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June 1st, 1999
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My daughter's first year at Hogwarts, happy and terrified at the same time

Hazel was born on the midnight of june 1st, 1999. She came to this word before her twin brother did, making her older by a few moments. They had an older sister Izabel who was older than them by 4 years. Ever since she heard about her new siblings, she was happy. Excited to be an older sister, not to one but to two new siblings. She would often sneak out of her room late at night when their parents went to sleep and visit the twins. She would kiss their forehead and wish them goodnight before running back to her room and going back to sleep.

Hazel's childhood was filled with attention and love, both of her parents and siblings. Hazel loved to spend her time with family. Her older sister went to Beauxbatons soon, leaving their parents with twins only. They hoped the house would quiet down, but sadly it didn't. Not for twins, they had blast. Their older sister sent them an owl almost every day for a few weeks, Hazel would often snuggle up with her twin before they read the letter from their sister. They both couldn't wait till they got their letter. Their sister told them stories about the school. They were both excited and nervous for the day to come. Eventually, it did and when they got their letters, Hazel and Hayden ran up to their parents excitedly holding up theirs. "We got it! We got it!"

Life in school was pretty good. Hazel focused more on school than anything else. Though she did hang out a lot of time with her friends. Her twin was in different house but they still talked. Other than usual, nothing interesting happened to her while in school.

It was after she graduated Beauxbatons Academy, that she met Andrei Mikhailov. She fell in love with him from the moment she laid her eyes on him. Even knowing that his family didn't agree with her, he still proposed to her. She, of course, told him yes that she would marry him. Unfortunately, they didn't take his parent's threats seriously and that was a mistake. Hazel was captured by some wizard and was tortured. He made her fear Andrei and to hate him. She tried to fight, she really did, but after torturing for what felt months, she couldn't take it anymore and she gave in. Andrei's parents paid her a huge amount of money to keep her quiet and away from their son. By that point, she started to fear and hate his whole family and him. Andrei did try to contact her, but every time he tried, she would burn the letters down without reading them.

Hazel didn't know at the time that she was pregnant. It was a miracle that the baby had survived. Mirielle, her miracle. From the first glance at her baby girl, she loved her little miracle. Though she couldn't stay there anymore, everything reminded her of him, of what she experienced, of what she went though. Having more than enough money, she could live the rest of her life of the money that Andrei's parents had given her. Her own family had enough money also, so now Hazel could give the best life to her daughter without worrying about getting a job and trying to provide for both of them. Knowing that she couldn't stay there any longer, Hazel moved to London, where her twin now lived.

Her baby girl was growing up. Soon she would be going to Hogwarts. Hazel was happy, although, she still has nightmares and flashed from the time she was tortured. Her baby girl kept her from going insane.
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