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"...and they watched in shock as the prestigious castle crumbled into heaps of rubble"

It was in the early hours when the professors heard the alarms. They only had a few minutes to evacuate the students before the first explosion shook the left side of the castle. Twenty minutes later the once proud castle was nothing more than piles of stone.

News reporters flocked to the scene and found the castle in a worst state than it was at the Battle of Hogwarts. Everyone wanted to know the same answer: Who did it?

Some believe a few old Death Eaters did it as one last tribute to their fallen leader, but some, in secret, have accused the Purium.

Indeed, only a day later Aurors arrested two men who openly claimed they were apart of the radical traditionalist group. The Purium denies the allegations but it has been known for years that they despised the school for "teaching mudbloods". The Aurors were certain it was an inside job, and the wizarding world woke to breaking news a week later. Edger Smithson, the Charms professor, was arrested for casting the exploding spells that led to the school's downfall. The Department of Education estimates repairs could take several years. For now, Hogwarts students are attending Beauxbatons or Ilvermorny.

Things outside the school weren't any better. With Hermione Weasley retired, her replacement, Kristopher Norwood, has taken the reigns and hired several questionable people. Many of the progressive and liberal laws are at risk. With so many uncertainties it's a tense time for the wizarding world. But in the midst of the chaos the Purium will rise.

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