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The Purium is seen as many things by many people. To some they are the heralds of the old ways, some see them as a mysterious group with as much power (if not more) as the Wizamgot, and others see them as the new age Death Eaters. They are extreme traditionalists who will go to any lengths necessary to protect their conservative ways and values. People who openly ridicule them have either disappear, or meet accidental deaths. The Auror department has investigated the Purium several times, but no concrete evidence has ever been found to link them to any of the suspected crimes.

There are many members of the Purium, but only a few hundred have public memberships. Some pureblood families finance Purium affairs, or provide influential contacts. Families that were rumored to be past Death Eaters only support the Purium in the shadows from fear of being prosecuted. While there is no single leader, the most influential and powerful are seen as the head of the organization.

Purium members range from purebloods, vampires, werewolves, dark fae, sirens, and even a few halfbloods. Anyone with a desire to rid the wizarding world of technology and take it back to it's roots are recruited. Though purebloods are still highly sought after.

The Purium began receiving more scrutiny from the general public after the attack near Trafalgar Square in 2017. It was widely believed that the group orchestrated the attack, and used two disposable members as scapegoats. The Purium, of course, denies these allegations, but that hasn't stopped the rumors and speculations. It was the first time since it's inception in 2014 that the Purium was cast in a bad light. Though that didn't stop their rise to power.

In the year 2023 the Purium fully rose to prominence after the Azkaban break out. The technology that was keeping the prison protected after the dementors left mysterious malfunctioned, resulting in the attempted escape of six prisoners, and the death of an Auror. They later added 200 more guards to the prison but it was too late. The Purium used this golden opportunity to mock the faulty technology at Azkaban. The seeds of doubt was planted in the minds of some, and soon the Purium saw an influx of new members.

The Purium communicate through owls, or a special floo connection that only they can tap into. Due to their deep connections in the Ministry, they've been able to create their own floo network line that can only be used by other members of the Purium. Of course, this connection has been highly disputed by the Purium as false, though that could simply be a cover up.

There are several ways to spot a Purium in public. They proudly wear red robes as a symbol of the "pureness" they protect. Some Purium members also wear a Purium badge on their robes (this badge can be purchased from Wiz Amazon.

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