 17 2018, 11:10 AM
Thibault could merely shrug at her question, since he didn't want to be repetitive like his first joke. As they ran, he laughed the whole way, adrenaline pumping through his veins. He never ran from a cop or ever put a toe out of line before. A lot of his classmates would often say that he was the goody-two-shoes, the tattletale, and the suck up, when he never intended to be put in that light. He merely did whatever he felt in his moral consciousness was true and right. When they got to the lobby of his apartment, he greeted the doorman.

"How's it going, Lyle? Long night?" he asked with a smile, putting his arm around Lily's as they walked past.

"Yes, sir. Have a good night, Mr. Chevalier." A tip of his hat, and they were gone.

Retreating down a long hallway, obscure art lined the walls and the floors where a white marble. The windows displayed a well kept courtyard outside in the middle of the apartment complex. The finally reached the elevators after turning down two more hallways and he squeezed Lily's hand in anticipation. Once the elevator dinged and opened the reflective doors, he walked inside and pulled her in close, wanting to kiss her again. The alcohol in the air caused him to want so much more, but level headed to the core as he was, he knew they needed to have a talk about exactly how far things were going to go.

He certainly hoped he wouldn't disappoint her with his rules.


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 17 2018, 07:23 PM
Running was good. And laughing too - so much oxygen got into her body that everything was clearer, but he was still holding her hand, and she was full with the memories of the past moments, add the alcohol and altogether she was far from being sober.

They stepped inside a charismatic building and she blushed when she has seen the doorman. She wasn’t used to going up to men’s apartments and meeting people working in there, knowing exactly what is going on in front of their noses, being absolutely professional about it and not showing any sign. How many others could he see before this night? She didn’t like this thought at all, and was happy when the reminder of that little monster that just moved into her stomach was gone as they walked away further into the building.
They were under roofs, between walls, and that sweet connection between them started to have a stronger effect on her again, combined with how her lips were slightly pulsating from the last heavenly activity they’ve practiced. She was looking at the pictures but they couldn’t take her mind off of her inner life that was upside down in a very good way.

Tibby stepped inside the elevator, and as soon as he pulled her closer she couldn’t breath. His closeness, and that small place around them was intoxicating. The fact that it wasn’t her who stepped closer (although she was just about to) but he pulled her for a kiss was something that made that little monster be totally forgotten. She melted into his arms, these couple of kisses they shared were both different, and she instantly felt that the third one was calling her to a whole new level of deep. It wasn’t strong, it wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t profligate, but it was full of not only the desire, but the promise of so much more that made her feel dizzy. This kiss invaded her sexually, it went down straight to her guts overwriting everything that was rule, morality, innocence. She hasn’t even let her hands run around his body, yet she felt like they were naked.

For Lily there was only one piece of thought left. Not letting go of Thibault Chevalier.

The lift opened, but she didn’t feel any more connected to the real world, she only let him go because it was time to get inside (bed). She let him lead her in, but still didn’t feel any more connected to the real world. She looked around the nice place, no connection. Seen his cat, and that broke the fog slightly, only to include the cat into this weird surreal world as she bent down to stroke the cute little furry.
“Heeeey Kittycat!” She addressed smiling and looked up to Tibby. She let his hand go, but the lift and his kiss kept their effect on her, and he looked so irresistible. She stood up and stepped right in front of him, only looking up to his face, like she wanted to memorise all the little details of his gorgeousness. She slowly stroked her hands onto his chest and grabbed his shirt, bit her lips with a cheeky smile and pulled him closer to the sofa just to fell onto it once they were close enough and she couldn’t think again. She felt like her really dry lips and mouth and couldn’t help but whisper.
“Would you please get me a glass of water?”


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 17 2018, 08:19 PM
Thibault had unlocked the door to his apartment, successfully in one go- which was a miracle under the influence. Once inside, he was happy to be greeted by Bon Bon, who walked between their legs, tail grazing their ankles. He knelt down to give his old friend a pat on his head, before scooping him up suddenly to put him near the self-refilling cat food dish by the kitchen. The young man couldn't help but let Lily lead him back to his sofa, and they fell onto it together. As close as they were, he took one of the throw pillows from behind him and put it over his torso to be respectful, looking into her eyes, trying not to be slightly embarrassed. However, when she asked for a glass of water, it was instantaneous that he needed one as well. He stood up quickly, turning away from her, and walking through the quaint archway, vanishing behind a curtain.

Once in the kitchen, he was kept all in his thoughts. With a wave of his wand, lights illuminated his small but stocked kitchen. He stood by the sink, the filter nozzle securely in place.

"Alohamora," he whispered to open the cabinet, "Accio glasses."

Two glasses appeared in both his hands. He methodically put one down on the counter while he filled one with ice before running it under the sink. Another wave of his wand, and slow acoustic songs started to play from his sound system that went throughout his apartment. He filled his other glass like the first, and took a large sip for himself. After chugging about half the glass, he refilled that glass and then leaned against his counter top. What was going to happen tonight? He tried to ignore how his head started to slightly ache, and heard the sound of fabric ruffling. He saw Bon Bon appear through the curtains and jump onto his mini island in the middle of the kitchen, wanting attention.

"Bonjour, what- stranger scares you?" The cat purred once Thibault started scratching him behind his ear, "She's not putting me in any danger, I promise," Bon Bon pulled away for a moment, a short hiss, before vanishing into another room, the small bell jingled on his collar as he went.

He got the two glasses and started to walk back into his main room where Lily was, now a little calmer and relaxed. The music had helped a little bit, taking his mind out of the gutter. The water was already working its magic on his system so he wouoldn't wake up with a hangover the next morning.


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 17 2018, 11:34 PM
Lily instantly regretted she asked for water. One step, two steps. She wanted to stop him, opened her mouth, but it was so dry that she couldn’t hear her own voice. Three steps, four steps. ‘I should take off my shirt, it’s too hot in here...’ five steps, six steps.

He was out of the room, and Lily felt strange. The need for him to come back was fading away on some level. She shook her head and felt like the fog and blur lifted, and she could see clearly again, for the first time since he put his foot into the pub. She looked at herself and froze straight away when she realised her shirt was halfway lifted up, she remembered she wanted to take it off.
“Oh no!” she whispered to herself and quickly fixed her shirt. She started panicking when she looked around and she was hundred percent clear about where she was. She sat up and pulled her wand out of her boots trying to think clearly which seemed like an impossible task to do. She wanted to leave, but not without saying her goodbye, and it looked like it was right about time to realise this as he stepped back.

“Don’t come any closer!” Lily said clearly and not particularly loud, but she knew he would hear her. She jumped up as she could feel some warm feeling started creeping into her, and quickly walked backwards to the opposite wall where he was. She was ready to curse him if he won’t do what she says. She looked him in the eye and felt like looking at a stranger. The letters didn’t matter anymore that they changed the past ten years. They only burnt a whole in her heart that was never to be healed again.

“You’re half veela. How could you do this to me?!”


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 17 2018, 11:56 PM
Hearing Lily's command, he stopped in his tracks, completely and utterly confused about where all this energy was coming from. The one thing he did spot was the worried look in her eyes, a set of panic, perhaps something had been set off? Was she supposed to be on any proper medications he wasn't aware of? He didn't dare come closer, but chose to put both glasses of water slowly on the fireplace mantel, hands in the air in defense- not knowing what she was going to do next. Her next question sort of set him off, and not in a calming way.

This was an issue that he'd been having quite a lot when he dated people, a strong of break-ups who claimed that they seemed to be under his "spell" due to his finite genetics. How could he help it? Thibault had lived a life of honor and respect, especially towards women, but knew how bad it looked. They were both a little drunk, and here was a girl standing in his apartment looking at him as if he'd killed someone.

"What do you mean, 'how could I do this to you'? I haven't done anything." Thibault shook his head and tried to relax his breathing, "What does me being Veela have to do with this?"

A part of him wondered if she'd gotten a text or something which changed her entire mind on the ending of this night, or if it was something in her apartment that made her feel suddenly uncomfortable. He'd built everything on his own, the shelves and the counters, even made the art that hung on the walls. He collected knick knacks and pretty things from his travels which were on display in a glass presentation case. His apartment was tidy, and there wasn't a speck of dust on the floor. Bon Bon came from his hiding place and watched as his owner seemed to be threatened and hissed.

"Lils, where did this come from?" he seemed to ask, in a heartbroken tone.


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 18 2018, 12:16 AM
To her, he looked calm, almost cold, but what did she know?! She felt like nothing, and surely not the person standing in front of her. That gentleman, how he came through the years of letters was nowhere to be found. His words got her angry.

“What? Do you not know me at all?!” she asked in disbelief as she shook her head again. She couldn’t let herself cry yet, she had to say the words out loud.
“You took me here, so to you I clearly look like someone who jumps in guys beds on the first date. I wouldn’t do such a thing.” she only tried to keep it calm and together so she won’t cry in front of him. He didn’t deserve her tears.

“Rose is my best friend, she’s my sister. You dated her.” she added as a second explanation, indicating that that’s a no for her. She won’t date Rose’s ex-boyfriends, that’s just way too weird and messed up to her.

She was torn apart, she wanted to hear his explanation yet she knew she’d take it as excuses and lies. She really wanted to go but she hasn’t moved then, just keeping her wand in her slightly shaking hand pointing at him. The memories of the past couple of hours were all about to take over her mind, but she kept them out. She had experience in emotionally painful and mentally demanding situations like this, but she felt like a mirror broken into a million pieces and she needed those memories and everything to come to her later to try and put her pieces together.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 18 2018, 12:33 AM
Tibby was still more shocked than anything at this really distinct change in the mood. He wasn't the kind of person to yell or argue when he got upset. At the heart of all this, he felt disappointed and guilty, the more she spoke, which were completely the opposite of the social cues he followed mere minutes ago.

"If you think I was going to sleep with you on the first date, then you don't know me at all either." He willed himself to not get too emotional over these things, and made a mental note to cry only after she left, but his voice shook as he spoke, "That's true, but I thought Rose set this all up. I thought she and I were okay. Maybe I was wrong."

If this was some cruel set up by his ex-girlfriend to make his life worse after their relationship just "didn't work out," he definitely had made an enemy. He liked Lily before they kissed, and to be able to kiss someone you knew for so long was just a very delicately convenient and beautiful thing in his eyes. He couldn't believe the way she seemed to flirt openly with him at the bar, and now with absolutely no recollection of the affair in general. Was this to be his fate? To never find someone who would truly be immune to his natural spell and see the wonderful man inside? In an ideal world, he'd drain every single drop of Veela in his blood if it meant securing actual relationships that weren't corrupted or disillusioned by his being.

"Lily, I never intended to hurt you. I'm sorry if it seemed like I did, but you need to believe me when I say that bringing you here wasn't out of malice or me being a sexual deviant or a creep." He felt his throat closing up, an indication that he was going to cry, but didn't dare want to break down, "I think you should go," He walked from where he was and over to his desk, opening and drawer and throwing her letter down at her feet, unanswered but clearly read, "There's floo powder in that jar over my fireplace." Pause. There was no movement. "Please... go."

He sat down at his desk, putting his face in his hands, not even bothering to look at her, holding everything in. He was embarrassed, he was sad, and most of all- undergoing a young adult crisis that he could only repress until it stared at him in the face.


Posted by: LILY POTTER Apr 18 2018, 12:57 AM
His words were so sharp, she could imagine this is how it feels like when someone curses you with a Crucio. She didn’t know what he meant, that he would never sleep with her, as in Lily, because he wasn’t attracted, or he wouldn’t do it, because of who he is. All too confusing.

“It’s not about being okay, it’s about the fact that I kissed the lips she did, that you’ve touched me with the hands you’ve touched her and...” she couldn’t go any further in the sentence, as one tear just found its way out rolling down on her cheek, making her feel like a fool even more.

He moved and she was looking for the best and most useful curse she should use, but she wasn’t fast enough. She could see him coming closer and wanted to scream out loud for the fact that his magic found its way back to her and she didn’t do anything about it, she felt ridiculous all of a sudden that she has ever though being best at DADA can train her for situations like this. And then this all went into blur, she wanted to reach out, she wanted to stay, she didn’t understand why she was holding her wand, she clearly didn’t want to curse him. She wanted to hug him and kiss him as the memories all jumped on her about his kisses and touches, about how she felt being so close to him and how she wanted to do anything he says or even more. He dropped something and then walked away again not giving her the chance to hold him, and pulling away that warm feeling again. She was emptied like an ash tray after a long night, but she wasn’t cleaned all ready to use again. She was filthy and disgusting, and then she realised he sent her away. She couldn’t even do this right, leave with her dignity, but then again that was probably lost when she was so willing to take the shirt off. She couldn’t believe she lost even the fact to walk away and not being sent away.

“Goodbye Tibby.” she turned around and walked away, not using any magic. She only cried out loud once she was on the street.


Posted by: THIBAULT CHEVALIER Apr 18 2018, 01:19 AM
Thibault felt extremely numb, and couldn't get himself to respond after she went on about how it was the act itself that bothered her. But Lily wasn't like Rose, they were very different people, and he only did these things after asking her a million times on this date if it was what she wanted, because consent was important. His power made girls do some pretty crazy things, even pass judgement or become blissfully ignorant of certain facts. He was well aware that she was still holding her wand, and didn't care to get his own out to try and defend himself. When she greeted him in goodbye, he didn't bring himself to answer, only seeing that she didn't want to take that letter off the floor. Once the door shut, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He took his wand after picking it back up slowly, admiring the way she dotted her i's and crossed her t's, before that self-bitterness settled in once more.

"Incendio," he spoke, in a hollow room, as Bon Bon looked at the flamed alongside him, "Another one," he hesitated to throw the letter, but after his cat started to paw on his leg, he decided it was probably for the best- he'd break one of the promises he'd already made, not calling her the next morning to take her dancing.

As the letter touched the fire, the flamed licked until it was no more, the crackling spending sparks with every dry sliver of paper. He could swear that if he listened really hard, he could hear her cry in the street, but it was only softened with his own mirroring hers. He didn't yell, or scream, because he didn't want to wake the neighbors. Reaching out his cellphone, he decided he needed to talk to someone, it was urgent.

"Bonjour, ma petite rose- what are you doing still awake?" Claire Chevalier sounded concerned, another late night shift at St. Mungos made her still sound energized.

"Mama, j'ai besoin de te voir..." I need to see you, his sniffles were becoming more audible by the second, "Es tu occupé?" Are you busy?

"I'm about to head home, what's wrong?"

"I'm not a monster, am I? Veela are monsters in disguise, aren't they? I feel like a horrible person. I think I did something very wrong, and I don't know if it was truly my fault. There's this girl and-" he began to bawl over the phone since he couldn't finish the story.

"Shh don't say those things- Je serai là dans quelques minutes, mon fils." I'll be there in a few minutes, my son. "Are you at your apartment? In London?"

"Oui." His hand shook as he held his phone to his face, before she said goodbye and he did the same. He looked at the flames while Bon Bon curled up into his arms.

Now all he had to do was wait.

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