Register with your character's first and last name in uppercase (example: HARRY POTTER). We do not allow OOC accounts, long names (coding reasons), or duplicate last names unless the characters are related or it's a common surname.

If you're unsure about a last name please visit the member list here. Also, your character CAN NOT have a canon last name unless they are on the canon list. No exceptions!

All avatars must be 250x400. We don't use signatures at all.
  • Face claims We recommend choosing a play-by that matches/resembles your character's age. Also, you should only use actors/actresses, models, etc. No unknowns or personal photos.

Wicked has a profile application. This means both your profile and application are one in the same. For instructions on how to edit your profile information click here.

The cbox is used as a way to communicate with other members. However, we won't tolerate offensive language/behavior in the cbox or anywhere else on the site. If you have a question post it in the Magical Help Line or read the wiki. We will try to answer simple questions, but anything extensive should be posted in the help line.

Also, we won't tolerate drama OR depressive RL stories in the cbox. We're all friends here — not therapists.

Wicked activity checks are passive. This means that staff will periodically run them behind the scenes. There will be NO public checks.

Inactive canons will be deleted after 21 days. If a canon only has a canonical last name they will be retired. Originals that have not posted in 60 days will be retired.

Posting any absences in your member directory is very important. When conducting checks, staff will only look there to see who posted an absence and exclude you from the check. You must make a new post in your member directory whenever you're going to be absent. Please don't edit an old away post.

If no active absence has been posted, the above 21/60 days of inactivity rules apply.

If you're posting multiple away messages, staff will send a courtesy email to try and touch base with you. We understand that real life happens, and we don't want you to overexert yourself. We're here to have fun!

Once a character is deleted/retired they lose all claims they previously had. Claims will have to be remade. If they are taken you'll have to adjust your character accordingly. Remember, claims are on a first come, first serve bases.

Feel free to recreate your character if they were deleted, but you'll have to resubmit a sorting request. If your character was retired then you can post here to have them "resurrected".

Please note that upon creating a character on Wicked you are automatically agreeing to these terms. If your character is inactive for the maximum days stated above they will be deleted/retired without warning.

New members are allowed two free characters.
AFTER your two free characters certain rules (listed below) will apply. Note: You can't make two free canons.
original character
To make an original character you must have at least 30 posts on all your previous characters.
minor canon
To make a minor canon you must have at least 50 posts on all your previous characters.
major canon
To make a major canon you must have at least 100 posts on all your previous characters.

There is no limit on the amount of characters you can play. We don't enforce any ratio rules, but we do ask that you make at least one male character if you have several females.
  • Wicked is a 3-2-2 board.
  • When posting in IC areas use the RP TEMPLATE bbcode . Your post should look like this:
    [RP TEMPLATE]Your post here[/RP TEMPLATE]
    You are free to use whatever templates you want for OOC threads.
  • If your character is retired or deleted you must wait a week before making another character. This is to prevent players from retiring characters just to rapidly replace them.
  • Stay on top of your claims before and after being accepted! If you haven't made a face or canon claim within 4 days of being accepted you risk losing both, and your canon and/or face will be fair game. Reserves are not the same as claims.
  • If English isn't your first language please note that you need to have a modest understanding of English before making a character on Wicked.
Showing respect to others on the board is mandatory. This includes no godmodding or power-playing. Use correct spelling/grammar (no chatspeak) when posting in character.

We do not accept special character requests. This include creatures not in the wiki and abilities not listed in the abilities/obscure abilities section.

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