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August 23, 2007
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it's a tough life juggling spell creation night classes and working 25/8 at the ministry 💀

Quinn Harper Taylor had always grown up with a loving and whimsical family, although she was not always the same. She was born to Melanie Taylor on August 23, 2007--back when Melanie was only the tender age of sixteen. Quinn's mother was nothing but compassionate with her. Her grandparents, aunts, and uncles also immediately took her in to their crazy family. And Quinn may have happily accepted this life if it weren't for only one thing. She never got to meet her dad, and her mother was the reason why.

Little did Quinn know that the reason her mom kept her father's identity a secret was in the latter's idea--a justice. At the time, Melanie was seeing two of her classmates and the drama among them had gotten to the point where she wasn't entirely sure which was the father. Sure, she could have done paternity tests. But she had a feeling that figuring out which one was the father wouldn't have stifled the other's persistence. So Melanie decided to keep the father's identity a mystery to everyone and try raising a child with the family that she already had at home.

For a while, the Taylor household stayed just as amusing as ever But as Quinn grew older and became more perceptive of the world, she started to wonder why so many people around her had dads that would bring them everywhere. Dads would take their kids to the park, carry them on their shoulders, teach them to ride a bike, call them back home when it was dark. Hell, some of her friends even had two dads. Why didn't she have one? She had a grandfather who became close to her father figure but didn't always have the energy to match. Her uncles helped whenever they could, but just didn't quite have the time for a niece compared to their own children. This left Quinn with an unquenchable longing to get to know her father--or at least know who he was.

Because of this, Quinn grew up with a strained relationship with her mom. As she started to gain more independence in her teen years, she took every chance to be as far away from her family, especially her mom. Quinn looked for every reason to not sleep at her mom's. Sleepovers, watching a Quidditch game at Uncle Ryan's, makeovers with her grandma. Whatever excuse she could find, she would use.

It only got easier for Quinn to spend time away from her mom once she started attending Hogwarts. She was sorted into Ravenclaw. As much as her disdainful and snarky personality was obvious, Quinn truly did have a bright and inquisitive mind. Her longing to know more about her father was not just an emotional connection that she wanted to make, but it was a desire to know more about her background. What was her father like? Did she inherit some of his attributes? A part of her wished she did. Anything to make her less like her mother.

As part of her efforts to stay far from home, Quinn easily made friends where ever she went. She had a little competitive side to her and may have been a bit abrasive to some upon first meeting. Those who stuck it out with her came to see how much of a softy she was when it came to those she truly cared about--something she undeniably inherited from her mother. Quinn became the type to give everything to the ones who mean something to her, despite how long it might take for someone to become meaningful in her life.

The missing connection between her and her father became a driving force in Quinn's career path as she grew closer to adulthood. Her end result was to become a private investigator--most likely for the Ministry. Throughout her years at Hogwarts, she focused more on Defense against the Dark Arts to build any sort of experience the Ministry might like. However, her years at university were more spent on Magical Law and applying for her license to become an investigator. With her educational experience in Magical Law and DADA, she became an easy candidate to become an Auror. Currently she is working at the Ministry as an Auror while finishing her university studies in Magical Law. Quinn's driven personality has made her quite buried underneath all of her schoolwork, but she does try to make occasional time to see her close friends, cousins, and grandparents.
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