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Posted by: LILY POTTER Jun 2 2018, 01:28 AM
2019 September

Lily Luna Potter marched through the corridors rather fast in her new home, the Hogwarts castle. It was massive and impressive, and she would've loved to spend time wandering around again and again, but she had a purpose this time - get into the library before she bumps into anyone. Of course, this was an impossible task, as the castle was full of people, so she edited her plan not to meet those who'd stop her for a chat.

She was looking for Jam-Jam previously, but he was busy doing big boys things. Then, she went to search for Albus, but those Slytherins are not always the nicest people, especially when it comes to a little-redheaded girl, even if that girl happens to be a Potter, so she gave up on that too, and chose to go to the library. She didn't know JoJo that well yet, and Rose was also busy, Asia was nowhere to be found, and all her cousins - she didn't even bother to start looking for them, or she'd be just going in circles for the rest of the day.

She entered the door, quietly, and ran straight to the last row. She heard something about no running in that place, so slowed down a little, and chose the table the furthest away. She started packing some books off of the shelves, sat down, and put them up around herself one by one.


Posted by: VADA LE Jun 3 2018, 03:11 AM
While Vada enjoyed her classes, and learning as much as she could in this world of magic and unicorns, studying for an exam was a drag. Her attention span was terrible, and if she was not in the library right now, she’d be run around the halls or flying. No, instead she was being good. Or, well, at least as close to being good as possible. She kept on getting distracted. She snuck over to the Restricted Section of the library a few times, she nodded off behind her stack of books, and she daydreamed about making out under the quidditch pitch with her crush. She was a mess when it came to studying, but oh god would making out under the pitch be so much fun right now if she could only work up the nerve to talk like a normal person. It was like the moment she needed to do something important for a grade, her mind would just shut off and give up on her.

Vada appeared to be studious at the moment to the untrained eye. She scanned through pages of the text-heavy leather bound, but in actuality, she had slipped a comic book instead of the book. Behind the hardcover, Vada followed the adventures of Doctor Aphra. Doctor Aphra had just been recruited by Darth Vader, there was murderous droids, space archaeology, tie fighters, blasters, a betrayal! Flirting with girls! But low key if she didn’t ship Anakin with Padme so much, she would ship Darth Vader with Doctor Aphra… Doctor Aphra was just so cool.

She paused and glanced over the top edge of the book for a second before flipping the page again. If she could just keep her mouth from smiling when she was supposed to be studying, no one would notice her. At least that was the plan until she noticed someone else. Vada raised her brow and followed the youngest Potter trying to hide behind a pile of books. She remembered James looking up so proudly as his baby sister got sorted. She pulled out her hair tie and had her black hair fall down from the bun to keep her hair out of her eyes. The girl scratched her scalp while curiously turning toward her own pile of books before she put the comic down and scribbling into a bit of paper. She rolled it up into a ball, then threw it at the adorable tiny ickle little first year.

The note inscribed: Are you actually studying or are you playing hide and seek? You’re not the only one who’s hiding behind a stack of books. - V. It came with a goofy little cartoon doodle of herself waving at the little cartoon Lily from behind a few comically large books, which of course Vada would be doing as soon as Lily read her note.

Posted by: LILY POTTER Jun 4 2018, 12:48 PM
Once she was done and happy with her little bunker, she sneaked her hand into the pocket of her cloak, and went deep into it until she found what she was looking for. Those uniforms are so big! She was practically swimming in the smallest size, even after her mum, Ginny managed to shrink them with a spell, that seemed to be wearing out.
She tried to open the chocolate frog as quietly as possible, but the sweet animal jumped out of her hands. Lily quickly caught it putting her palms on top, and was trying to pick it back up when something entered her little refugee camp.

She picked up the piece of paper with her teeth, and dropped it into her lap, then leaned closer to the captured candy and peaking in, she managed to catch a leg with one hand, so the other was free to open the letter.
Her curiosity dictated the little Potter girl to look up, trying to figure out who sent it to her, and once she’s seen the black haired girl, her hand automatically rose to wave back, setting the frog free, who then decided that was really it’s time to run away and never be eaten ever.

The little redhead tried to catch it in the air, but all she managed to do is ruin her little fortress, as the books fell down making a lot of noise. She didn’t want to let it be worse, so quickly jumped up from the chair, ran around her table, and tried to get that sneaky little chocolate monster into her hands. She wasn’t taking hostages that time, for sure, it will be eaten as soon as she manages to put her fingers around it, she decided.


Posted by: VADA LE Jun 7 2018, 05:03 PM
Vada grinned as the little one waved back and as soon as she went to write another note, she got to see chaos unfold. Books tumbled and crashed from the table to the floor, a chocolate frog sprung out of the rubble and so did the littlest Potter. Vada jaw dropped then quickly turned into a laugh stifling smile as she witnessed the little girl run around the table after the chocolatey delight. The ruckus caught the attention of the librarian who’s shushing became a full-on scold when the woman was forced to get up. Vada hopped into actions and grabbed her comics, her bag, then her wand then hustled over to the other table.

She bit her bottom and gripped her wand. She narrowed her eyes as her head followed the little frog until she was confident on where to point and shoot. “Immobulus!” She casted the spell. A lavender light blasted from her wand and froze the little frog in the air for Lily to grab, as Vada went to grab her things for her.

“What do the two of you think you’re doing?!” The librarian yelled the moment she arrived at the scene of the crime.

“We’re going to need to run now, Little Potter.” Vada said and grabbed Lily by her free hand, then ran out of the library laughing with all of their things. They continued to run until they were safe, then it was a climb up to the 7th floor. “You’re probably not going to want to pop into the library for awhile, Little one.” Vada snickered, trying her best not to laugh again. “If you want to hide, I can show you a better hiding place with lots of room to build all of the forts you want. I’m Vada, by the way, I don’t know if you remember me. I’m a friend of your cousins and James.”

Posted by: LILY POTTER Jun 9 2018, 03:46 AM
Lily was rushing after the frog, like her life depended on it, but had no luck catching the chocolate animal, who was enjoying its freedom to the fullest, until he froze in the air, and the little redhead could finally close her fingers on it again. "Stupid frog!" she said angrily, and then realized the fact that someone must've helped her. She turned around, and seen V there with her wand pulled out. She almost dropped the frog again.

She held her hands up, meaning no harm, so it was easy for the other girl to grab one, which was free, and her legs moved automatically once she was dragging her out, but that older girl was so fast, she was almost flying after her. Once they were safe, she sat down on the floor trying to catch her breath, still holding the melted frog in her hand that was crashed into little pieces, her tears started falling while she was putting them one by one into her mouth. "I like the library." Lily said with a slightly sobbing tone, because where is she going to get books from, where is she going to hide from people when she had enough?

"Your hair looks like dirt." she added, looking up at the older one. Social awkwardness at it's fullest. "Hi Vada. Are you my brother's girlfriend?" she asked curiously as she was dragging herself up from the floor, licking her fingers to get the chocolate off. For her, everybody who knew James could be his girlfriend. He was so secretive, she wasn't even sure he had one, but she wanted to know more about his and Albus' love life for sure, and this even made her stop them waterworks.
"How do you know I was building a fort? I want to see the hiding place. And I am not little! I'm eleven!" She had almost forgotten to stand up against that nickname Vada added her (and almost everyone else older than her), but quickly remembered, and by then she was standing there with fire in her eyes, her hands on her waists, making her cloak dirty.


Posted by: VADA LE Jun 13 2018, 04:35 AM
There was something both terrifying and adorable when children begin to cry. You then feel the need to comfort them, but also prepare for the worse. For young Vada, she felt her heart sink in her chest when she saw tears fall from the youngest Potter’s cheek when she told her about the library situation. It reminded her of whenever her little brother would cry when they were younger. “Oh uhm, oh no, please don’t cry.” She said quickly and quietly as she watched Lily lick her fingers and eat the remains of the chocolate frog. The teenager dropped down in a squat and stroked her fiery hair then her back, while her freehand wipe her little tears away with the sleeve of her robe before she digs through her for a little pouch of goodies she tucked away. With her teeth, she pulled the pouch open and held it there so she could fish for one of her own chocolate frogs to hand the tiny first year Gryffindor.

“There we go…” She sighed and stuffed the treats away then sat down on the floor with the girl. Vada ran her fingers through dark hair then laced them in her thick locks before she tussled Lily’s hair with a little smile with grew into an amused chuckle as she raised her brow. “Hmmm, I don’t know. I’d say my hair is more like charcoal. Dirt is a bit too light in color.” She responded then lightly tapped and popped her little nose just like she use to do with her own little brother until he started to think he was too grown to be hanging out with his sister. Vada tilted her head and rested her jaw in the palm of her hand with a warm smile before Lily hit her with the big question.

Immediately Vada choked on her own breath and snorted, as her hand went up to cover her burst of hysterical giggles. “Oh no, no, no, Little Potter. I’m not Potter’s, Big Potter’s, Jamjam’s girlfriend.” She managed between her stifled laugh. “We’re just friends, no matter how much he flirts.” She rubbed her honey-colored eyes with her wrists, it was too funny. She was trying so hard not to laugh her eyes were starting to hurt. “You should try asking your cousins, they probably have a better idea who he’s spending all of his free time with… Fred probably knows.”

Next thing she knew, the first year was up on her feet with her hands on her hips protesting her nickname. Vada put her hands up in feint innocence and mused. “When I was a first-year, I had trouble adjusting with all of the changes I was going through since we found out I was a witch. I’m a muggle-born, I knew nothing about magic except for what my dad, stepdad, told me. He’s a wizard." Vada stood up and picked up all of their stuff, then gestured her head for the younger girl to follow her. "I was at a new school, I had no friends, I was confused and frustrated, I didn’t want to deal with anything so I did what you did... I picked the table at the end of the library, built a book fort, and hid... Or I tried to at least.” She pointed at the door across the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. “Think about what you need, let’s say a room to hide in and build forts in.” She instructed then walked past the door the three times before she reached and open the door for Lily to step inside. “Welcome to the perfect hiding place.”

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