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The Daily Wizard Q & A!! With Vincent Rowan Taylor

Vince: Oh! I feel like I’ve had a lifetime of these interviews. You know, I’m not even part of the Golden Trio’s generation. I’m not even part of the Marauder generation! I’m in this weird middle that never got any recognition… You know, they should have a name for my group. Like Generation W or something…

Q: Uh… Mr. Taylor, I haven’t even introduced you yet.

Vince: Oh.

Q: Ready?

V: Well let’s get it on!

Q: Welcome! Today for our thirty minute interview on The Daily Wizard Q&A, I have Mr. Vincent Taylor here with me. Mr. Taylor is a Herbology expert, having majored in Herbology during his studies at Eastwick University and having traveled the world to study unique plants across the globe. These experiences turned into a solid foundation for him to become one of the longest running professors of Herbology at Hogwarts, the famous wizarding school in which we are conducting this interview today! Tell us, Mr. Taylor! What got you into Herbology in the first place?

V: Please, call me Vince! And uh… My mom made me.

Q: Your mom made you?

V: Well I mean she literally made me… With my father too, I guess. Ah! Just kidding! But no, I mean she too was a lover of the herb. I mean, she also admired the study of Herbology. That’s where my middle name came from after all! Rowan shrubs are a common Muggle shrub in western Asia and the Himalayas. She had embedded it in my namesake to be a lover of Herbology. So I obliged.

Q: Wonderful. At the time you were going to school, Herbology must have been one of the lesser studied subjects. Many of your former classmates may have preferred to study Transfiguration or Defen—


Q: Yes, Vince! Yes! I’m not saying it was looked down upon. I wanted to get your take on Herbology’s biggest contribution to the success of a wizarding community like the one we have here in the UK.

V: Oh, I see. Sorry, I got a little excited. Let me just wipe my spit off your—

Q: It’s okay, I got it.

V: Okay, okay. So, I believe the studies of Herbology contributed behind the scenes to many parts of the wizarding community. Healing potions, home remedies, cleaning solutions, delightful foods, even a few of the drinks served at the bar. All would have been incomplete if a herbologist never discovered the uses of certain plants. For those who work in the outdoors, what are you surrounded by? Greenery! Shrubbery! Tree-er— You get my point! Tell me, how could one learn how to tame a Fanged Geranium if not for the herbologists who dedicated their efforts to learn how? It is not the environment’s task to adapt to us, but for us to adapt to the environment. That is what Herbology’s all about.

Q: Beautiful. It seems as though you have truly dedicated your entire life to the advancement of Herbology studies.

V: Quite true, there sir. But I wouldn’t have been able to study Herbology if not for the support of my stunning wife and my crew of lifelong friends. Hello Krista! This one’s for you!

Q: Krista?

V: Yes, sir. Krista Taylor, neé Shannings. We actually met back in Hogwarts. I was a sixth year Hufflepuff. HUFFLEPUFF FOREVER! And she was a second year Gryffindor. I was, of course, in my Herbology studies while she concentrated more on Defense against the Dark Arts.

Q: Wow, that seems like quite the age difference back then.

V: It sure was. And I did have a handful of friends who tried to convince me it wouldn’t work out. They would tell me that she’s too immature, that she was too naive. That I was a stud who had the rest of his life to look forward to. And that I would be “creepy” for maintaining a relationship with someone so young. Sure! Maybe at that age…there was a fine line. But look at us now. We married when she was nineteen and I was twenty-three. She gave me three beautiful children—Ryan, Melanie, and Kathy. And now, all three of them have families of their own and have given me beautiful grandchildren. Even a few of my grandchildren have grown up!

Q: It looks like you two have raised a very successful family.

V: We sure did! And I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t listen to those duds back in school. Krista kept me mature. Krista kept me grounded. Actually, quite literally sometimes whenever another one of my Herbology experiments broke a window or a floor. Nowadays, she’s the one who makes me look like a stud. What’s four years nowadays? She and I go through the same aches and pains. But she does it with much more eloquence than I could even imagine.

Q: Absolutely exquisite. You seem like the type of man who marches to the beat of his own drum and will boldly go every step of the way, Vince! And it seems like it’s brought you a lifetime of love and laughter. Tell me, Vince. What is it that Krista does for a living now?

V: Back when she first graduated Eastwick, she actually worked as an Auror full time for the Ministry. Can you imagine it? A mom of three children, raising them and making sure I didn’t get into trouble, as well as looking out for the good of our community. Nowadays, she works in the Magical Law Enforcement department in the Wizengamot Administrative Services.

Q: Seems like she’s had her run of successes as well! Moving forward in terms of your job and your family, what are you most looking forward to?

V: Wow, I don’t even know where to start. Well, I think for Hogwarts, what I’m most looking forward to is—

Q: Wait, do you hear something?

V: Hear what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. You know, I really think Krista’s right about those old hea—

Crew member: It’s Hogwarts! It’s under attack!

V: What? Okay! Okay. This is happening. Everybody STAY CALM. STAY FUCKING CALM.

Q: The building’s collapsing! We need to get out NOW.

V: Okay! Everybody follow me! I know a safe place where we can actually apparate out of here.

Crew member: It’s too late!

V: Merlin’s beard… Okay everyone get around me in an orderly fashion, yes. Ahem. Protego Maxima! Fianto Duri! Repello Inimicum!

Q: Are you sure this will hold?

V: Yes, I know a little more than Herbology, mind you. I— Wait, my greenhouses!

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