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TRIGGER WARNING: Adult Content, Drug Addiction, Suicide Attempt

- Birth Name: Leonidas Avery
- DOB: November 14, 1989
- Birthplace: Manchester, England
- Ethnicity: Italian/British
- Current Residence: [Redacted]
- Occupation: Hogwarts Professor

- Mother: Belinda Rowle
- Father: Thaddeus Avery
- Siblings: Thea Avery, —— Avery

---Vittorio Catalano (inactive, literary)
---Guido Meminger (inactive, criminal)
---Domenico degli Spozi (inactive, criminal)
Ministry Watch Name: Leopold Dilaurentis (current)

Vittorio Catalano achieved fast and short fame just a few years ago after releasing a series of four books titled "True Crime." Their true genre is still speculated by literary critics, but due to the overwhelming amount of graphic scenes, intricate details, and references to real places, most people settle for describing them as “historical fiction.” The books describe the author’s time in an underground movement deep in the bowels of southeastern Europe where he was forced to deal drugs, launder money, murder innocent civilians, and even use Legilimency to find out people’s innermost private thoughts. The last book, and the theme of all the books, centers around the character’s name — the Italian word for “Victorious” — and leaves readers debating whether or not he was truly victorious.

But Vittorio Catalano isn’t a real person. According to existing records, he dictated this story to someone on his death bed and claimed that much of it took place in the late 19th century, leaving most fans of the series to believe that Vittorio — or whoever claimed to be him — was dead, that these books were actually historical documents rather than novels, and that the true search for answers should now target the person who wrote the story down rather than the person who made it up.

The digital age makes writing by a pseudonym so much easier, especially if you have hidden talents. Only a few Intelligence Agents in the Ministry know that Vittorio Catalano is Leonidas Avery’s pen name, and that the books were based on his life in the Italian mafia, though some parts had been fictionalized. Many of the names had also been de-identified to prevent re-identification. Using the knowledge from his degree in Ancient Magic and Literature, Leonidas was able to alter his books physically and linguistically to make them look like they came from a completely different time period. The anachronicity gave him anonymity, but did nothing to vindicate him or shed him of his guilt. He has personally vowed to spend the rest of his life in penance, healing and atoning for the things he did and didn’t do as a pawn rather than a true son in Thaddeus Avery’s mafia regime.

As a child, Leonidas was relentless, selfish, and unkind. He was a spoiled, pureblooded rich boy who got everything he wanted, and the weak-willed and unsuspecting people around him bought his stories of fake helpfulness. As a power move and a way to secure his own interests at Hogwarts (assuming that he had any), Thaddeus Avery paid — or perhaps Imperio’d, we don’t know for sure — someone for Leonidas to hold a prefect position for three years in a row. Early on, Leonidas used the privilege for the simple bullying of younger kids — calling them names and playing harmless magical pranks on them, like making their shoelaces get tied together. His father did it to him at home and encouraged him to do it at school. It was the only way for him to get any attention, even if it was negative attention.

Later on, his reign of terror grew. The tipping point was when he cornered a Muggleborn girl in an abandoned corridor and tore at her clothes using Diffindo. Leonidas would spin the story somehow to make the victims look like they deserved it, and that he was simply acting in his duties as prefect. But when a boy turned up, beaten and bloody, in the middle of the night to the Hospital Wing — the son of Thaddeus Avery’s chief rival — the head of the school began to connect the dots. Fearful of what Thaddeus might do in retaliation, the head of the school merely gave Leonidas detention. This move, as well as resistance from the Dark Lord himself, laid the seeds within Thaddeus that maybe Britain wasn’t the place for his tyranny anymore.

Leonidas graduated from Hogwarts and spent a few years longer than normal at Eastwick. For the first few years, he mainly sat around on daddy’s dime. Then, he found himself drawn towards Ancient Magic and Literature, perhaps as a way to regain his father’s approval. He could find ancient texts, decode them, and use their secrets in his father’s many lucrative and dangerous operations. He had graduated in 2012, taking about 5 years to get his degree.

In the meantime, his father saw in him an agent for a new movement — because pureblood paranoia and the lust for control and power never died. Over the next ten years, Thaddeus trained Leonidas for the growing Purium movement — at least that’s what he told others who were involved. Secretly, he was also training Leonidas for the start of a personal empire. Thaddeus taught Leonidas multitudes of dark magic and got him access to ancient texts about dark rituals and other negative magic. He also put Leonidas through long, gruesome training to become a Legilimens. At the time, Leonidas didn’t really know that he was being specifically trained for that, but the training itself was brutal and cruel. The art of invading other people’s privacy was so violating, as was everything else he was being asked to do for the movement, which by 2014 had surfaced. He had murdered and abducted for them, sold drugs, and even laundered money.

Thaddeus wanted this empire for himself, so in 2020, he took his son home to Italy to continue their work there. In fairness, as a native-born Italian, Thaddeus always had influence in mainland Italy, but it had yet to see the effects of the Purium movement. Thaddeus capitalized on it and started his own empire, complete with drugs, murder, prostitution — you name it.

Personal relationships were almost non-existent in Thaddeus’s Purium. Similar to the Dark Mark, Thaddeus had matching tattoos placed on himself, his son, and his many associates as tracking devices. Wherever they went, he could see. The tattoo was gruesome and unattractive and ran across most of his chest and back, which did little to complement the scar under his eye when he had a public knife fight on one of his father’s errands. Due to the nature of their work and the disgusting tattoo, the only people who would consider having personal relationships with Leonidas were women that he paid and never felt true intimacy with.

Along the way, as the Averys accumulated numerous amounts of money from their sale of Pixie Dust and other illegal items and practices, Leonidas became a PD addict. He kept his intake light, because that was all he really needed. With his professional network, he could get the dragon horn ingredients to make the purest form, releasing that feeling of euphoria that he couldn’t get anywhere else. Without PD, he was basically a walking corpse who did his father’s bidding.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Thaddeus forced Leonidas to steal secrets, through Legilimency, from some defenseless old women and other beggars. They were already in so much pain that he couldn’t understand why his father would want to force them through more. He got Thaddeus the information and arranged for himself to go on a deadly mission for the Purium in Sardinia. Leonidas faked his death through a magical explosion on the island and fled to the UK as a refugee.

As part of his recovery and penitence, he wrote a fictionalized account of what he had been through. The books were somewhat popular, not enough to make Catalano famous, but with the money he had left over from his dad’s drug empire and the money he got from selling this book, Leonidas was able to buy a secluded home on a quiet beach in Mexico. In the meantime, he figured that the best thing he could do in order to heal and start over was to begin by telling the truth. He went to the UK branch of the Ministry of Magic and enrolled himself in sort of a witness protection program after turning over the evidence of his father’s business dealings — the unthinkable things that the Catalano books didn’t even talk about. Thankfully, the Ministry hid his identity and renamed him Leopold Dilaurentis. Members of the Department of Mysteries were able to remove the tracking abilities of his father’s tattoo, but much of it still remains as a scar that can’t be removed. He was eventually relocated to work in Artefact Accidents at St. Mungo’s Hospital for some years.

After that, Leopold decided that the best thing he could do to atone for his wrongdoings was to return to where they began. He applied to teach at Hogwarts School, which the Ministry Watch Program approved, since it was one of the safest places he could be regardless. The school is an incredibly wholesome place where he is less prone to PD relapses. It gave him meaningful work and meaningful relationships, especially with his students.

He didn’t realize how much he was loved there until one night on a Hogsmeade Weekend in 2025. In a back room in the Hog’s Head, Leopold overdosed on PD with the intention of killing himself this time. Late at night, some seventh-years who were still in Hogsmeade past curfew tripped over his body in the street. They immediately apparated him to St. Mungo’s and were able to recover him. Leopold was grateful; he always would be.

But being able to see into students’ innermost private thoughts in exchange for his life wasn’t exactly a life he wanted to live. He uses many potions and homeopathic substances to relax him — to “turn off” his Legilimens ability, but sometimes it still bothers him.
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