t goes by several names: Pix, PD, pixel, but it's official name is pixie dust. The International Ministry of Magic has kept close records on pixie dust cases since the early 2000s when it first appeared in Bristol, UK. Pixie dust is a magical hallucinate drug that has taken the world by storm, and has become one of the most lucrative items on the black market. Sold in places like Knockturn Alley in Diagon Alley, NOX: Trinity in New York City, and the Voodoo in New Orleans, its popularity is growing at an alarming rate. In just two years alone the Auror department has dealt with over 2,000 PD cases ranging from overdoses to robberies.


While PD is harmless to muggles, it can be extremely addictive to witches/wizards and magical creatures. Comparable to the muggle version of heroin or meth, PD causes the user to experience hallucinations and a feeling of euphoria. Even vampires can experience these effects when pixie dust is mixed with blood and digested.

The exact ingredients used to make PD is unknown, though some rumors suggest a powdered down dragon claw, doxy eggs, nightshade, and the wings of a cornish pixie (preferably cut off while the pixie is still alive). Due to the extreme rarity and high price of dragon claws, pixie dust is sometimes made with a horn of Bicorn which is slightly more affordable, but doesn't provide the same high quality effect.


To cut down on the creation of pixie dust, apothecary owners are required to record any unusual amounts of ingredients purchased that's often used in the drug. In 2008 it became illegal to use, possess, or create pixie dust in several countries (including the UK, US, and France). The penalties of breaking this law include possible fines and even time in Azkaban, Alcatraz (the American wizarding prison), or the Capturé Sphère (a French wizarding prison in the shape of a sphere and suspended in midair above the North Sea).


Pixie dust has many long term side effects that range from magical fatigue to death. Vampires and werewolves who take PD can become more volatile overtime until they are nothing more than wild beings with little to no conscious. Using too much pixie dust can result in severe magical fatigue that should be treated immediately.

Many hospitals, such as St. Mungos, have special in-patient treatment centers to help those addicted to pixie dust. The patient usually stay in the hospital for up to a month, and participate in group therapy sessions and undergo cleansing charms.

WARNING: Pixie dust is very addictive and highly potent. Anyone under the influence of PD should seek medical attention.


Most users prefer to smoke pixie dust. A "pixie stick" looks like a Muggle cigarette, however, it emits sparks and the smoke is filled with magical flakes that resembles glitter. The stick itself is a golden color. Pixie dust also come in powder form that is ingested through a drink.

PD addicts claim that pixie dust can make your magic more powerful. This has not been proven true, and at the moment is mere speculation, though it's highly unlikely.

In terms of dealing PD, it's a lucrative item on the black market. It even outsold unicorn blood after only two years on the market. The number of PD dealers are increasing at an unsettling rate, and the Auror department has taken new and more aggressive measures to ensure that dealers are fined and sent to Azkaban.

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