Wicked Wiki

Register with your character's first and last name in uppercase (example: HARRY POTTER). We do not allow duplicate last names unless the characters are related or it's a common surname. If you're unsure about a last name please visit the member list here. Also, your character CAN NOT have a canon last name unless they are on the canon list. No exceptions!
All avatars must be 250x400 (no exceptions) We don't use signatures at all.
  • Face claims We recommend choosing a play-by that matches/resembles your character's age. Also, you should only use actors/actresses, models, etc. No unknowns or personal photos.
Wicked has a profile application. This means both your profile and application are one in the same. For instructions on how to edit your profile information click here.

We have original character activity checks every two months. Canon activity checks are every three weeks. During activity checks, you must have two current posts to avoid losing your characters.
  • If you are going to be absent please edit your member directory to [AWAY]. This will exempt you from the current check.
There is no limit on the amount of characters you can play. However, you are allowed two free characters after which you must have at least 15 posts on each of your characters before you can make a new one. We don't enforce any ratio rules, but we do ask that you make at least one male character if you have several females.
NOTE: As of July 1st if your character is retired or deleted you must wait a week before making another character. This is to prevent players from retiring characters just to rapidly replace them.
  • Wicked is a 3-2-2 board.
  • When posting in IC areas use the RP TEMPLATE bbcode . Your post should look like this:
    [RP TEMPLATE]Your post here[/RP TEMPLATE]
    You are free to use whatever templates you want for OOC threads.
As of 5/1/2017 Wicked has a two canon rule. This means if you want more than two canons you need to have at least 30 posts on all your previous characters.

As of 7/17/2017 You MUST stay on top of your claims before and after being accepted! If you haven't made a face or canon claim within a day of being accepted you risk losing both, and your canon and/or face will be fair game if another member request them. Reserves are not the same as claims.

Showing respect to others on the board is a must. This includes no godmodding or power-playing. Use correct spelling/grammar (no chatspeak) when posting in character.