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Posted by: ZEPHYR MCKINLEY Jul 5 2018, 09:18 PM
It was about midday when finally found himself able to leave his bed. His head was pounding like a 300-pound wrestler slamming his fist against a wall. The wall being Zephyr's head. He somehow managed to get out of bed and changed into something that was somewhat presentable. Not that it really mattered with how he felt. He felt like death, and he was sure he probably looked like death. He had drunk way too much the night before, but it was all he could do to keep from focusing on what happened with Brady a couple days prior. Drinking was the only solution Zeph could come up with. And the morning after he was regretting everything. Then again, he usually did after drinking till he passed out. It wasn't good for him, he knew that, but then again nothing he did these days were particularly good.

Zeph found himself walking toward a coffee shop hoping that the coffee would help his hangover. He sighed loudly as he pushed the door open to the shop and proceeded to order a black coffee with a shot of espresso. He glanced around the place and rose his eyebrows as he noticed people staring at him weird and he looked down at what he was wearing and sneered slightly. "Of course...Pj's." He mumbled to himself as he paid and grabbed his coffee. He thought he had put on something more presentable, but at least he was clothed all the way. Once in his travels, he had gone out in nothing but sweatpants. So he was doing better, by some miracle.

His feet shuffled over to a table near the window so he could people watch as he tried to nurse his hangover. He ran his hand through his hair before taking a long gulp of the coffee basically begging it to help him feel better. "Merlin's beard...why do I do this to myself?"


Posted by: ELIZA KENEDY Jul 10 2018, 11:34 PM
Eliza was exhausted. One of her first training shifts at work had her calling all the shots. It was probably more than she was ready for, but she'd done well. Healing really was second nature to her, and she was finding herself relating everything back to her old training. She would soon fall into a rhythm and hopefully find herself a place on a new team. She hoped hard for that; while she didn't anticipate getting so lucky again, she knew that this job was no less important than her last one.

She had to keep telling herself that at least. It staved off the worst of missing the thrills of it. This job would certainly allow her the chance to focus on her gorgeous house and strong family.

Her friend Zephyr had reached out asking for coffee and the text had seemed a bit off. A few more and she'd realized he likely wasn't sober... so as she put earrings in and a little color on her eyelids she wondered if he'd still be a bit gone. Either way she had a small pit in her stomach, which she calmed with a deep breath and flying a little higher than normal to get there. She'd had so many leftover bits of anxiety since the school fell... something she was certain was normal but it still hampered her mood a bit.

By some miracle and lots of technology she found him and was coming up behind. She decided to answer his question for him with a few words and a hug from behind. "I don't know, tell me about it." She gave him a squeeze and then sat down across from him before someone asked to borrow the seat. The place was filling up.

(ooc: hope it's okay to say he texted her. i'll change whatever if we wanna.)

Posted by: ZEPHYR MCKINLEY Jul 15 2018, 10:56 AM
Zephyr jumped as he felt arms hug him from behind and then relaxed as he heard a familiar voice. He snorted some at Eliza's response to his rhetorical question. Of course, she had heard it. He had almost forgotten that he had texted her asking her to meet him. Then again with his head hurting and still slightly buzzing from the alcohol, he probably would have forgotten his own birthday. "Hey El. How are you?" He smiled meekly at her his head still pounding even as he slowly sipped on his coffee.

He needed to talk about what was going on in his life, especially since his return to England, but he was nervous about it. He was even more nervous after what had happened with Brady. Zeph sighed in frustration as he ran a hand through his hair trying not to think about Brady. But it was almost impossible, thus the incredibly painful hangover he was sporting.

"How is life? What's new since I've been gone? Or I guess since I fell off the face of the planet?" He was trying to use humor to make himself feel better, but it was hard. He smiled a little bit, but it didn't quite meet his eyes. His accent was thicker from being tired and hungover and in general, emotionally exhausted. But at least he was trying, he really was. And it wasn't easy especially with everything going on in the world.


Posted by: ELIZA KENEDY Jul 19 2018, 02:07 AM
He laughed, but she was dead serious. She could feel just from the tension in his shoulders that there was actually something wrong. “Tired, but overall alright,” she replied as quietly as she could to still be heard over the commotion of the coffee shop. It seemed to somehow progressively get busier, even though it was more or less full. She shrugged and made her way over to her side of the table before a thought struck her.

“Hey wait, do we wanna go somewhere quieter? Cause we can. You seem, hurt?” She didn’t mean to imply anything extra, though he likely did anyway. She wondered if she had anything with her for stress relief but didn’t want to get into anything just yet, especially if they’d be leaving.

And then he asked a couple of rather loaded questions. When was the last time they’d talked, even? Was it before or after Christmas? She was pretty sure that she had told him about the engagement and the home they’d made their own. That was more than worth showing off. But what if she hadn’t? The next biggest, safe topic was work and the band. So maybe she’d start there. That edged so quickly into emotional subjects, though. “It’s been so long. Have I told you about the house?” She started, choosing to keep things on the light side for now.

She had such a propensity to be the too emotional one, always wearing her heart on her sleeve. But lately she just couldn’t fit it all on her arms. She preferred instead to start slow and had to re-evaluate a lot. She trusted Zephyr, sure. But it was long overdue that she worked again on her give and takes.


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