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Potter family member. Weasley family member. Third in the line. Girl. Only girl.

These are all labels that had been put on Lily. And she's trying hard to live up to this legacy, that she got from her late Grandmother, and Auntie Luna, and with the first, she's struggling more than with the second, as being a little weird and crazy is what she could not not be. But being her grandparents' and parents' blood she's usually doing this in a rebellious and awkward way.
The first is much harder for her, since there's not a big evil baddie around that would try to kill her. And being a heroine when nobody needs saving is extremely challenging - so she mainly creates scenarios where then she can be the hero. And this all is more unconscious from her side then conscious, which makes it even more interesting, but her big brothers and parents would not agree, considering the fact that they are the ones trying to stop her.

When she was born, everything was much easier, and now she sees, that what she wanted, to be a grown-up, is harder and harder by each year; and she’s not even an adult yet. She was adored when she was born, but soon enough she had to share that attention, and she didn’t really like it. Most of the times she felt lucky to have three older brothers in the first couple of years, with Teddy included, because there was always someone to play with, and then someone to blame, and then when Albus and James fought, she was more likely to be left alone to go and explore and be "naughty".

As years went by she realized it’s not only her mum and dad and siblings and cousins that know about her but also the whole magical community. She couldn’t be in a safe bubble anymore, and she didn’t want to. First, she was annoyed by this unwanted attention, but then she got used to it. Every girl in her year and house wanted to be her friend. Every boy wanted her to be their girlfriend - so they say, she hadn't noticed it.
Surely, she was a romantic type of girl, so she had several crushes, but not always on the best guys she could choose. And because she is who she is, she was always scared to tell this to the boys. And because of James and Albus, nobody could really get close to her publically. Sometimes it felt like they put a dating fatwa on her.

She didn’t join the Quidditch team because her brothers were there. She didn’t join other after-school activities because someone was always there, a Weasley or a Potter. She just wanted to do her stuff, something that was only hers, but she couldn’t find it, although she was really good at DADA.
So she decided not to stand out by being totally different, but stand out by being the best, and oh boy, we all know how Gryffindors can compete.

She was studying hard and getting good grades. She was funny, she had a very big mouth, and she always looked... outstanding in an unusual way. But she wasn’t the smartest, nor she was the funniest, and someone in her family always had a better comeback than she did. The only thing really left for her is to look different and dress wild.

She started fighting for a nose piercing when she was 14. She didn’t get one. She started fighting for a tattoo. She didn’t get one. Her whole life seemed to her like fighting, and then she realized all she ever wanted is to be admired for who she is.

She's always adored all her family members, especially her brothers. She also always felt like they were always there for each other, Albus and James, connected by blood and being close to each other by a secret society called manhood, and they were also close to her, but not the same way. She felt left out, and when James left Hogwarts she decided it was enough being so hurt about it. She stood up for her own self, and made sure people like her for the name Lily and not the name Potter, she opened up more. She made closer friendships, but trouble still managed to find her.

As their age numbers grew, she felt closer to them, being able to understand them more and also being more understood by them, so when they moved abroad it literally broke her heart. She won’t say it, but it’s there, and she feels alone unless she's with Teddy, who's usually busy.
This is why she decided to start dating like crazy. They aren't around enough to watch her every move anymore, at least this is what she thinks. And they aren't around enough to give her the attention she'd love to get, so she has to get it from someone else.

She started working at the Ministry as an Intern for the Department of International Magical Cooperation, and it was all very challenging, but she did a good job. At the same time, everybody kept talking about her dad. And her mum. And her Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione. Telling stories about how they remember them or asking how they are now. Compare her to them.
She had enough, so she decided to move abroad, to James' place.
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