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In the early morning of December 2nd, a blue eyed, dark red headed baby boy was born to the Potters. The papers were all buzzing with the great news and flooded the couple with requests to see him. The little guy didn't understand how his world would come to be, he was just content snuggled up in his mother's arms.

Being the first child wasn't as easy as one would think it was. Sure it was nice growing up never having to want for much of anything but there was a price for it. Since before his birth he was destined to be famous due to who his father was, the great Harry Potter. The wizard that had defeated Voldemort and saved the wizarding world from dark chaos. Those were big shoes to fill, big shoes indeed. James grew up with the constant flashing of cameras in his face. Asking this and that about his home, his life and of course his famous father.

He never really understood it and shied away most of the time just wanting to be alone in his room and be a normal child or as normal as a wizard could be. He was happy when his parents had more children, it meant he wouldn't have to be alone to deal with this. Having not one more but two siblings made dealing with those hungry pest outside easier. It finally dawned upon him that if you couldn't beat them then you had to join in and it was then that James' personality was shaped. Or rather he came out of his shell.

As he entered Hogwarts his confidence and mischievous side only increased. It only took half a second for the hat to place him in Gryffindor. James had smirked, knowing full well of where he was going, made a joke to his new housemates and sat down. The rest of the night was a blur of pranks and jokes him and Fred played, mostly on each other but a few at the unsuspecting Ravenclaws. By the time he was Quidditch captain, in his fifth year, his reputation for being flirt had come to play. He'd smiled his way out of a few questionable situations, mostly with the girls in his year. He played the field a lot, never settling for a any kind of serious relationship.

It wasn't until he was somewhere in his seventh year did he somewhat try one with a girl named Laila. That name would grow to haunt him many years down the line. He hadn't been the best boyfriend at all to her. James was a serial playboy, there wasn't any other way to put it. He didn't give her half as much attention that she deserved. When he did it was too late...she was gone in a way he couldn't fix. She had been interning at the daily prophet and a story there put her in the wrong place at the wrong time and met an untimely death. He blamed himself for not being able to stop it.

He drifted a while after her death, becoming distant to his family and losing himself. The James that had sat so sure under the sorting hat was no where to be found. He hit rock bottom and he hit is hard. His family still came around, checking up on him and whatnot. It was a year before he would start to come out of the haze of self guilt. He had been kind of lost as to what he wanted to even be when he graduated. The was the Ministry but he didn't fancy doing that. Nor did he want to be a Quidditch player. He loved the sport but he knew that part of him would be left on the Hogwarts field. He was outgoing young man and needed a job where that wasn't a bad thing. It wasn't until he was out and about did he come across an old building that the idea came to him. One that cause his father to smirk and his mother a concerned gasp. "A nightclub? Really James?' He remembered her asking. He'd only laughed slightly and did his best to reassure her.

Mischief Managed became his everything after that and it was great to throw himself into a project. Within a few short years he'd grown his business and had made it into one of the must see spots of London. James felt like he was back and was proud of himself for showing that he could put accomplish something. His personality helped him along the way, being his charming self. He still hadn't found someone to serious considered until a girl by the name of Maiya Skeeter walked into his club. They were friends for a while and it was complicated for obnoxious reasons..him a Potter and she Rita's daughter. James and Rita didn't get along at all but that didn't stop his friendship with Maiya from growing into something deeper.

Within the first year and a half of their relationship, on a new years morning, James was a victim of a vicious werewolf attack. He had been throwing a bash at Mischief Managed and while in the back of the building discarding empty bottles he overheard two people having a hushed argument. One man seemed to be in fear of the other and as James was about to speak he witness one hunched over and the other grab him as if to steady him. His first thought was maybe they were a bit too drunk and to ask them to move along. He walked slowly over to them, the level of alcohol in his system wasn't doing him any favors. It wasn't until he got a few inches closer did he realize the man was turning. James stumbled back into the stack of bottles he'd just set out and sadly alerted the man. All he remembers from that night is his body feeling like fire and his world turning black.

James woke up three days later in St. Mungos surrounded by family and severely out of it. When asked what happened he only had scattered memories. Maiya held his hand and told him how a few of the workers came outside and found him. It was then he found out it had been a werewolf and that after testing they were sure he would now be one as well. The news rocked the Potter family to it's core. James would survive but with a curse he never wanted, a life he was now going to have to adjust to. His family and Maiya stuck by his side until he was able to start gaining some form of control over it. His Uncle Charlie had helped him a lot, teaching him to brew a potion that would help him keep his human consciousness during the full moon.

This should have cemented his relationship to Maiya. He was even considering taking that next step in their relationship. If it weren't for her mother. Polyjuice potion is a nasty thing and she took it in the form of her own daughter. She extracted information out of James and plastered it in the Daily Prophet to feed her own famous vanity. Of course they fought about it as it had become normal for them to do. The strain of being together would never stop rearing it's ugly head. Rita would always be there to poke holes in their relationship. This hadn't been the first time and it surely wouldn't have been the last and so they ended. All he had to show for it were two years and an engagement ring left on his dresser.

After her he hasn't been in any kind of serious relationship. He convinced himself that he doesn't want nor need one. He dates around but nothing solid and he's upfront about it. Not so much a playboy anymore but that ring still burns a hole in his heart and he'd love to forget it. Due to all this, James suffers in silence with anxiety and feels he has no one really to talk to outside of Fred but he doesn't want to worry his best friend. He feels disconnected with his family, often feeling like the odd one out. So he buries himself in work to try and forget, to try and pretend that nothing bothers him. He concerned himself with the new move he's made for Mischief Managed, New Orleans! He moved from London, a few too many bad memories, for a different type of city vibe. He wants to expand his brand and figures he's a young, eligible bachelor...what else would he have to lose?
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